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(Currently Outdated) Common SM64 Hacking Q&A's ***Please read here first before posting your question***
Forum Index - Non-SMW Hacking - Super Mario 64 Hacking - (Currently Outdated) Common SM64 Hacking Q&A's ***Please read here first before posting your question***
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I know a few people have complained about users not posting questions in the old general help thread. Here is the problem I have with those types of threads though; Questions can easily be buried among other questions and never get answered. With people making their own individual threads, their questions are going to more than likely be seen and answered. I mean, what is the point of having an entire forum dedicated to posting SM64 questions if you are only going to use one thread? Seems a bit silly to me. So I am turning this thread into a common question and answer thread. Here we can compile all common questions and answers in to one place so users can check them out here. I will leave this thread open, not for users to just post questions, but to help add common Questions AND Answers to the thread. I will then update the first post in the list with anything new added to the thread.

Link to Old Thread

Importing from Google Sketchup
Creating with Sketchup
How to create a PPF Patch or a BPS Patch

FAQ's [Jump to: General | Music | Textures | Models | Collision]
Q; How do I apply a patch to SM64?
A; Make sure you download a clean SM64 ROM before we go, It's your responsibility to legally do that. SMWCentral we not in any way supply you with any ROM's.
Firstly you must extend your ROM with VL-Tone's Mario 64 ROM Extender. After that apply the PPF patch on the extended ROM with PPF-o-Matic 3.0. The ROM should be loaded on the "ISO file" field and the .ppf file on the Patch field.
You'll have to change the "Default Memory Size" to 8MB. To do this, click on Options -> Settings -> Options and uncheck "Hide Advanced Settings". Click OK and now do Options -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Default Memory Size -> 8MB. The ROM should boot afterwards. If the emulator shows 2 warnings, it is caused by the hack creator not having recalculated the checksum - don't worry about it. Some romhacks require you to also patch some OBJ importer patches, for that, just load your rom into skelux' obj importer and click on the "OK" button a few times.

Q; Why does it say my ROM is invalid?
A; You need a USA SM64 ROM.

Q; Where do I get a USA ROM?
A; By searching this key word on Google "Super Mario 64 (U) [!]".

Q; My ROM won't open in TT64!
A; Open a regularly extended ROM and go into preference, and enable "Skip ROM Checksum".

Q; When I try to run my ROM I get a CIC chip error.
A; That's caused by some checks being disabled, to make modifying the checksum more comfortable. To remove those messades, go into the OBJ importer and click on "resotre CRC and Checksum".

Q; I get an error saying "In a permanent loop that cannot be exited" when trying to run my ROM.
A; You modified the checksum, restored the CRC and Checksum check and did not recalculate it. Drag your rom over "chksum64.exe" to fix this.

Q; Why does Mario die when I start my level?
A; Mario spawned out of bounds. You either have to move the "Warp: Mario start" object or use the "initial position" function in the OBJ importer (not both, only one of those 2 will work)

Q; I get a black screen!
A; A result of an error in configuring the warps.

Q; How do I remove the Nintendo copyright and TM sign at the title screen?
A; Open the tweak manager in the OBJ Importer and apply the "skip title screen" tweak.

Q; I get a white screen I try to enter my level!
A; That's a result of your game crashing right after the loading screen. Common causes are absence of a start warp or the attempt to use a behavior that requires a specific rambank.

Q; Why are there invisible walls everywhere?
A; Enable Death Floor in the Level Importer.

Q; I imported a level into Peach's Castle Grounds and moved the warp but Mario still spawns at an unusual place.
A; Warps at Peach's Castle is hardcoded, now open your ROM in TT64, at the bottom of the screen, you see some parameters like;
X 1000 Y -1000 Z 100, now open that same ROM in the OBJ importer, go to the "Level Settings", you shall see a check box called "Initial Position", check it and copy those parameters into their expected places.

Q; What is the limitations for channels on SM64?
A; 15.

Q; What is a .M64 file?
A; It's the Sequence file format SM64 and some other N64 games use.

Q; Why does a part of my custom music sound weird?
A; Transpose the channel/track that sounds weird.

Q; Why doesn't the tempo of my track go above 255?
A; The tempo is one byte; the maximum value is 255 (0xFF). Unless you're using extremely short notes, you can get around this by halving the length of all your notes and rests, and halving the tempo.

Q; Is it possible to import WAV files and MP3 into SM64?
A; In the sense of directly streaming a full song in game, no. SM64 only supports sequenced music. But custom samples can be inserted using Subdrag's N64 Sound Tool.

Q; My music cracks at some point when it's playing.
A; This is called clipping, it's caused by the mix exceeding the maximum possible signal level. Turn down individual channel volumes to fix this.

Q; There was no Drum in the instrument list of NINST37 but it is heared in the original.
A; It's a percussion, the channel you want to have a drum change it to a "General Percussion".

Q; How do I replace textures in the game?
A; By using N64 Rip and TT64, N64 rip is more convenient, you can get the addresses from TT64, make sure you are in Hexa-decimal mode.

Q; Why are my textures stretched?
A; A texture can't repeat more than 32 times, subdivide that face with a line.

Q; How do I change the textures on Mario's cloth?
A; Mario's clothes was colored, they didn't use an actual texture.

Q; Why do my textures look blurry?
A; Any textures with a height/Width more than 64x32 and 32x64 will get resized to fit with the N64 Texture Cache Size, resize them by yourself and sharpen them.

Q; Why do my textures always appear stretched after being subdivided?
A; Textures need to be resized to SM64 Resolution which would be 32x32, 64x32 and 32x64 and so on, they must be rectangles or squares. Textures with resolutions of Something like 32x31 or 24x32 will get the calculations wrong when Texture maps are being converted into F3D Microcode.

Q; Why are my textures upside down?
A; Try checking "Vertically Flip Textures".

Q; My background is corrupt.
A; Scale it to 248x248 and use the background converter, to convert it into a 256x256 picture. after that, you can properly import it into your rom.

Q; Why are my textures not showing up and are just replaced with random ones?
A; Resized BitMap Images(BMP) tend not to show up.

Q; I imported an Untextured model into Mario 64 and it's not white like in the 3D modeller, there are Random Textures applied.
A; Those are placeholders, the current importer does not support colors.

Q; Where do I get a wavefront OBJ?
A; With google sketchup or blender, OBJ is a 3D model type. Note that the 2014/2015 versions of sketchup seem to have some compatibility issues with the OBJ exporter plugin for some people (trashing exports) so use with caution.

Q; How do I replace the Title Screen?
A; Make your model, export it to obj, load it in the OBJ importer 1.9s, open the "Custom Importer", look for the title screen and select "Import Model".

Q; Why is my polygon count size double?
A; Don't export two sided faces.

Q; Why are some faces in my level invisible?
A; Only white faces show up, reverse all purple faces.

Q; Why does my level appear weird with some missing faces?
A; Your model needs to be triangulated and edges need to be exported as they are literally the building blocks of all 3D models.

Q; When I try to replace to an Object in the custom importer or import a title screen I get a "Maximum Model Size Exceeded" Error.
A; You might have to chop down some polygons and reduce the amount of textures used.

Q; I'm trying to make a fence but when I look to the other side it is invisible!
A; The back face doesn't get exported. Push/pull it to the thinnest simple.

Q; What is object with the highest polygon count to replace?
A; From an order of Biggest to the smallest-
1. Castle in the sky: 382.
2. Vertical Maze: 281.
3. Pyramidal Platforms Anim 1/2/3/4/Assembly: 230.
4. Flying Ship: 118.

Q; Why does all the objects position in my level move when I re-import?
A; You have to uncheck the centered option in the obj importer, otherwise your level will move when changing the bounds.

Q; Why does the game freeze when I play through?
A; It's often caused by using a solid object who's collision is not in any available rambank (no way to fix this aside from reimporting with a new rambank), if the problem persists then reduce the polygon count around the crashing area. Also, using a lot of objects(especially fire) can freeze the game.

Q; Why does are there glitched collisions in my level?
A; Make sure there are any underlying unused polygons, these are prone to cause problems and place your model higher.

Q; Why does Mario fall right through walls?
A; Don't export back and front faces.

Q; How many Polygons can my level have?
A; Depends on the amount of textures. you can not have more than about 16500 collisionable polygons. Texturecount*60+polygoncount should be below 23500. You can have a bit more, if many of your polygons are non - solid.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Q; Why does the game freeze when I play through?
A; It's best not to use 0x0E objects, if the problem persists then reduce the polygon count.
Addition: Using a lot of objects will and can freeze the game.

I support this and hope that this will put an end to threads being made that can be answered by 15 seconds of reading through the FAQ, will make additions to the FAQ later on.

I got a suggestion for this thread: Split up the Q&As a little. Include tabs like "Music", "Textures" and such or something. Right now there's a massive, hard to read wall of



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Originally posted by Kazeshin
i request some sort of permission to edit the answers, there is an enormous amount of misinformation/misleading answers/overcomplicating. could i maybe make a pastebin with all my updated answers, that you could copypaste into this thread?

Sounds good. Sent it my way when you get a chance.
Layout by LDA during C3.

Updated the FAQ's (Big thanks to Kazeshin). Also added a Collision section.
Layout by LDA during C3.
I'm trying to insert red coins into the Castle Grounds stage, but it hangs after I collect the star. How do I make it work after collecting the star?
You can also use a normal "Mario Start" warp at the 240 warp, so it just drops you again in the level instead of showing the blank star name and freezing.

WARNING : if you use the original one you have to change a warp ID to 240.

Projects :

Ztar Attack 2 A Blast to the Past

Overworlds : 2/3 done
World 1 : 4/4 levels done
World 2 : 4/4 levels done
World 3 : 4/4 levels done
World 4 : 4/4 imported, 3/4 with objects
World 5 : 1/4 level done
World 6 (extra) : 2/3 levels imported, 0/3 with objectss

Youtube -

Allons, enfants de la paaaatrie ! :D
Originally posted by Kazeshin
Originally posted by Peebs
I'm trying to insert red coins into the Castle Grounds stage, but it hangs after I collect the star. How do I make it work after collecting the star?

you cant use missions on overworld stages,there are no names for them, which causes a crash. you can use behavior 0x3EE4 instead of the regular red coin star behavior though, which will stop mario from getting warped out of the level after collecting the star.

I'd like to add that behavior 0x3EE4 is badly named in TT64, it's used in bowser courses so you can see how the original did it. And you also have to be on expert mode to change behaviors and hexadecimal mode to make things more easier to identify.
Originally posted by Kazeshin
you can use behavior 0x3EE4 instead of the regular red coin star behavior though
Fortunately, 0x3EE4 worked. Thank you for helping me.
Thanks to SmithJrBlaquaLuigi for notifying me to move this. Anywhow, here's a question I posed to the general board:

Hi everyone! This is my first post here!

I've been writing game music for quite a while and am helping write an original soundtrack for a certain SM64 hack.

I'm wondering about two things, firstly, is there any way to define a custom instrument set? And if not, where can I find a list of available sets? I'm trying to create a music that mixes the stock samples in cool ways to get sounds uncharacteristic of SM64, and I have achieved this in my music authoring software, however actually getting the specific list of 9 stock instruments I need seems potentially to be a problem.

Lastly, I have a MIDI file exported that contains all of the note data, but obviously nothing that would likely translate to any actual conversion tool. I've seen youtube tutorials and such, but what is the definitive guide to taking this MIDI and preparing it to be imported (that is to say so I have a "good" MIDI file at the end of the day)? Especially if I want a custom instrument set, what would I do?

Thanks guys!

ALSO, if you don't know the answer but know a guy who knows his SM64 music hacking stuff, please direct me to that person, thank you so much!
Originally posted by DotStarMoney

firstly, is there any way to define a custom instrument set?

SubDrag's N64 Sound Tool
It can be difficult to use for first timer so expect a few trial and errors. Pablos Corner made a tutorial on this program and I also used it myself, but wasn't easy. Just a note, It is simpler to export sounds from other N64 games and import the sound into your own rom than to import original sound because the sound quality will sometime diminish after importing. This isn't always the case, but I'm not an expert with this program.

Originally posted by DotStarMoney

where can I find a list of available sets?

Try here

Originally posted by DotStarMoney

what is the definitive guide to taking this MIDI and preparing it to be imported?

My latest tutorial video

My older tutorial video (can still be helpful)

There is a good hand full of guides on importing custom musics, I can't say these are the definitive guides since there are various ways of importing. This is just how I been doing it.


MeltFire's Youtube Channel
MeltFire's Sound Cloud Account

You should use the N64 Sound Tool 1.2 because it fixed most errors in SM64, you can import WAV sounds also.

You will have to test a lot of times your sound until it's correctly pitched, is easy but it takes a lot of time in testing.

you can hear an example at my hack preview, I used custom instruments:]

If I get time I'll make a tutorial around this week #w{=)}

Working on SM64: A New Adventure
I'm trying to add Red Coins to the Slide of Tall, Tall Mountain, but only the last two are counted. Is there any way for me to fix this, or do I have to cram the Coins into the last section (in TT64, the Slide is split into three parts)?
Originally posted by Peebs
I'm trying to add Red Coins to the Slide of Tall, Tall Mountain, but only the last two are counted. Is there any way for me to fix this, or do I have to cram the Coins into the last section (in TT64, the Slide is split into three parts)?

Welcome to SM64 Q&A Support, Peebs

Okay, i'll try to make sure not to spread misinformation, I am helping so keep that to yourself. but i'll answer this:

The reason why the slide are split a part and has two coins it's because you have to click Area 2, 3 and 4 to see the different parts of slides, then you can add more red coins on each slides.

body {
font-family:'Super Mario 256'
I'm trying to replace the penguin sound with n64 soundtool but if i make it louder the sound sounds horrible
Have you obviously use Audacity to turn down the sound?

Turn that sound down a little and save it.

upload image online

body {
font-family:'Super Mario 256'
thanks but how much is the sound pitched?
The warps aren't working for me, when I try to exit the level I just get a black screen, or when I get a star, exit the level success or fail = black screen. I looked at the warps in the original game to see how it's done but it still doesn't work when I do it that way. I have all but the last star selected for each warp.
Open Toad's Tool 64. See the spawn point for Mario? Click it and then go to an option roughly called " Change Warp Destinations". Among those you should find two warps listed with the others. One has a destination of 240 and says "Success" , which is for warping you back to the castle when you get a star, the other being an ID of 241 and saying it is the "Failure" warp, which should be self-explanatory for all people who have a piece of a brain, is for when you die/exit a level. Make sure these are correct like this, otherwise I have absolutely no idea.

Good luck!

EDIT: Now, I would like to ask my question: I have made a custom model and imported it over the Rainbow Path Parts Spiral to assign it the behavior "Rotation 2" as it is called in Toad's Tool 64 to make a rotating platform with fire. It imports fine, but it isn't solid. Here is what I did:

1) Made model.
2) Opened Level Importer.
3) Assigned scale and collision values.
4) Opened Custom Importer.
5) Ticked check box for "Import Collision".
6) Imported model.
7) Added model to level in Toad's Tool 64.
8) Assigned it behavior "Rotation 2".
9) ???
10) No profit (yet)...

Any help would be appreciated very much.)

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Forum Index - Non-SMW Hacking - Super Mario 64 Hacking - (Currently Outdated) Common SM64 Hacking Q&A's ***Please read here first before posting your question***

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