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pheonix: which one should we use for the hack? the glitchy graphics or the non-glitchy graphics :P

I'm only asking because the glitchy graphics level threw me for a loop when i saw it and it would prolly make a good level in the hack.

I'll review the one with the real graphics tho :P

Scorpion: It definitely isn't too late!

Crys: Okay yeah I prolly didn't think that through but the idea was that i wouldn't score the person on graphics if they used SMW graphics unless it was obvious they put a lot of effort into making the level look nice anyways.

wait, are the levels reviewed straight from dots compilation hack or do we need to post our entry in the thread too? Probably a stupid question, but it would suck to find out at the last minute that my level(s) didnt get reviewed :P
jesus: well we're putting all the levels from here into the hack...

altho you could just pm them to dots or me like some people did.

so yea you might want to post them here haha
My first level is done. Time limit is 200, but my point is, can you beat my record of 48 seconds left? Here's the first level, Mount Switch-Shift! The second level isn't done yet, but you can see how it's going to the right. The overworld design will be done later, after the second level. Hebesphenomegacorona, can you tell me how many people there will be so I can put the correct amount of spaces in the overworld?

EDIT: I removed the link because it was a ROM. Give me a second, and I'll fix the link.

If you find any bugs, tell me. I already know there's a few...

EDIT 2: Here's the patch. Give me some feedback and tell me what I can improve on.
Well after a little tweaking and re-testing and making an intro that is tricky, I finally present you with:

2 Highly masochistic levels

The one on the left is Initial M, this is more of a gimmick level since you only have 60 seconds to run through a death trap filled course, but along the way there are "checkpoints" with a Yoshi and green berries to replenish your time, and then an immediate Leave-Yoshi-for-dead jump because power-ups are but a pipe dream in my game.

The one on the right is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I could not even come up with some witty name to describe the horror of this level, so I just put in a bunch of !s for the name. This level is a pure groin-spiked massacre with many spike shafts and very difficult jumps, some may even seem impossible. Rest assured, I tested this thing extensivly and found no impossible jumps, they are just bloody hard and may take several hundred save-states.

Initial M is hard in it's own right, but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the crown jewel of difficulty. Everyone can feel free to test their skill against what I cooked up, just don't sue if you punch a wall or something :P
IDK what the current custom music selection is, but mine absolutely MUST have Birabuto SML 1-1.

<-- this is the dope on dope
@cousinoer: Your patch doesn't work.

Update on my level:


Crash Bandicoot: Temple Ruins
LoZ: TP: Hyrule Castle Tower
Super Mario Land: Ruins
DKC2: Rambi Rumble

Custom Sprites:

Deadweight Bro
Right Thwomp
Left Thwomp
Up Thwomp
Sledge Bomb Bro
Earthquake Bowser
Fixed Firebar
Grand Firebar
Automatic Walk

Custom Blocks:


My level should be done soon. Too bad I have to leave on Sunday, and get back on Saturday.
Aww, we'll miss you Daboys

<-- this is the dope on dope
Guys, we have another reviewer. Does anyone remember MetalKirby on this site? He's seen our forum and wants to try it, but couldn't get in because he forgot his password. If you're wondering how I talked to him, I got his account on Youtube, and told him about it. Here's his account:
If you have an account there, send him some mail and say hi once in awhile. Also, give me a second to upload my patch.
of course!

anyone think we can get deceased crab to do this? I mean he did the hell temple and that's kaizo world: the game so..

well, the number of people who are gonna have a level in is, so far...


we'll be able to work something out by the end of the contest section.

it sounds like there's gonna be at the absolute maximum 30 and prolly around 25 levels.

but i actually have no idea

maybe everyone on the site will join!
Originally posted by hebesphenomegacorona
of course!

I'll ask romscout then.

I guess I'll try to get deceased crab also, unless someone has already asked him.


^that dude PM'd me. Creepy avatar, by the way. I love it.

And yea, I'm up for it. Luckily, I'm a sucker for stupidly hard platformers (and yes, I did enjoy playing the dick trap and savestate parade that is Kaizo, believe it or not). I guess I'll just talk with Jon and whoever else you get on board with this about which levels people are doing whenever this thing comes close to finishing.
Thanks for the comment about the avatar.

Anyways, can we change the Muncher graphics to the SMB3 Munchers? I ask this because the SMW Munchers are ugly and my level happens to use them a lot (It focuses on precision jumping).
*appears out of nowhere*

I ripped the SMB3 munchers for my hack, and I can provide them for you all if you want me to; they don't even use a custom palette. :o
Your layout has been removed.
Once the whole thing is done, I'll probably put up a play-through of it.
This is turning out to be one helluva hack, guys :D

@ SMB3 Munchers: That's all right, they look okay Y-flipped, right? Also, berries... I overwrote their graphics with sideways castle spike graphics and made them act like munchers, so basically I have dynamic spikes... I hope nobody needs the berries?
<-- this is the dope on dope
Originally posted by An00bis
@ SMB3 Munchers: That's all right, they look okay Y-flipped, right?

No, but it doesn't matter. You just provide ExGfx and ExAnimation for that one level, then create a custom map16 block that uses the graphic and has the same properties as a muncher. It acts exactly the same.

I did something similar for the death blocks in my level.
Originally posted by Daboys121
@cousinoer: Your patch doesn't work.

Hmmm, that's odd, it works for me. What's wrong with the patch? If it says missing 0x200 byte header, I found that I had to expand the original rom to 1MB before applying my patch. Hopefully that works.

On another note, I say we should try to get Oyster to do our hack as well, he played some Kaizo as well as letting people give him ridiculous challenges for playing through Megaman games.
cousinoer: could you just like give me the mwl files?
like extract the level from yr rom in LM

something tells me that the fact that you have to expand yr rom to play yr levls is going to do BAD things to the hack lol

one of us needs to start a thread on SA for this as well. I don't have 10bux so I can't but...

YESSSSS I'LL have fraps soon and i'll make an amazingly beautiful video.

or i'll just get my webcam set up again and do a parody of reaally bad youtube LPs :P

no offense to anyone LPing this because you're all pretty good, I'm talkinga bout the guys who film by pointing the webcam at the screen and are all like 5 years old with a cold