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4-5 Piranha zone
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Just started working on this level, gonna be Piranha plant themed.


Mickey8715, Please subscribe and comment!
you might as well add green ones that spit needlenoses, the purple ones and the nippers into the mix besides the red ones since you're aiming a piranha plant themed level. (adding a sewer section would be nice)
Yeah I'll include all that too^

The level has gone through some changes I'm not using the wood sun background anymore changed it to the jungle hills background and also changed the pallet of the foreground tiles to match. Screenshots coming soon.


Mickey8715, Please subscribe and comment!
Whats that behind the gem??


Piranha madness!


Mickey8715, Please subscribe and comment!
Not completely sure whether I'm digging the palette of the cave or not. I just think that the one normally used for a lot of underground sections fits the environment way more than what you picked. There isn't much going on that isn't what I pointed out, although some of those wild piranha plants aren't a considerable threat for most players on their first try unless you suddenly get hit by them out of pure curiosity.
Hey friend, any updates on this? Thank you.

I think the cave is interesting come to think about it


He hasn't responded to me in ages, gonna free this.

Could I please try to make something for this level?
I have some good ideas.
It's alright guys I'm back on board took a brief work haitius for a while.


Mickey8715, Please subscribe and comment!
Sick, reviving this. Glad to have you back.


A new screenshot of a bonus room im working on!


Mickey8715, Please subscribe and comment!
Looks nice!!

So I'm guessing my current level isn't needed?
oh man I was so excited that xxzzz came back, I completely forgot you started that, i'm a total idiot. y'know what though, Nin has told me he finished 6-3 but doesn't really like it, I told him to send me his IPS but I haven't gotten a response in a bit. In other words, doesn't sound very promising. Do either of you mind switching over to 6-3 instead? When I look at both of these levels, this piranha one strikes me as a bit more w6-feeling than what cramps has going on (in fact it reminds me of vanilla 6-2 quite a bit, cave/lava themes going on). I realize it's a different world and w6 has a slightly different tileset & palette too, but if you're willing to work with it and adapt your level, let me know. If you think the w6 changes might just be a bit too intrusive, I should be able to modify your level's palette & tileset via SPASM.

If that's not a good option, I might be able to free other levels that aren't getting much activity/responses. Very sorry cramps, I'll try to get this resolved for you.

Well no worries haha. It's a good thing to be flexible.

But yeah my level is moving slowly atm, so no need for any rush.
Since I just freed up a bunch of levels, gonna move this to 4-5.

Gonna continue to work on this level even though its dead Raidenthequick said I can. But anyway I finished up the level and want your feedback!


Mickey8715, Please subscribe and comment!
Some feedback:

Found everything except for one flower. What I found:
1 in the first area/sublevel
1 in the cave section
2 in the final area

No clue where I missed one, though I'm wont to believe it despawned. Read up on this section of the FAQ about how Item Memory works. A lot of your collectibles are in areas where they can be easily despawned.

1. Starting position is seriously glitchy. Move it down a few tiles.
2. This bush isn't actually embedded in the ground.

The Nipper spores placed above here are super unfair because they don't even spawn until Yoshi is about to collide with them. They're impossible to avoid unless you scroll the screen up beforehand, and there's no way for a player to know about that playing the stage blind.

I feel like you could make use of the Nipper spore generator sprite here to make things more interesting.

Carrying the fire melon all the way over to these ice blocks seriously sucks if you haven't cleared it out beforehand, mostly because you can't use your tongue. I'd recommend moving the melon to somewhere closer to the actual ice blocks.
Also, minor gripe, but I don't like the fact that the player isn't able to backtrack beyond this point.

Awful lot of egg use required here for somewhere without a readily available source of eggs, no?
Also, I thought that this spring ball would lead to a warp when I first came across it. Make it more obvious that it's not a warp.

I really don't like it when a stage presents me with two options and one of them is a point of no return. It's not really clear at first whether the above example or the pipe leading here is the way forward.

Place object 33 behind this water to prevent players from swimming under the land.

1. What's this pipe for?
2. The bottom-right coin causes some cutoff when you collect it.
3. Was there supposed to be something in the bottom-left corner of this group of coins?

One of the pipes in the cave (in the room that leads to the final section of the level) doesn't have a screen exit set for it, causing me to show up at (0,0) in 1-1.
A couple of other notes about the cave:
- I'm not really fond of the wingless skeleton goonie spam, especially if they blindside me when I scroll the screen.
- I don't feel like I'm given enough time to react when I first come across a piranha plant concealed in the crystals.

Yoshi appears behind Layer 2 upon entering this room.

A lot of your ledge edges aren't properly connected to the ground.

You have 21 red coins in this stage.

Minor gripe, but I don't like how I can't backtrack from the goal ring area. Not really that major considering that I can't backtrack from this sublevel anyways, but still.

Overall, not bad. I definitely like this a good bit more than your other stages.
Thanks for your review. regarding the screenshot in which the coin causes cut off, if you keep going left it brings you to a secret warp.


Mickey8715, Please subscribe and comment!
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Forum Index - Events - Collaboration Projects - SMWC Island - 4-5 Piranha zone

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