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Darkslayer's collection 2008-2013 [UPDATE : BRAND NEW Ice Cap Ordeal version VIDEO!!!]
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Darkslayer's collection 2008-2013 [UPDATE : BRAND NEW Ice Cap Ordeal version VIDEO!!!]
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Thanks Mister Siddiqui.

Here are some other pics (taken in-game) of my OW. I added some decoration inspired by SMB3 and also by secret of Mana (e.g. the flowers). We can't see it here but all items from SMB3 are animated. Do you liek it?

Some explanations of these pics.

The areas are sorted from soonest levels to latest levels. You can see there's roughly one ordeal level by area. We'll discuss them later if you please.

So, as you can see, we have a beach, a hill/grasslands area, a golden-styled area (because gold is beautiful!), a little ice cap, and finally a gloomy forest. Note that the ice cap is accessible from another part of the beach and not from the golden area.

Also, there is a buffer grasslands level before entering the forest, and the cross-shaped island I showed before contains four fast warps to each important area : beach, forest, ice cap, golden area. As I said before, all pathes are revealed and levels are accessible in any order.

One may think that pathes are somehow bland... But... Seriously I cannot do what I want with the few actually available pathes so I made the choice to keep it simple before going nuts.

Also I have a question for y'all.

Main OW have both grasslands/hill and beach area in it and I would like some advice about a convenient music for this type of area. Would I have the beach alone, I could put exotic-themed music. But in this configuration, not sure it fits.

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
Nice! The only problem is the fourth one, it has a different colour for its outline.
Originally posted by Kaisaan Siddiqui
Nice! The only problem is the fourth one, it has a different colour for its outline.

Unless I'm misunderstanding you there is no problem in using a color outline.

As for me I prefer the fourth map, aside from the perspective errors I prefer it more than the other maps.
Thank you!

I'm not surprised that you noticed this outline. In fact it is intended : it's same-same than in ice-themed levels, I made all the colors more pastel, and that's why outlines came from black to grey. It gives a cold sensation, doesn't it? Also, ice cap area is a submap so it's not a problem I guess.

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
The problem is not everything in that submap has the same outline, which sort of bothers me.
I understand.

I shall apply this grey outline to Pipe and Level tiles as well.

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
Hey all.

I have one little question.

I am currently brainstorming for musics. I have found some neat tunes on the SMWC database, but I can't figure it out for some things.


Can you advice me with what songs I could play with the pictures you've seen before?

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
Originally posted by Darkslayer
Hmmm okay. Thanks. Why is it wrong?

Late reply, I know, but it's wrong because the white pixels which make the waves represent the sunlight reflecting on the water. Sunlight isn't dark blue, so...

Hey Magiluigi. Thank you. Now I know, it feels good.

Hmm. Yall waited for that! Here are the details about the first ordeal level. I'll try to be as entertaining as possible.

Darkn'd Ordeal - Here's the beast :

Okay. Let's take a look at this level.

Name : Darkn'd ordeal
Rooms : 3 (+1 : bonus)
Screens : 07+05 (counting action rooms only)
Music : SML3 - Wario Land / Stage Theme VII (by FPI)
Time : 400
Exits : 2
From now, picure explanation is below the picture.
Spoilers : It is more than obvious all the screenies were not taken in a row, so there will be time count and life count oddities between the pics - don't point them out - I know.

So basically this is some sort of anteroom with two different ways, one leading to this rope ground, one other to a keyhole. But how to get the key? We'll see later. Oh, and cape flight is disabled in this level, since it would be game-breaking.

So I took the green pipe and here we go for a dark red cave. Isn't it beautiful? It reminds me Henry's adventure palettes. On this pic we have a magnificient demonstration of Alcaro's pendulum platform!

Climbing and then needing a Mushroom. Neat, there is one nearby. Don't lose it!

And then here is some filthy bastard blue Koopa and his shell. Pew pew pew!

Hum okay and now there are firebars...

It is becoming tedious to dodge, huh?

Entering the second part of the level with a tiny, tiny ON/OFF maze. Looks all right.

Oh? An up Thwomp. It can go through these weird yellow blocks, but player can't. The GFX I made sucks a bit... Any suggestions? Cause I don't know how to draw this block. Maybe I should use SDW:TLC blackglass'd Goomba blocks.

Oh, a tricky moment with a shell. Oh, not so tricky.

I found the springboard! Now I can exit sublevel and go back to my entrance. Weee!

So... How to get the key to unlock the secret exit here?

In fact, at the beginning of the level you choose between yellow and green pipe, as stated before.
Yellow is same same than green, but it doesn't show player! So you will have to make all this way being invisible, and that's why it's an ordeal level. And that's why I made the choice of an open map, hence no level is necessary to carry on visiting the hack. It's very challenging! The invisible level leads to a key instead of a springboard.
I already had a video shot of the first part. This first part have been updated a bit so it is more player-friendly. Many coins to show where you actually are, and if you manage to grab a Koopa's or Buzzy Beetle's shell, it will be much easier. At the end of the second part, you can try and find a bonus area.

So that's it. More for the other ordeal levels, later...

Hope you guys enjoyed discovering this level!
*bumpitty bump*

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
It's been a time and still no aswers? Oh okay

I hope this one will be a better thing to talk abawt.
Now fear the...

Golden Ordeal...

Name : Golden Ordeal
Rooms : 4
Screens : 03+0F+0E+04 (long one)
Music : SD3's Swivel (by Wakana) and Project Emotion (by ThinkOneMoreTime)
Time : 470
Exits : 2

This is an easy obstacle they say, they don't know there is a medium-paced autoscrolling.

Quick! Jump inside!

Well well well, it escalated quickly.

I like these tedious parts where you have to master jump height.

Mandatory spinjumping. Don't worry, there is a Mushroom near.

Tricky jumps everywhere.

Them podoboos.

Tricky part here! You have to jump on the ledge! And also you have to keep your raft on screen or it will disappear...

Yeah right!

Small AND big Mario can haz them turn blocks turning here.

Oh. What does this coin stand for? It is interesting...

There are no enemies on screen they say, they don't know I have turned on a Grey P-Switch and that I'm in a rush.

A disco-shell and a pitchin' Chuck... No good...

And a P-Balloon. Yes right! Already finished.

Tedious... Lotus spore...

More lotus!

A net.

Even more lotus!

Last area! It's easy. To rest.

Hoping to get some feedback about this level. Do you like the palettes?
Is the difficulty ok?

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
This is actually a cool level! I really like the level design!
Thank you Kaisaan! I'm glad that you carry on following me.

I've just recorded another level. This one is a bit special since it features fast-paced autoscroll. I actually had difficulty to record it in .gif because it is really challenging, and I had to make things right, so viewer is tricked made to believe the level is actually do-able. This level is called...

Ice Cap ordeal

Name : Ice Cap ordeal
Rooms : 1
Screens : OD
Music : Super Mario Kart Super Circuit - Snow Land (by Gamma V)
Time : 300
Exits : 1

Hard time bouncing off pokeys, then dodging the autoscroll, then avoiding Red Paratroopa.

Extremely accurate timing jumps. Very tricky. Note that you have to keep Big Mario all this time to unlock the next section.

Now dodging random hurt blocks, and also running as f*ck.

Tricky move here is just to run faster than autoscroll, really. But water DOES NOT help at all! Notice that there is a 3-up Moon to reward this hard run.

There's nothing much more to say about this level.

I've made it at a time when extreme difficulty and frequent quicksaves seemed normal to me. Now I take the measure of the flaws of such a design, but I wanted to have this very level in my hack.

I don't plan to change big parts of it since I want to stick to the original idea, but you can give some hints to alleviate the pain, at least a bit. For example, I thought of adding a necessary Mushroom before this turn block in GIF#2.

Thanks for checking this. What do you think?

Edit :
It's annoying. It's been days since my last post and I've got no replies. I do my best to keep this thing entertaining, I ask some questions and such, and I seem to be a very poor marketer... How could I make my show even more spectacular? I mean, this is a little project, it doesn't have lots of ASM, big badass graphics and stuff, but it's still enjoyable. To say, I have had it tested, and my tester gave me 9/10. Huh? Huh?
Pls ppl, come on here, look, it's warm...

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
People should really post here, THIS HACK IS REALLY GREAT!

I'm really excited to play this hack!
To be really honest, I'm digging the challenge you've set in this level, but it's indeed pretty hard due to how the player has to keep both timing and reflexes in order to win. To give an example of such moments, you're most likely to take a hit if you aren't quick enough to swim up and dodge the koopas simultaneously due to the nature of that specific part during the last recording. You could extend that area and (while keeping the punishment obvious if you reach a dead end) alleviate the difficulty somewhat.
The design of the whole hack is nice, however.
Hey guys, sorry I've been out for a moment due to my moving to Montreal.

I'm not totally done with settling up ^^

Katerpie, thanks for your advice and comments.

I now have to re-design this level following what you've said : I will keep the base ideas, then expand them to a better-filled level, with increasing difficulty.

I'll post something once I'm done.

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)

Now I can introduce the reworked version of Ice Cap Ordeal.

It is as challenging as the old one was, but I made slight edits that render the experience more fun and less frustrating.

But I think there are still some flaws, which I cannot clearly identify.

Here is the video link :


What do you think? Especially you Katerpie?

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Darkslayer's collection 2008-2013 [UPDATE : BRAND NEW Ice Cap Ordeal version VIDEO!!!]

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