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(Guide) Using NintSPC to convert SPCs for Lazy Shell
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Special Thanks to LadiesMan217 for showing me NintSPC.
And Special Thanks to Ice Man's "Converting with NintSPC" guide. Please refer to his guide to understand all of NintSPC, as the guide below will only describe how to import songs into Lazy Shell!!

Have you ever wanted to have a track from another SNES game in SMRPG, but can't really compose music, or you just don't want to take the time to compose a full song? Well you're in luck!

This is a guide to using NintSPC to convert SPCs (or basically SNES songs) into a format that Lazy Shell can understand. It's quite simple. But first, here are some examples using this method below:

"The Arena" from Kirby Super Star (2015-12-12 EDIT: Revised version)

"Norfair Ancient Ruins Area" from Super Metroid

"Dungeon of Shadows" from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

(You can download these songs here)

So how do you do it? Read on!

Files You Will Need

NintSPC (This is the main program we'll use)

A compatible SPC found at

7-Zip (To open the .rsn file from SNESmusic)

SNES SPC700 Player from SMWCentral. (Used to play SPCs and find the correct intruments)

Lazy Shell

Your Super Mario RPG:Legend of the Seven Stars ROM (Make a backup!)


Extract NintSPC into its own folder. In that directory you've moved it to, find and move the file "NintSPC.exe" from the "bin" folder into the "misc" folder.


Next right-click "convall.bat" and click "Edit". Replace the text inside with this:

@for %%a in (*.spc) do nintspc --np --force --mml %%~na.txt %%a %%~na.mid>>stderr.txt

What this does is it will extract two files for each song, one of which is an MML file. This MML file is read by Lazy Shell as our song.

After changing that, we'll keep this on hold until we find some SPCs to put in our hack! Read onto the next step.


Let's talk music. The SNES has a enormous library of games, and an even bigger list of songs to choose from. However, NintSPC can only convert a certain number of game's songs. To find the full list, refer to Ice Man's NintSPC document.

We can find SPCs at Look up the game (as long as it's compatible with NintSPC) and extract it into the same directory as the convall.bat file and all those other files.


When the SPC(s) are in the directory, click convall.bat to start up the conversion process. It should only take a few seconds, if any.

When it finishes, you should have two new files for each SPC you put in: One MIDI file, and one MML file. We're going to use this MML file in Lazy Shell.


Open Lazy Shell, and go into the Audio editor. Find a song you would think you wouldn't use in your hack, we are going to replace that song. You can also delete another song to free up byte space for our new song.

Click the "Import" button (Looks like ), and import the MML file as SUPER MARIO RPG native. You will get errors, but don't let this alarm you. Click "OK" to close the error window.

You should see a list of instruments on the left-hand side, and a list of notes on the right. All the instruments are unused, as NintSPC cannot convert instruments from MIDI files.

Next, you need to tweak the song. Add samples, repeat markers, rests, and anything else that the song might need.

To test the song, simply enter the samples using the drop-down menu on the right, above the notes. Hit the "S" key a couple times to go directly to "Sample = ". Add them into each channel.
Change the first instrument to "{000} SOUND FX", then to the instrument of your choosing. This will make the process faster.


The rest of this guide is for tips on making it easier to convert your new track into SMRPG.

- Use the SNES SPC700 Player to listen to instruments in each song.
To see which instruments play, go into Settings -> Information -> Channel 1. Or press right two times when you first start the player.

- Using the SNES SPC700 Player, you can disable/enable channels to listen to specific instruments that play. Match them as best you can with SMRPG.

- Some songs don't use the correct rests, so you need to judge by ear what the correct way to sync the channels is.
Sometimes you need to use "Note = Duration" and select the Rest and input the number of waits it has to get it exactly right.

Here is a legend for how many waits are in each rest:
whole = 192
half. = 144
half = 96
quarter. = 72
quarter = 48
8th. = 36
quarter triple = 32
8th = 24
8th triplet = 16
16th = 12
16th triplet = 9
32nd = 6
64th = 3


- Try exporting .mml files instead of .dat files ("Export SPC"). There is something wrong with the .dat files currently and when imported into LS, corrupts the audio.
When exporting .mml, be sure to change the drums and percussion instruments to other non-percussive instruments as Lazy Shell converts them to drums and changes the notes in your song. (For what ever reason)

- If a channel has over a certain amount of indexes, there will be whistles in the background. Delete some of these indexes to free up space, or completely delete a channel or two.

- Sometimes the last channel will continuously play the last note. Be sure to save and test small changes and make back ups often.

- Sometimes the music won't even load, sending the game to a black screen. Try disabling instruments and see if it loads up.


Q: "The instrument isn't playing when I placed it!"
A: Check if you have the instrument listed on the left-hand side. If it's there, check the instrument's volume.

Q: "There are high pitched whistles going off on channels X..."
A: I found that if a channel has over 520 indexes, it starts to screech. Try not to use songs that have over that amount of indexes.

Q: Can I use the songs you showed off at the beginning of the thread in my hack?
A: Yes, of course! I wouldn't have released them if I didn't want people to use them.

Q: Your conversion sucks! I want to change the instruments and use them in my hack!
A: By all means, go ahead! I'm not going to stop you. In fact I'd appreciate it more if you change it.

If anyone has any comments or need help, feel free to PM me or post in this thread.
Hey ! I'm with this problem :
How i can fix it ?
What game's music are you trying to convert?
Peace!Layout by Erik557 & LDA.
Thank you!

He's using a DKC song, those use it's own SPC engine that is incompatible with NintSPC. If you download Ice Man's tutorial you will see a list of compatible games.
Thanks Erik ^^
I got some good news and bad news about a new way to get music for lazyshell, the good new is i found a way to convert midis into playable MMLs for lazyshell but the bad news is they are really off on sync but if anybody wanna have a look see and figure a way to get music converted from a Midi into sync i be happy to show you how.
wow thanks for the great tutorial. i loved it. :)

super mario run hacks
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