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SMW Hack Project: "Static E" Updated-3/1/2017--Cleaning house
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - SMW Hack Project: "Static E" Updated-3/1/2017--Cleaning house
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*Turns on lights*
*Blows off dust*
*Dives into Lunar Magic*

Its been a long time...
Unfortunately, my last project mothballed to nothing, literally I lost the project file and images... so I must start over.

I had a nice plan in mind for the overall hack last time I tried to work on one for serious so I'll just call this a full reboot.

This Hack centers around Mario (or Luigi, maybe, we'll see how the patches cooperate).

It has been a two years since Mario's last battle with Bowser, and Bowser isn't gonna be able to mount another kidnapping for at least another year.

So when it came to Toadsworth's attention that during the last few years Mario hasn't really been preparing for King Koopa's return, he ordered him on an expedition to an uncharted island that has been rumored to awaken the latent potential of would-be explorers that survive.

So Mario sets sail, The ship stocked with crates of food, assorted powerups, P-switches, and even set of pop-up switch houses for the Toad Engineers to disperse the colored bricks and help speed up the exploration.

Mario, excited for another new adventure was napping below deck when the ship was caught in an unnaturally sudden storm and was crashed violently against the shore of the island. When Mario comes to, he finds the toads at the newly setup base camp taking inventory of what was lost in the shipwreck.

here is the most up to date overworld map, let me know what you think.

Submaps: (cut for now pending progress on the main overworld)
The Cavern

The Digital Mist (might remain uncut due to its visual appearance on the main overworld)

Bowser Space

Level Screenshots:
prior screenshots are old, and I didn't like how clustered they were. I addition they didn't play into the new jump mechanics I implemented whatsoever, so goodbye shoddy work. here's to better ideas down the line.

I'll have level screenshots as they get done, I'm planning on using the main overworld and 3-4 submaps, Not certain how many levels but it'll be more than 30 even if I end up working alone.

-Port Landfall total levels-9
the landing site of the surviving Toad engineers, ever industrious, they have already cleared the landing site and have established a small colony so quickly, it is no wonder why they were chosen over the Toad Brigade to explore this island in what would surely be a dangerous mission.

level composition:
3 normal levels
1 town level
1 castle (water themed)
2 unique hybrid water levels based on the wrecked ship
1 ghost house
and "yoshi's" house (to be modified when possible)

-Spiral Forest total levels-11
The first area the Toad Engineers have managed to explore before Mario rejoins the expedition party, the forest seemingly grew in such a way to make it difficult to advance without solving some sort of puzzle overgrown with vegetation.

level composition:
7 puzzle focused forest levels
1 castle
l switch house
2 normal levels

-The Sand Trap total levels-11
Several Toads have tried to explore the area, and have disappeared under the shifting sands. scouting from the above forest has revealed the area to be a natural perpetual engine of flowing sand, ever shifting, and falling below where it collects into sand boils until it gets launched back above, repeating the cycle.

level composition:
3 normal desert themed levels
1 castle
1 switch house
7 shifting sand levels (its like water... but sand...)

Lake Plateau: total levels-10
The Toad Engineers haven't found a path to this area yet, Their calculations of the waterfall's flow suggest an unnatural origin. The water just keeps flowing despite draining an amount that would have depleted the source long ago.

level composition:
1 ghost house
4 normal levels
4 underwater levels
1 castle

Final Cliff: total levels-8?
The Toad Engineers haven't gotten around to scouting this far ahead, but the lone volunteer that went anyway to look hasn't returned..

level composition:
1 ghost house
2 castles
1 switch house
1 normal level
2 big castle??? levels
1 ??? tower level

A few changes to note:
-the eventual return of the P-meter
-Cape Smash converted to Cape Bounce. for longer flying segments try bouncing off the ground.
-many tweaks to the fireballs including the ability to lob them in an upwards arc.
-the addition of the 64 styled moves:
Triple jump
long jump
u-turn jump
wall jump
ground pound
punching system (maybe?)
-and many more little things like that. credit will be given to everyone who put time into the patches I'm using, I wouldn't have been able to get such an awesome prototype without the patches you all have made. I'll get a demo with what I've already patched into the game soon.

My Current Hacking Project: "Static E"
Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip (maybe?)
Doesn't look bad actually. I'd play it, but at the desert portion of the map you're overdoing it a bit with the cloud effects and you might want to remove some rocks. I know they will go away when you progress through the world but it's a bit of an eyesore
Everything looks nice, keep up the good work.

also prevented you from making six posts in a row :P
dontcha just hate it when you start a project and then forget about it the moment it starts getting hard?

I'm back again, and this time I'll just stick to what I know I can do in Lunar Magic as much as possible.

I'm still looking for someone who can help out, even just a little bit, on the asm and other back-end organization.

I'm finding it difficult to juggle more than the 10 patches that are just the base changes to movement and powerup mechanics, dumping on top of that all the message box changes and other potential changes one might want in order to take advantage of these changes, one can probably see why I haven't updated or really made any actual progress in awhile.

I don't like asking for help, but I do want to actually complete this project, I want to finish a larger project for once.

as for progress for now, I've been taking the necessary time to acclimate back into the project, but I'm focusing on the pathing and visual tweaks I want to make to the overworld so I can get some form of level organization on that end. after that is complete, I'll post the first rough demo using preexisting levels, first drafts, and blank slates when necessary.

I made some significant changes to the main overworld, cleaning up some paths that I have no intention of using and making sure that I can make pathing events work, I also mapped a stupid ammount of clouds so I can completely rebuild the main overworld representation of the Digital Mists submap.

also, I should probably start uploading my images somewhere I can actually insert them into the thread, I'm sure it is annoying to be pulled away from smw central.

here is the most up to date map, let me know what you think.

EDIT: I'm deleting my older posts because they either had oudated information or will eventually be rolled into the initial post or this one, for organization purposes.

Level gimmicks are now represented by the color dot of the tile

green dots are puzzle levels or have a forest focus. these likely won't have nearly as much platforming as other levels, and may be easier than your typical platformer level.

yellow dots are standard platformers and are meant to be slightly harder than puzzle levels, yellow also represents the desert levels.

blue dots are obviously water levels, but also represent any level that includes some water physics and are typically easier than the red levels.

red dots are harder levels, typically underground and/or involve lava. These levels will expect some kind of mastery of one sort or another to advance. Castles typically fall under this branch, but not all of them, a castle on the water obviously will be more of a harder blue dot water level.

and finally gray dots, these are the hardest levels, and will mix and match whatever necessary to mess with the player, and may or may not be more industrial than the other levels. Ghost houses fall under this branch, keep that in mind...

also note that any level color or type can have more than one exit, and some pathing should allow you to travel either direction depending on how you get to certain levels.

My Current Hacking Project: "Static E"
Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip (maybe?)
Not much to report on today's progress, I realized today that the default event tiles for paths is sorely lacking and has alot of variants that I'll never need.

so I deleted ALL the pathing I worked on until now and started mapping a new set, covering all the standard paths and separating them by palette so now I can create paths however I need them...

I was going to post a nice little gif of the finished pathing, but now you know why that didn't happen, so I'll have to post what I get done before I finish typing this post.

that being said, I'm happy that I'm almost done with the pathing and event tile work on the overworld, I'll be able to jump back into levels with a bit more confidence now that I'm a bit better setup than when I dropped the project last time, I created a rom and a folder strictly for levels so I can separate that from the build with all the asm modifications and bring them together later when I need to test them.

My Current Hacking Project: "Static E"
Mario's Kool-Aid Acid Trip (maybe?)
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - SMW Hack Project: "Static E" Updated-3/1/2017--Cleaning house

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