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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Kaizo Hacks - Hard Level Contest (ENDED JULY 19TH, JUDGING WILL BE SOON)
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The contest deadline's been changed to July 19th, I figured nobody realized the deadline was tonight and it had looked like i couldn't change the title last time for soem reason. oh god i'm so sorry

hokay i know that all yall hate playing hacks like kaizo mario world but what about making hacks like that? and since everyone else is making a contest here we go.

you have one month (Until july 15) to make the hardest level you can make. You can use ExGfx, ASM, custom sprites, custom music, custom blocks, or anything else you want.

You can use levels from your hacks, as long as you yourself think they're hard.

you'll get a score out of forty, thirty if you only use SMW graphics (but you can score 10 bonus points if your level doesn't look like crap (Like kaizo :P )

levels must be uploaded as an .ips (NO ROMS GUYS!) onto a filehosting site.

points are awarded as follows

possibility: if your level is literally impossible you're getting a zero, period. seriously. I know someone's going to do it to be funny and someone else is going to do it because they didn't bother to test their level so...

i'm not gonna blame you if you can't make and test a level that's as hard as kaizo's or the later levels in VIP are, some people are like philosophically opposed to save states and i respect that. Some people just don't like retardedly hard games and I respect that. But i wanna see what the toughest levels you've got are like.

creativity: the big one. does your level have a clever gimmick? examples are like joshua's tidal swamp, the entire VIP series...
you can score a maximum of 10 points for this.

HELPFUL HINT! try to make a difficult boss. there are a million ways to modify lemmy/wendy/Reznor/Big Boo to make the fight more difficult, and a few for the other bosses too.

fun: did I/the other judges if someone else joins in have fun playing your level?

graphics: if you use ExGfx...
you're automatically scored on this and you get a mark out of 10. basically just make your level look like an actual game's level.

If you don't use ExGfx...
you can get 10 bonus marks if you make your level not look like it was in Kaizo world. it shows craftsmanship. I'm making a superhard hack and there aren't any floating munchers in my hack, no sirree!

style: This is miscellaneous. stuff like good grammar in message boxes, humour, choice of ExGfx... if you put Black Plague in your level (i guess you'd have to ask Reading first tho. unless you are Reading, in which case...) you will get at least a 7/10. he's a beautiful beautiful... three-eyed Big Boo.

at the end of the contest (july 5) I'll make a .txt file with my reviews and constructive criticism. if anyone else wants to judge they can do it too. I won't make a level; i'm judging and my hack is temporarily frozen until my computer is fixed.

the prize for the contest is that i'll be your best friend for the day. if SNN wants to make a trophy for this then sure. Kamek's Revenge got pretty hairy at the end after all.

stay frosty! hope to see some people do this at least.


1)Dagx-Chaos Theory


3) name-Saevsteyt Plains

4) piranha plant - p-switch puzzles

5) pheonix-"Yoshi's Island 1" (Glitchy graphics version WOOP WOOP!) (sorry i liked this one. it made me laugh)

6) Maxx-In The Darkness

7) Giga-Giga's Kaizo Speed

8) pheonix- "Yoshi's Island 1" (non-glitchy graphics)

9) Darkfox-clever as a fox

10) Unknown-Hourglass Hanging

11) Scorpion-Gravibomber


13) Sind-Blood Palace

14) Drugged Mushrooms-DM's Conjunction/Haunted Path

15) comicmischief-super crazy world

16)Daboys-Bowser's Ruins

17) Tewi Something-WTF SWITCH PALACE Scorpion-Gravibomber

some other people submitted levels, but i don't have their links..
*Facepalm* This is the third contest started today.

Don't turn these into the new "Team Hack" fad.

Besides, Kaizo Pisses people off, no offense.
This could still be an interesting contest, Daaa77. I'll join.

This is the third contest thread today... I don't think there should be too many contests at one time.

I'm going to leave this here for now, to see how it works with the members and the rest of the mods, but I suggest changing the thread title to something... else.

...but there will probably soon be a "Regarding contests" thread like the "Regarding team hacks" thread, and (most of) these contest threads will be closed.
Originally posted by Daaa77
Besides, Kaizo Pisses people off, no offense.

But it's somehow fun. :D
fuck yeah meowingtons
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I <3 Kaizo-like mario games.

As a matter of fact, I already have made one 2 levels long that I sent to Proton Jon, but he never replies my LP requests :(

If anyone here knows him, tell me.
Oh well. I've always thought I've had a knack for these things.

EDIT: Can you make 5-yoshi coins mandatory pleasE? Because if you don't get mine, it takes a lot away from the level.

Also, is it okay if the level is super-epicly long, like the autolevels, using teleport blocks?

<-- this is the dope on dope
it's completely fine!

Is this only for kaizo-type hard levels, or are extremely difficult puzzles allowed too. Anyways, i have a good idea for a level that combines both...

Yeh, like bloop said, mine will also consist of evil puzzles.

<-- this is the dope on dope
Originally posted by Bloop!
Is this only for kaizo-type hard levels, or are extremely difficult puzzles allowed too. Anyways, i have a good idea for a level that combines both...

Extremely difficult puzzles are cool too. Even if they involve using crazy glitches and stuff.
Oh sweet, glitch abuse is okay? Heheheh...

Mine oughtta be ready by the end of the weekend... Also, playtesting it is improving my 1337 skills by light years :D

<-- this is the dope on dope
I'm in.

I dont even need to make anything, i have so many levels from my hacks that i could enter this a thousand times over.

2 questions though:

1- can you enter multiple levels?

2- will the levels be available for download? I wanna play them all <3

I think I've already won.

So far my level is only barely possible and I'm not anywhere near done. There's one particular part that I keep retrying with constant save states and succeed at once for every 30 or 40 tries. Even then I always screw up the next part and end up having to start over.

Edit: Wait, glitch abuse is okay!?
You shouldn't have said that, man. I'll be obliged to make a part with a really long pit that requires you to carry two p-switches, then drop and land on them one at a time, using them as makeshift ledges. It's a weird glitch and only possible if you're frame precise.
Jesus: as long as you don't submit that godawful fish level you made raocow do I'm cool with it. And you can submit multiple levels.

Levels will be made available for download. Not sure about making them into one big collab hack because of map16 problems...

Heisanevilgenius: Oh boy. sounds like... fun. I had some situations like that in my hack...


But if it turns out I can't do it i'm gonna have to ask you to make a video of you doing it. haha


I'm not entirely sure if I'm gonna keep on hacking SMW. I'll definitely do the judging, but..

If I do I'll try to remake a couple of the best levels I made before it died and show them off (Not judge them because well...). They're pretty cool lol. One of them has a gimmick I haven't seen anyone use, even in a normal level, so...
Wow, this contest was made for me, the hack I'm working on (called Mario's Masochistic Mission) is filled with almost 3 whole worlds filled with pure Kaizo murder and stuff. The tough part will be finding good candidate levels out of all of them.

heh, count me in. When I first started hacking, my levels were so hard, it took me three game overs to beat one XD. I think I can submit a good world worth of hard levels.

Well I decided rather than ExGFX I'd use some music to make things nice. So here is my submission.

Chaos Theory

Kaizo, you can eat your heart out.

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Go play mario intrigue. that will win for sure. =P
Whoa! I'm honestly kind of surprised.
I didn't expect to get quite as many people lol. like i was thinking about three =P

dagx I'll check out your level when i get my comp fixed. should be in in a few days k?
I say when it's done, you should put all the levels into one big hack and send it to Proton Jon :D

<-- this is the dope on dope
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Kaizo Hacks - Hard Level Contest (ENDED JULY 19TH, JUDGING WILL BE SOON)

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