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Eevee's Levels

I've only uploaded two thus far, and they're pretty basic, but why not show them off anyways? Sorry for the lack of screenshots, I'll try get them asap.

Koopa Cannons! - B6A5 - 0000 - 0023 - BB73
A level in which Bullet Blaster-mounted Parakoopas are your main enemy. This is the harder of the two.

Sprint! - 8045 - 0000 - 0030 - E9A9
A more basic level in which you run across one block wide spaces all while avoiding enemies. There's also a pretty crazy Bowser fight waiting at the end.

So although these aren't my best, I hope you enjoy them anyway! ^^

Edit: fixed Sprint!'s code.
Koopa Cannons: Couldn't you have introduced the gimmick with normal bullet bills? I'm pretty sure I'm growing to hate these homing bills.

Sprint!: ...course not found?
Koopa Cannons - Really challenging. I tried many times but the furthest I ever made it was the section with the giant parakoopas. The jumps were just a bit too precise for me.

Sprint - This level was fun. High paced action is something I really like. Bowser fight at the end rekt me though.
- Koopa Cannons -

Having this many homing bullets at once makes the level much too dynamic to do consistently. I suggest replacing quite a few homing bullet cannons to regular bullet bill cannons.

- Sprint -

There needs to be more indication that the player needs to not follow the Koopa Shell down the pit. I thought the Brick Blocks were an alternate route at first. Aside from that, I think it's a fine level!
Thanks for the feedback ^^

Here's a new level, Daring Donut Deeds.


Enjoy (though it's harsh lol)
Originally posted by Eevee
Koopa Cannons! - B6A5 - 0000 - 0023 - BB73
A level in which Bullet Blaster-mounted Parakoopas are your main enemy. This is the harder of the two.

You mean Missile Blasters because for some asinine reason they're all missile bills.

Why? Why would you do this? I can't bring myself to care about a level that spams missile bills and leaves no powerups. It's a real hallmark of careless level design.

Originally posted by Eevee
Here's a new level, Daring Donut Deeds.


Well this one wasn't nearly as intimidating, so I actually bothered to finish it.

Where are you going with your enemy placement? Pirnaha Plants, then Spinies, then a Hammer Bro, then Firebars, then Bowser? Is everything you're doing just fire-and-forget? This is a problem because there are a couple gimmicks that contribute little to nothing to the level and then there's others that smash the player's face in. It's inconsistent and relies more on the base parts being hard than the level incorporating the enemies.

And Spikes. Why spikes in one specific area? If you're gonna patch up one place because you've realized it's too hard, could you show the consideration and look at everywhere else the player can fall to his death?
Have a new level. The classic autoscrolling airship ;)


This one is quite hectic, as there is a lot of stuff you need to watch out for, but I'm quite proud of it so tell me what you think ^^
Played it. Was pretty hectic in a good way; it never felt unfair. I liked the secret, and the boss battle was neat. However, I feel the infinitely spawning mushrooms made it a bit too easy.
Here is a new level, "Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle." A NSMBU styled castle that uses spike pillars. Hope ya like! ^^

don't ask why i called the level that, i just did lol
Enjoyed Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle, a very solid and fun castle stage. It's nice to see how hassle-free the key power-ups have made creating boss battles. Difficulty was a little on the harder side but nothing unreasonable.

Koopa Cannons! was almost a really fun speed run level. I agree with the other comments that having every cannon be targeting adds an unnecessary level of stress that you don't need on an already difficult gimmick. However, the added difficulty gives the player extra motivation to speed run it, and the stage is almost set up perfectly for a great speed run. Unfortunately (and maybe this is just me not being skilled enough) it just doesn't line up perfectly near the end and I have to slow down, which is when I die. Also the ? block is poorly placed and squished me a few times. Still enjoyed it but ultimately gave up.
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