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If you appear to be "IP Banned", or cannot access the site...

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I recently had the same issue as a few others with the whole site note loading "I.E. This page cannot be displayed." Kieran/Boom has mentioned the fix, but since this seems to be happening to a lot of people, I'd best post what to do here.

If you succumb to this issue/already succumbed to it, go to OpenDNS and fix your DNS connection. There is a step by step guide on the site on how to do this.

No, this will not work if you were IP banned for spamming "PENIS" threads.

Have a nice day.
I would like to make it clear that this only works if your browser gives you the "Page/server cannot be found/displayed." (and the like) error. These symptoms do NOT indicate an IP ban. Rather, that your ISP's own DNS servers are not up to date.

For the curious, DNS stands for "Domain Name Server," and they work like this:
  1. Suppose you want to access
  2. Your browser sends off a request to one of your ISP's DNS servers.
  3. The DNS server has a record matching
  4. The DNS server sends back the correct IP address for SMW Central's server,
  5. Your browser uses this address to connect to the server and request the page.</ol>So basically, they translate domains into IP addresses, like you have names representing telephone numbers in your address book.

    What you may be experiencing is that your host's DNS record for is wrong/deleted for some reason. This should be fixed eventually as DNS servers need to be updated all the time.

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I had a similar problem using my Wii a few months back. I was never able to get here using the Wii, so I used a proxy. I know that I wasn't IP banned, so I have no idea what it could've been.
i've had it happen to me. i figured i'm new and haven't ticked anyone off yet, so i knew i wasn't ip banned. i concluded my computer sucked, and with a few swift kicks, (and alot of swearing) my 8 year old ME was as good as new. though i did hate the experience.
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You know, bumping this wasn't necessary. Try checking the dates before posting.

Closed, unless any other staff member wants to open it again.
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