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Amalgamation Rebooted Sign-ups [READ HERE FIRST]

Originally posted by RossyCreeperMS
How about I be Samus Aran because she's s badass.#smw{B)}

Sorry, RossyCreeper, but I'm afraid there aren't any new or other active game worlds for you to join. Only mine's active as of now, and yet it's pretty full by now. And you can't play as Samus Aran because she's already taken. Zekrom PKstarship is playing as her. In fact, the following characters are taken as of now:

-Peach - Super Mario (My first character. Not letting her go.)
-Kirby - Kirby (Once played by Erik557, but was changed to SubconsciousEye)
-Samus Aran - Metroid (Zekrom PKstarship)
-Solaire - E Odyssey (Spiderpig)
-Oboro - Live-a-Live (My second character. Also not letting go.)
-Peridot - Steven Universe (Impetus)
-Steven - Steven Universe (Zekrom PKstarship)

And these characters seem to be available for use, as they were once played by others but were lost.

-Luigi - Super Mario (Kaisaan played him, but was lost.)
-Robin - Fire Emblem (Named "Pat" by PatPatPat. Then no more Pat.)
-Kefka - Final Fantasy VI (Domiok played him. Then poof.)
-Aqua - Kingdom Hearts (K3fka played her. Seems to be gone now.)
-Talon - The Legend of Zelda (Prizm played this guy. He left, though.)
-Prince Fluff - Kirby's Epic Yarn (Played by LHB. Then fuk him)
-Huey - Paper Mario: Color Splash (Played LHB. Then fuk him)

I DO NOT know if it is confirmed you can use these guys or not. All I know is that they left the game due to the world dying off or them leaving the site or being inactive. Everyone else in the game is either just a self-insert or an OC of theirs. Or you can play as another character who ISN'T already taken.
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