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Mitchell's Dream Land


Please Note
This Is My First Hack So i'm not very good at it and tryed it

Mitchell's Dream Land DEMO

This hack is currently a Work In Progress
so many aspects may reflect on the original gameplay of Super Mario World

In this hack
You're in a dream land situated in Mitchell's Mind
And he called for help.
Koopa's infiltrated his dream land.
So you're quest is to defeat the Koopa's
and restore peace to the Dream Land And Mitchell's Mind

You'll have two levels to play in this DEMO
Dream Land #1
Dream Land #2
Dream Land DEMO end

Also Thanks To:
yoshifanatic (for giving tips on skype)


Link for DEMO
Welcome to SMWC, yoshimitchell!

For a first hack, it shows potential. Even though you're using original SMW stuff as a base for your own levels and the overworld, there aren't big issues. Levels have no cutoff. On the other hand, the map can use some work, and both levels and OW could use some decoration.

In general, it's good to start from scratch, especially when talking about the OW. But don't take my opinion so hardly - you're on the right path.

Good luck with your project! And if you need any help, just ask!
For a first hack, it doesn't look as bad as you imply, it just could use some work. Not only are the levels based out of SMW's, which is what you're trying to achieve, but if you want them to look smooth, you could introduce new elements that make them stand apart from what we always see. It's usually a good idea to avoid very flat stages or even blatantly edited ones and place coins, powerups or cleverly hidden secrets.
The starting map could be improved if you variated it a tad and built more hills. Otherwise, you're going into the right path, and if you need further help, don't forget to ask!

By the way, welcome to the Central!
maybe in the next demo :P
i'm busy with the OW and Levels
but i'm working weekly on it saturday or sunday