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One Night
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Sorry for the inactivity, I honestly forgot about this game and by the time I was reminded the site was down. Still though I really don't recommend just voting for whoever is idle as a strategy, it gives the Tanner an easy way to win... although I guess in this game that isn't the case.

I am the Paranormal Investigator and I scanned Impetus (Troublemaker) and Giga (Seer). Since my power activates before the Troublemaker, Impetus's claims match up.
With that said, everyone has three hours left (because I picked the wrong time zone, but whatevs) to say what they want, now that this bomb has been dropped.

Not confirming if said bomb is real though, but yeah.
Alright, I know exactly what happened during the night now.

So far, we've heard reports from the Drunk, Revealer, Troublemaker, Seer, and PI, and we know who the Minion is. This leads me to believe that the center roles are Robber, and the two Werewolves. It is possible that Lightvayne drunkenly took one of the Werewolf cards, a 2/3 chance, in fact, but I don't think that that's a good enough reason to vote for him. We can't be 100% sure he's not a townie.

Thus, I move to circle vote. As GSG explained earlier, we're not allowed to vote for nobody, nor are we allowed to vote for ourselves, so having everyone get one vote is the only way for the town to win if there are no werewolves.

All in favor?

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
[19:24:05] <~Impetus> i only got staff because i own # and BotServ on irc
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
So, here are the 10 possible roles for this setup. As it is, we're assuming the following.

Seer - Giga > Now Tanner
Troublemaker - Impetus
Robber - Center Role
Drunk - Lightvayne > Now a center role
Revealer - MarioFanGamer
Paranormal Investigator - eXcavator
Tanner - Underway > Now Seer
Minion - mariocool1999
Werewolf - Center Role
Mystic Wolf - Center Role

This makes no sense. There should always be a werewolf.

Here is the actual deal. Giga isn't the seer, and both Giga and eXcavator are lieing right now. I am in fact the seer. I choose to see the center roles, specially roles 8 and 9, and found out that those roles were the Troublemaker and Robber. Thus, I was able to claim troublemaker without anyone counter claiming me.

So how come Giga made the seer claim so early? Mystic Wolf isn't a center role, its actually Giga's role. Mystic Wolf can see the role of one player, Giga checked Underway to find out that he was a tanner, and used that information to claim seer. If we circle vote, Giga will just hammer a villager and win the game. One assumes eXcavator's claim of scanning Giga as paranormal investigator checks out too, only he became a werewolf as a result. Curious he says my claim is right too, but that's probably a red herring to falsify my true status as the seer.

Anyway, the safest lynch right now is Giga, though its going to need us to work together, as there are two werewolves and a minion running about.

Actual list of roles/Player

Seer - Impetus
Troublemaker - Center Role 8
Robber - Center Role 9
Drunk - Lightvayne > Now Robber (center role 9)
Revealer - MarioFanGamer
Paranormal Investigator - eXcavator > Now a werewolf
Tanner - Underway
Minion - mariocool1999
Werewolf - Center Role 10
Mystic Wolf - Giga

Either on IRC or here on PM. If here, title your PM with "ONUW Game 2 Vote". And if one IRC, PM when I'm online as GiantShyGuy, not GiantPhoneGuy.

I won't add a timer because I doubt we'd need one.
I'll be perfectly honest, this round was kind of dumb. I wasn't even awake when exca claimed and all the other shit went down.

Originally posted by Impetus
Actually funny story, I'm the troublemaker and I switched you and Underway, so you're the tanner now.

So if you were the seer this whole time, why not just come out an say it, you would have no reason to lie if you just told the truth. I don't think Giga is a werewolf, but I find it interesting moments before the game ends you have all this sudden info.

I'm not buying it, and I think I know who I'm now voting for now.
Layout by LDA during C3.
I lied because I knew Giga was lieing, and he was Mystic Werewolf. I wanted him to think that he wasn't werewolf anymore in order to get him to work with us as the town and find out more information. For instance, if there was another werewolf, he could have revealed its existence or who it was. That would have given us valuable information that a second werewolf was about. If I wasn't seer why did I request your number to find out which role you took with drunk?

Anyway when I'm right at the end of the game you can learn a valuable lesson I guess. (God damn nobody listens to me while I'm town, as mafia I can get an innocent lynched 3 days in a row without being suspected lol)
Also you guys aren't supposed to discuss stuff further after the 'VOTE NOW' post.
It's fine. I'd normally be all over this, but since big bombs were dropped when not everyone was online, it's cool with me.

And even then everyone except exca has already voted so~
there's already a post but i found the password to this account anyways so welp im still posting

This'll be my buffer posting account from now on~
Werewolves, wake up and look for the other Werewolves!
If there is only one Werewolf, you may view one of the Center Roles.

Lightvayne and Giga wake up and see each other.

Mystic Wolf, wake up. You may look at another player's role.

Giga wakes up, and learns that underway is the Tanner.

Minion, wake up and learn who the Werewolves are!

mariocool1999 wakes up and learns that Lightvayne and Giga are werewolves.

Seer, wake up! You may learn another player's role, or two of the center roles.

Impetus wakes up and chooses to see Center Roles Number 8 and Number 10. Number 8 is the Troublemaker and Number 10 is the Robber.

Paranormal Investigator, wake up! You may learn up to two roles of other players. If you see a Werewolf or a Tanner, you must stop, and you become a Werewolf or a Tanner.

eXcavator wakes up, and chooses to view the roles of Giga and Impetus, respectively. He learns that Giga is the Mystic Wolf, and eXcavator becomes a Werewolf. He was not able to learn Impetus' role, consequently.

Drunk, wake up and exchange your role with one in the center!

No one wakes up. It is Center Role Number 9.

Revealer, wake up! You may reveal any other player's card. If it is a Werewolf or the Tanner, you cannot reveal the role.

MarioFanGamer wakes up and reveals to everyone that mariocool1999 is the Minion

underway is, yet again, the Tanner, and does not wake up during the night.


Start of the Night:
  1. Paranormal Investigator - eXcavator
  2. Minion - mariocool1999
  3. Seer - Impetus
  4. Revealer - MarioFanGamer
  5. Tanner - underway
  6. Werewolf - Lightvayne
  7. Mystic Wolf - Giga
  8. Troublemaker
  9. Drunk
  10. Robber
End of the Night:
  1. P.I. Werewolf - eXcavator
  2. Minion - mariocool1999
  3. Seer - Impetus
  4. Revealer - MarioFanGamer
  5. Tanner - underway
  6. Werewolf - Lightvayne
  7. Mystic Wolf - Giga
  8. Troublemaker
  9. Drunk
  10. Robber
Everyone, wake up!

The votes are in:
4 Impetus (Giga, Lightvayne, mariocool1999, eXcavator)
2 Giga (Impetus, MarioFanGamer)
1 mariocool1999 (underway)


Impetus was almost spot on, if she just didn't misremember the roles she looked at, and caught on Lightvayne. Even if Lightvayne wasn't lying about being the Drunk, Center Role Number 9 would be a Werewolf, and this, Lightvayne as switched with a Werewolf. Albeit, I apologize for saying "5, 6, 7" instead of "8, 9, 10", but what you asked for (5 and 7) that was adjusted for, so Impetus, you actually saw Number 8 (The Troublemaker) and Number 10 (The Robber).

The Tally
Villagers: 1
Werewolves: 1
Tanner: 0

There was some key problems this game. The biggest of which was the amount of information said at the end of the day phase, when a bunch of the players weren't online. I'm going to add an amendment to the rules which give the Game Moderator the power to extend time when big info is revealed during inactive time. Also, there was problems from players on "greening up" or confirming that they are ready to play, though that was stupidity on my part. Sorry about that.

In any case, I think Giga wanted to host next round. For the mean time, what is everyone's thoughts so far? And keep an eye out on the OP...
I knew Lightvayne had turned into a werewolf, I just wanted him to think he was town if he had become one from being the drunk.

Also, that game was unwinnable =/ 3 Werewolves in the end, and a minion, and a tanner. Bluh. Not really fun or remotely fair, the werewolves had a majority anyway.
To be honest, mariocool being revealed and underway confirming he was the Tanner surprisingly hurt the Village team more than the Werewolf team. I've had tons of game were there were majority wolves, and the Village team could still win.
underway again really

Yeah, to be honest this wasn't a fun round, because the werewolves had a big advantage and I pretty much couldn't do anything because I was revealed to be the minion.

I'll let someone else take my place next game.

YOUR layout has been removed.

I do non-kaizo beta tests!
Check my profile for more details.

A Mario and Luigi Story: The Universe's Star Demo 2:
Status: Dead until I regain interest. Link to hack thread.

So.. This looks pretty cool.

Where can I join? Is there a game being hosted right now?

End of this message.

Originally posted by mariocool1999
underway again really

Well, my best shot at it as tanner is to vote for someone nobody else's gonna vote for in case of a tie or something since I can't vote myself.

Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
underway confirming he was the Tanner

I never actually confirmed it but that didn't really help much.

EDIT: Also I'm up for next round. Crossing my fingers for a role other than tanner for once.
Another round. I still want to see a real round.

Okay, my layout looks ugly.

Joining again.

I knew Lightvayne had turned into a werewolf
. I was a werewolf the whole time, I never turned into one :P
Layout by LDA during C3.
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