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How Fast is a Pentium M?

Well I'm chosing an to IBM Thinkpad one that runs Windows XP and I want to know how fast is a Pentium M. because it's a Pentium M.
A laptop processor
Please, be more specific, there are many Pentium M for laptops.

Edit: If you're talking about the Pentium M for IBM Thinkpad (As you posted on another topic), it's not so fast, I think they do not pass 1.80 GHZ, and can't handle modern games, it's a pretty old "laptop".
for 6 years i ran on an intel atom, and it was pretty crappy in terms of speed (especially in this day and age). pentium m is guaranteed to be crappier than that; intel atom at least has hyperthreading, supports more instructions, and consumes less power

depends how hard you throw it

for real though really slow. I don't know which specific pentium m model it is (pentium m is a line of cpus not a specific one) but it's old, and if it's a thinkpad that still has the IBM branding it is definitely very old. Don't expect it to run games from the past 10 years, and don't expect it to run newer versions of any more intensive applications either. Also don't bother upgrading from windows xp.

It's a IBM Thinkpad R51
According to this page it's a Pentium M 735. According to this page the processor is...not good. Single core, under 2GHz, not even 64-bit. Basically that processor is very bad.

The rest of the laptop's specs aren't good at all either. The thing apparently supports a MAXIMUM of 2GB of DDR1 RAM but ships with a mere 512MB. The hard drive it ships with is also apprently only 40GB.

So yeah, unless you're going to run Windows XP and spend all day just playing Solitaire, you're much better off going for something with a *bit* more power.
I use Windows XP because it's been while since I was on a Windows XP PC.
Originally posted by thesmb3fan144
I use Windows XP because it's been while since I was on a Windows XP PC.

I'm having trouble understanding why you're insistant on taking two steps back in technology. If you want to use XP that bad, run a virtual box in a better operating system.
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I want to see an IBM Thinkpad in my house!