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DLC and Updates - What would you like to see?

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@KDeee, I forgot about that being in the original. I'm more used to playing SMB1 in its All-Stars form.

@DPBOX, I believe those just keep going forever. I'm not sure though. I don't actually have Super Mario Maker (or a WiiU), but I want to.
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They do drop eventually, but they last quite a long time and it's not configurable.
#smw{:|} Well actually there are alot of things.
But the thing I would like to see the most in Super Mario Maker is more powerups maybe, or atleast being able to use the Super Leaf or The Cape Feather (my favourite Mario Power-Up) in other Game-Styles. Or even better, what about more characters with different abbilities? I mean: Yeah, the Amiibo costume's are pretty cool, but they can't do much. So, I think Luigi would be easy to program, since he was playable in all available game-themes so they don't have to make new gfx. Then they could just add him as a reskin of Mario with higher jumps and further sliding.
Lotsa spaghetti!
I don't think the graphics would be the biggest problem for making new characters. The problem would be that levels would now have to be restricted to only being playable with that character's specific abilities in order to avoid a situation where a level is unbeatable without using a certain characters abilities (for example, Luigi can jump over obstacles that Mario can't). So the appeal of being able to clear a course with many different options at your disposal is lost. At least having the option might make it more sandbox-ish so you can mess around with even more things.

Anyway, I'd like to have the mega mushroom available without needing the amiibo now that event courses can be done. Maybe at a later date or without the visual effects so not as many owners of the actual amiibo feel ripped off for buying it just for the feature!
More level themes like desert,beach,snow,etc.
Starting my SMW Hack
Super Mario:The Bowser Attack
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Mushroom Kingdom:100% (Grass World)
Hot Desert:16% (Desert World)
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Snowy Glaciers:0% (Snow World)
Wild Jungle:0% (Jungle World)
Indecent Brushwood:0% (Vegetation World)
Rocky Canyons:0% (Rock World)
Bowser Kingdom:0% (Lava World)

I'm going back to edit my SMW Hack, Hooray!
Seeing as how variable powerups and checkpoints have already been added, I might as well list some other gripes I can think of:
- Slopes. Slopes, slopes. SLOPES. The lack of diagonal terrain in this game is really the biggest problem I can find in it so far, as it hampers creativity.
- New themes. I can think of a few (desert, ice, sky) that could use their own subsets (sky might be redundant with airship in aesthetics, but definitely not in music).
- More powerups. Maybe shaking the set-specific powerup could lead to more possibilities?
- Event triggers. These could be placeable like sound effects, and would do something (such as finish the level) once triggered.
- One-way doors/pipes. I've found myself having to place exit pipes and doors in unreachable places even if they shouldn't be just to simulate the effect.
- User-inserted water and insta-death tiles. Shaking a spike could produce a red spike that kills Mario in one hit...not too sure on the implementation of water, though.
I really need a layout. :<
Slopes are seriously not that important, levels work just fine without them, all they do is make you jump one more time.
Even games like Shovel Knight do just dandy without slopes, and I haven't heard anyone complain that the lack of slopes is ruining a level idea, only that "it'd look cooler".

Water would be cool though ya.
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by MandL27
The lack of diagonal terrain [...] hampers creativity.

Slopes are a luxury, I don't see how the lack of them makes you unable to come up with new ideas.

Originally posted by MandL27
- Event triggers. These could be placeable like sound effects, and would do something (such as finish the level) once triggered.

This I can agree with, requiring a Bowser Jr fight would be nice.
Guys, you do realize that there are more differences between slopes and block stairs. I mean, when I press down on block stairs, Mario just duck and nothing happens and since objects can't jump when they hit a block, they're impassable into the direction the ground raises itself for anything but Mario and passable objects whereas you can slide on slopes and sprites can gain heigh just by the ground (it might be even important!).
This is written seriously and is not a joke.
Since they took care of the lack of checkpoints, slopes are definitely the next most missed item on my SMM list.

I agree with MandL27 and MarioFanGamer, slopes offer the ability to move Mario, items and enemies up and down without jumping which can be a very valuable asset in designing levels. Nothing that can't be overcome with the current tools at our disposal (vines, stairs and/or moving platforms may get the job done) but they aren't as simple and aesthetically pleasing as the humble slope.

Plus add onto that how vital slopes were in much of the level design in the actual SMB3, SMW and NSMB games and how much fun it is to allow Mario to slide around places murdering enemies and I'm sure they'll be added eventually. Implementation is probably the only reason they aren't in the game already, but honestly I don't think it would be too hard to modify the "drawing diagonal lines" function of making tracks to work for carving out slopes.

Vertically scrolling levels is next on my list when I think of what I miss most from making levels in my Lunar Magic days. When I think how many great SMM levels already exist out there that fake vertical scrolling with lots of pipes and doors, it's obvious this option would be very well utilized by Super Mario makers. (If it's too difficult to make the level preview and the goal posts work on a vertical level, then maybe make vertical scrolling limited to sub-worlds only, which isn't all too different from how it's used in real Mario games.)
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A quintuple A studio like Nintendo would never have any problems with implementing 2D slopes of all things, that stuff's so basic anyone that hacked SMW ASM-wise for a while could do that.

It's probably just that they thought it'd lead to dumb designs, or that it'd be confusing for the super casuals.
Your layout has been removed.
I think new themes definitely (Athletic is a must - sick of having those beautiful clouds in SMW and NSMBU with the dark airship theme, then maybe beach, desert, ice, and volcano)

As for new graphic styles, paper mario, and mario and luigi (based off of dream team/pape rjam) would work well.

The music editor would probably be better if it was limited to each theme.
Like, in NSMBU, you could have the super mario 3d land overworld or jazz theme, 3d world's super bell hill or athletic theme, or the one that plays in double cherry pass, but you wouldn't be able to play an underwtaer theme ina castle.

SLopes would simply come in rotatable ledges, although it'd be difficult for the original mario bros theme.
New themes like jungle and volcano (as said by gamingawesome) and each game having their own respective style and music.

Also what everyone wants, slopes.

An overworld would be nice too but i don't see much use in it.
I'd like to see an option to turn the grid vertically so that you could make really tall levels like SMW Castle 2.

Slopes obviously... I think everyone wants slopes...

I totally understand why they've limited things so much, but I think even novice users could handle the concept that certain objects would not be available in all themes. If you built something with those objects and then changed the theme to one that couldn't support them (for example dolphins from SMW) they would just disappear and you'd be left to find a replacement or forget about it all together.

If they weren't locked into the idea that every item has to fit every type of level then the options for expansion would be limitless!!

One word: Slopes
Who cares?
Slopes, vertical levels, and athletic themes are a must.

colored yoshis,
A reason why half my levels were auto deleted in 3 days
Beach theme.
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