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Level Recomendations
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Have you found an awesome level and want to share it? Bored and want some good levels to play? This is the official level database thread for you!

This thread is going to be updated weekly with new levels that are suggested by the community and then organized based on the difficulty rating from the super mario maker bookmark site

To recommend a level, post the code and link to the bookmark page, a short bit of information describing the level, and optional screenshots.

Easy LevelsThemeCodeDescription
Basic CastleCastleB26F-0000-0017-337DA pretty standard castle level, but well-designed and pretty fun.

Normal LevelsThemeCodeDescription
Tiny-Huge Island ReturnsGroundDC04-0000-0025-C236A small homage to the N64 and SMB3 stages with this theme.

Expert LevelsThemeCodeDescription
Catch a Bouncing Star?8750-0000-0025-3F21Funny gimmick. Not too hard.
Ghosts & WizardsGhost HouseCB46-0000-0013-C91AMagikoopas and turn blocks, and spooky ghosts. Requires some hard jumps and evading projectiles.

Super Expert LevelsThemeCodeDescription
Order of OperationsGhost House/Puzzle033F-0000-0017-B2DCGiga's copy of a youtube level.
skyzo.Sky/P-Switch2731-0000-001A-E853Don't let the P-Switch run out!
Shell ShockGround/AthleticDB46-0000-001C-1E0EShell bouncing.
Shells SuckGround953E-0000-0016-BFC0Shell Bounceing
Kaizo Mario World Stage 1KaizoBDE0-0000-001A-8E36Kaizo Mario Level 1 Remake
Ultimate Expert ChallengeKaizo2EFD-0000-0017-1E13You need to make it to the end with only one second on the clock.
The CastleCastle5B38-0000-001E-DF3EA barrage of classic castle enemies over moving platforms, but with plenty of Super Mushrooms to keep it fair.
La fourberieKaizo6DEA-0000-001F-E601Classic troll level, but beatable.

*info subject to change*
This is basically the same thread I posted in gaming that was closed :V
Originally posted by TheStoneBanana
All of this was made possible by Totino's, guys
Sonic Mania wouldnt exist without it

Thanks for the amazing layout LDA!
Yeah, you're right it is similar to what your thread was. Sorry about that...

At the time I wasn't thinking we would need a level "database" so to speak. But when Impetus brought the idea up today, I realized it would be easier to have that than to ask people to go through a bunch of level threads to find codes. So yeah, my bad.
Excuse me for being a little pedantic, but;

Originally posted by K3fka
Order of Operations (033F-0000-0017-B2DC) Ghost House/Puzzle Hard Giga's copy of a youtube level.

The code and theme need to be switched around.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Current Project: Vanilla Rendezvous, my project. Click here to see the C3 thread.

Finally back and more active than ever!

Quest on Full Moon Island 2

Go watch GamingWithDrew at

My Backloggery

Sorry, it was about 5am when Giga asked me to do that and I hadn't slept, I forgot to double check =p
PangeaPanga levels
skyzo. sky/Pswitch. 2731-0000-001A-E853 Hard. Don't let Pswitch run out
shell shock. ground/sky. DB46-0000-001C-1E0E Hard. More shell bouncing
Shells Suck. ground. 953E-0000-0016-BFC0 Hard. Shell bouncing
Lunaire level
Kaizo Mario World Stage 1. BDE0-0000-001A-8E36 Hard. Kaizo level 1 remake
Ultimate Expert Challenge. 2EFD-0000-0017-1E13 Hard. speedrun/Make it to the end with 1 second on the clock
Here are a few stages I enjoyed.

Not by me

B26F-0000-0017-337D (Basic Castle) - A pretty standard castle level, but well-designed and pretty fun. Easy

8750-0000-0025-3F21 (Catch a Bouncing Star) - Funny gimmick. Not too hard. Normal

6DEA-0000-001F-E601 (La fourberie) - Classic troll level, but beatable. Hard

And one by me

DC04-0000-0025-C236 (Tiny-Huge Island Returns) - A small homage to the N64 and SMB3 stages with this theme. Easy
I made a mini remake of brinstar (metroid nes).
Name: Brinstar

My SMW Romhacks:

Work in progress:

Super Mario Land 2.5: 100% (testing in progress)
Download Demo

Here's my Badass Level's jump for your life! FEF6-0000-0044-D08F

And jump for ypur life! v.1.1 9445-0000-004B-7CEB

While most levels I play while streaming turn out to be kaizo,
because followers get off on that, anyways this one cat came in (Huge Zelda fan, like me) and showed me a level of his that I was pretty impressed with.

Theoriginalhyrule CCFE-0000-0038-454B Airship level

It's an airship level that has you basically progressing through different sections, advancing, battling enemies, little puzzles, a little bit of tricky platforming, a mini boss, and mandatory final boss. The complete package, I enjoyed it very much and would love to see more levels like this.

Here's an amazing castle level I randomly found by a Japanese player simply called "The Castle". Hard difficulty. It's a barrage of classic castle enemies over moving platforms, but with plenty of Super Mushrooms to keep it fair. 5B38-0000-001E-DF3E


The BIG List of Randomizers

Name Brinstar SNES music
Code 6796-0000-0066-479B
Category musical / auto

My SMW Romhacks:

Work in progress:

Super Mario Land 2.5: 100% (testing in progress)
Download Demo

Does anyone know what the 1.1.0 update did? It feels like I wasted 4 minutes updating the game if they just say "adjustments have been made, no we're not giving specifics".
The invincibility glitch is gone.
But this is not the right thread.

Your layout has been removed.
I tested it immediately after having to install it and it was definitely still there.

Unless they released another one while I wasn't looking?
I will list here some levels I enjoyed and a level of mine.

Name: Red Wing Assault
Theme: Airship (NSMBU)
ID: (CA72-0000-006E-57B6)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: A hard, well-designed and creative level that involves warlike enemies.

Name: Haunted Waters
Theme: Ghost House / Underwater (NSMBU)
ID: (71DD-0000-003D-9422)
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Ghost house/Underwater level with lots of undead and ghosts.

Name: Jellies Coral
Theme: Underwater (SMB3)
ID: (884A-0000-0082-E714)
Difficulty: Medium
Description: A level that involves jellyfish, cheep-cheeps and some other enemies.

Name: Something is wrong...
ID: 9467-0000-009F-0562
Theme: Grassland, SMW
Difficulty: Easy i think xD
Description: A level with a lot of CRAZY glitches, like blocks you can collect like coins, falling ?-blocks, ...
Name: Spooky Differences
ID: 8098-0000-00A4-BA5F
Theme: Ghost House, SMW
Difficulty: Normal/Hard
Description: Trickhouse/Puzzlehouse, abit like the Donut Ghost House, where you have to solve different roompuzzles to get to the goal.

Probably the best stage I've ever come across in 100-Mario Challenge.

Name: Ivy-Smothered Ghost House
ID: 961A-0000-0042-D6F9
Theme: Ghost House, SMB3
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Description: A ghost house which relies mainly on vine-climbing. Fairly challenging, but beatable after a couple of tries.
Name: The Ersan Nightmare
ID: A9FE-0000-0021-9E4E
Theme: SMW Airship
Difficulty: Muncher

Something made in order to push the limit... OM NOM NOM
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