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SMM SMW Style Sprites

So I had been working on recreating Super Mario Maker's SMW style sprites for Blooper, Hammer Bro, Sledge Bro, Rocky Wrench, and Chain Chomp. Chain Chomp ended up working just fine and is already uploaded here but when I got to Sledge Bro I realized I had to recode where the graphics are pulled from to make it work. Messing around with the ASM File I eventually successfully made a functional Sledge Bro with the SMM graphics.

It's functional but it is missing a frame with his hand forward throwing the hammer from SMM. Not a big deal really.
It's when I got to blooper however that I really ran into trouble. My first thoughts when looking at Blooper's graphic files
was "Wow that's a good 2 tiles wasted that could have been mirrored" and "Am I going to have to use an extra 4 tiles to make SMM Blooper work?" Now when I started looking at the graphic mapping I noticed that SMB Blooper works in a very strange way as the top tile is mirrored but the tile under it isn't. On top of that when it "compresses" as the file calls it the middle tiles are just removed and replaced with the tentacles.

Obviously looking at the SMM one there's a problem. Logically it'd be possible to map SMM Blooper to the same tile space as SMB Blooper occupies but I'm honestly not sure how to do it. I've toyed around with the graphic part of the ASM file but failed to find a way to make it work. where as it's not impossible to do it by taking up another 4 tiles I'd rather not have to do it that way. As far as Rocky Wrench and Hammer Bro are conserned I have both of they're graphics finished and in a SMW graphic file but I haven't gone to assign them to actually work with any sprites yet, partly because I couldn't find a good version of Rocky Wrench. Anyway long story short I'd like to get the SMM sprites into SMW so a lot of the basic sprites that normally come with Sprite Tool could have SMW style sprites but I'm a bit stuck on this one--any help that you can offer would be apreciated--Thanks in advance!