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Bowser's Palette Clarification

Well.. As you can probably Guess, I'm trying to Change Bowser's Palette...

I searched the WIKI and here's what I came up with:

0x0389E (for the next 112 bytes) Bowser palettes (8 palettes, 7 colors each)

What exactly does that mean I have to do?

I know how to Hex edit, I'm talking about the 112 bytes/8 pallets/7 colors thing...
Here's something to make this even easier for you.

Follow that link and download SNES Palette Editor. Open your ROM in the program and input your offset. The program will jump to that color's offset, which in your case would be the beginning of Bowser's palette. The color selected and the next 55 colors should be the colors that make up Bowser's palette. However, I believe that Bowser himself uses palette 0, colors 0-7. Simply use the RGB sliders at the bottom to change each color. Once that is done, save the file and test. If Bowser looks different, congrats, you did it!

With this program you can also change other hardcoded colors, like the flashing yellow and flashing red colors of the Yoshi Coin and level tiles.

Hope that helps. Any other problems, just post them and I'll see if I can't help more.
What are you trying to change his palette to if you don't mind me asking.
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Vampire Killer
What are you trying to change his palette to if you don't mind me asking.

I'm Changing the Palette, so I can make the Prophet GFX for the Halo Hack :p

He needs to have some Purple-white tinge, and some Gold, and his gross Brown/purple Skin Color...
(Don't forget his Floaty Chair Thing!)

Bowser just doesn't have a good enough palette...

@ FirePheonix0
Thanx for the Link ^_^
( I'll test it out Later.. I'm supposed to be in Skewl xD )

I think I might have died if I had to Change every one of those 112 bytes xD
Tell me if I'm wrong but isn't sprite palette 7 Bowser's palette?
Your layout has been removed.
I believe that changing sprite palette 7 will only change Bowser's colors in his still picture during the credits. Smallhacker also made a tool which you can use to change Bowser's palette, SMW Boss Battle Palette Editor.