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[ACCEPTED] 2-8: Sanding Down

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1 - Guilty. I can't do much about that as pretty much all sprites have their purpose in the level. Then again, the lagspikes aren't that hefty, at least for me.
2 - The "inverted" used blocks are kind of a staple amongst the SMW hacking community (or at least in the kaizo departement). I'd say they're fine, but I could replace them with MM spike balls or something if you prefer that.
3 - Sorry, but I'd rather keep it this way. I tried experimenting with reset pipes, but it just turned out awkward. Besides, at that point, most players should already know pits = reset. And I mean, they don't send you that far back.
4 - That was supposed to be part of the whole "false first impression" thing I explained in the first post, but I suppose it's more arbitrary than anything. I could replace it with an actual gradient if you want me to (or I could just leave it blank).
5 - I agree it's not very elegant, but it's better than just flat out killing the player.
6 - Removed that part.
7 - Yeah, sort of. Is there a particularly needless part?
So gave this a shot. Not bad, much better than the other one. I don't share most of the complaints AlwaysANoob posted, yet I do share some:

-Ugly Hurt Block palette.
-Some lagspikes. Not bad per se, but please tell me you're not using palette 0 for the (underground) BG
-Maybe a bit too long

IMO you can shorten it a bit and you're all fine.
Aside from what's been already mentioned, there's also the fact that you can clip through the ground under this slope/ledge and sometimes fall to your death(only seems to work on the topmost one):

My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
v2.1 (hopefully the last one)

I'm still a bit indecisive about the hurt blocks:

Right now I'm using the one on the left. The spike ball looks a bit more like something that would actually hurt you, but the skull block fits in better with the brown blocks.

Originally posted by Erik557
please tell me you're not using palette 0 for the (underground) BG

Not anymore.
For my part there's nothing to add, the new hurt block are fine. I actually liked the just do it section but it's fine as it is. Accepting unless there's something to add.

(that means i need the files)

e: I think all is fine
<&Centipede> Yeah I accept it
The files have been sent.

What was the music you used? I really like it.

As to the level, I don't think I ever commented about this one.
I felt as if I should, considering that it is now my favorite "normal" (non-kaizo) mario hack level of all timez. I REALLY like this level, amazing job. It gave me an extremely adventurous feel, that took me waaaay back into some of the NDS top-down dungeon crawler games (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2, Explorers of [insert version here] #tb{:j}) I had played earlier in my days.

I love this level, can't wait to see if/what you make for VLDC9 when that happens.
Thanks for the compliments. Music is Loonie - Contemplated
Thank you, I was having troubles finding the song.
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