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How to make an sub-intro for level?

what i wanna do is a intro for a level. I saw some of them, like in the A.Chaotic hack.
Do you know what I mean?
Because i wanna explain the story of my hack, but i need those intros. I hope you can help me.
Mega Mario:
They're levels with text on layer 1 or 2. You have to create ExGFX files with fonts and such so you can write stuff out using Map16, and then write a different scene on each screen. Somehow, you get the screen to scroll to the right when you hit the button to reveal the next scene.

KC has said he's making a tutorial, but there's no telling when it will be done.

I've removed my NoFades patch until I can find the brightness code for Star Road warps.
Yea, the thing is to make the screen scroll when hit a block.
I dont know how.
I hope someone tell me.
Anyway, thank you InvisibleCoinBlock.
Mega Mario: