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Painting Gallery of Korean Lunar Magic Tutorial

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Hi, I am currently writing lunar magic tutorial in Korean.
And for each post, I draw some paintings with it.

Oh, besides, the blue pinwheel is (or represents) me.

0th Lesson: Let's play Super Mario World!
(No Illustration, but screenshot)

1st Lesson: Opening/Saving ROM with Lunar Magic

2nd Lesson: Object/Sprite Placement

3rd Lesson: Basic Level Settings

4th Lesson: Moving to another level

5th Lesson: Overworld Basics
(No Illustration, but screenshot)

6th Lesson: Overworld Events

7th Lesson: Warp Tiles

8th Lesson: Advanced Level Settings

(it is about tilemaps, level modes, such stuffs.)

9th Lesson: Sprite Memory/Generators

10th Lesson: Layer 2

More will be uploaded when I finished more tutorials.

Oh, they are mostly done with MS paint, but I used some other tools, actually.
(something at the window in the 1st lesson, for example)
Wow, this is actually pretty well done! The characters and objects shaping (mostly) matches the original, colors are spot on, and I really like the sense of depth and movement you added in those pics. These will really be nice additions to your tutorial. Looking forward to seeing more of them! #ab{:D}

Edit: also it may be a good idea to change your thread's title a bit, as when I saw it I first thought that you made an actual written tutorial and posted it in the wrong forum section. lol
This is not what I was expecting at all...
Your art is absolutely cute and really expressionist. I love it.
Originally posted by Koopster
This is not what I was expecting at all...
Your art is absolutely cute and really expressionist. I love it.
This is what I was about to say.
I agree that you should change the title, by the way. Like Gloomier said, I was expecting a tutorial.

I love this. Reminds me of Ladida's MS Paint work.
I changed the title now.

And here comes several more!

11th Lesson: Layer 3

12th Lesson: MAP 16 to edit FG/BG

13th Lesson: Title Screen/Credits edit in OW editor

14th Lesson: IPS patch

I just ended the beginner part of the tutorial, which sticks to Lunar Magic ONLY.

For the next tutorials, the intermediate part, will teach how to use external tools such as YY-CHR, Sprite Tool.

Also, I have plan to submit hack which is collection of example levels I've been made to write tutorial.
I really like how you symbolize the lessons. Seriously. Most of these ideas are really well thought. Great work - I really really hope to see more from you.
Wow. I clicked on this thread because the title made no sense to me and I needed context, but man, this is pretty neat. They're all well drawn and composed too.
For some reason, I've never seen this until today. The art is amazing, I love it. It's so... so... I don't know how to explain it. It's just... amazing. Amazing x 1000. Everything is so original and awesome. It's so wonderful!!!! The first set, I think, was more interesting. Just an opinion!
oh hey there
Great Job! Most of the pictures are well-made and they match to the actual game and Lunar Magic itself as Gloomier said.

The title of this thread makes nosense but i dont regret i clicked on it.

Haha, these are amazing. I especially love #9, it's just perfect.

[22:25:05] <%andy_k_250> Turkey and Grease will one day be reunited - that day will be... Thanksgiving
Yeah they're very cute and funny illustrations. I presume that when you make the actual tutorial you're going to put these along with it? Definitely'll add some humor to what could otherwise just be dry text. I especially like the one with Bowser getting his ball n' chain stuck in the lava while Mario facepalms. Also did anyone notice
the hidden weegee looking in through the window
in the first picture? He's a' coming for you!
Evil flower of Pure Illusion... we're going to pluck you out!
I have already writing those tutorials in my website:
(the very next tutorial, which is the 15th.)

Those are written in Korean, so I may not want to post those on this site.
You should really translate that tutorial to English because that tutorial looks good.
You are one talented guy! It would be cool if they were in the actual Lunar Magic help file. Pretty cool :P
I just updated new tutorial, so here's update with few more paintings.

From Lesson 15, the Intermediate-level tutorial begins, which starts to use external tools.

15th Lesson: Setting Internal / External Emulator in LM

16th Lesson: ExGFX

Green pinwheel..? Just because blue one (me) is not supposed to see THE FIGURE

Disregard the fact that Luigi left is already EXGFX LOL

17th Lesson: Custom Musics: Addmusic K

This is a parody of Superstar K, a Korean talent show series.

I used Touhou musics such as "Beloved Tomboyish Daughter" and "U.N.Owen was her?" to attract some people.
And it was effective#ab{:D} There are Koreans who love Touhou.

18th Lesson: Custom Sprites: Sprite Tool
The custom sprite is a W4 boss of my hack.

And he is a parody of Akuma in Street Fighter.

19th Lesson: Custom Blocks: GPS


Finally I got some new stuffs.

I realized that making tutorials is really a hard thing to do.
I made two more tutorials.

20th Lesson: Applying patch using Asar/Xkas

21th Lesson: Animated Tiles

animated illustration for tutorial for animation lol
Huh, this is actually pretty cute. I was wondering why there didn't seem to be any Korean though, until you posted a link to the actual tutorial. While I can't judge the quality of the tutorial itself, I like the illustrations you've done. Keep it up!
I'd give you a medal if I could...

Those are all really awesome! I love how you went in depth with what happens in LM too. 10/10
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

This is awesome!
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