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Tip: If you plan on making long levels, be sure to include multiple midway points.
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[APPROVED] 4-7: Abandoned Icebound Tanker
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Aside from what was already mentioned by Yoshiatom, there's also:

-???(This appears to the right of the starting point)

-I felt the Bullet Bill generator was kinda annoying at some places.

-This appears for a second when starting from the midpoint:

-No boss music.

-Ludwig doesn't spit out anything here even though it looks like he should:

-There seems to be only 2 Dragon Morton Coins on the whole level.

Aside from this I tought the level was fine, so fix.


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I don't really have anything to complain about except for the same things that Centipede said. (Fix, yes) I'm a fan of the level, I had good fun with it. There is a bit of confusion part of the way through the level due to the camera. (if you look, it becomes obvious after a while though)

Once what Millipede says is cleared up, I think it should be good to go, & I'm sure you agree @erik

edit: Apparently, the thing behind the start is intended, so I suppose that doesn't need to be changed too much, since the designer says "could look better"
Originally posted by yoshiatom
2. Glass (ice?) blocks show a black square when hit

Way too minor.
4. I feel like there should be more urgency when the "THE TANK IS GOING TO EXPLOD" finishes playing; the level still feels fairly typical (other than the alarm blaring in the background) and not the "Run or die" mood I expect

I put little time on the timer; I can't figure how to make a flashing HDMA gradient...
Originally posted by Centipede
-???(This appears to the right of the starting point)

Intended. It looks ugly but it's an effect of getting into cold territory.
-Ludwig doesn't spit out anything here even though it looks like he should:

Nothing I can do. Japanese ASM is unreadable, lol.

The rest of issues were fixed.

new version early just because i luv u mp
this level has some neat ideas but it needs some work

idk the spikes with layer 3 fog are a pet peeve of mine, it probably doesn't bother other people but is it possible to remove it without being a detriment to the aesthetics?

this series of eeries are a pain to deal with because sometimes, you'll fall right between the gaps and get hit. maybe a wall of 3 individual eeries instead would work?

the fire blasters above morton very frequently got me, too. considering the rushing element of this section, you might want to find a way to find a way to let the player get past it without getting hurt before the fires die down

considering the boss battle right before this, you might want to reconsider having the player die immediately after winning

not pictured:

there are no morton coins in the level. is having them in all the levels something we're aiming for?

the bullet bill generator in the "warm" version of the tank might need to go, there's a particular section with two koopas on a ledge above you that can be screwed over by rng, it's also kinda annoying to deal with anyway

the music in the "warm" version also needs an adjustment, mind if i mess around with the channel ordering so the alarms are actually audible?

the "warm" part also really needs a powerup, perhaps immediately after you exit the pipe. considering how all the enemies in the "warm" section are shown in the "cold" section, perhaps you could have a frozen mushroom in that general area?

-It's just a nitpick but now that there are no morton coins this eerie is pretty much useless.

-The alarm's time limit is not enough to be able to complete the level without starting from the midway point.

-If you start from the midway point the timer restarts to 400 seconds, wich removes any sense of urgency.

Aside from this, I agree with most of what merc said so fix.


My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
>spike shit
Well it's the unfrozen part so I guess fog is unnecessary??
>fire pillars
Mh. I like them as they are, maybe you can elaborate on the changes you want?
>morton coins
Not really, I'm p sure there's another level without 'em
Fixed anything else.

Centipede: Fixed all.
New version
This level hasn't changed a lot, but that isn't a bad thing, and it's a bit better now. The music in the warm could be changed, in which I suggest this. Faith is for Transient People, or this.

Merc did say that he tweaked or would tweak the music currently there, and I think that's more likely. However, I didn't design the level, so it isn't up to me what happens about it :D

I might suggest a few little changes in my reviews, but nothing stood out on the playthrough when I went through, except for the music in the second part (and a jump that irritates me which I'll elaborate on later). I don't have too much to say about the level itself, because I reserve that for the reviews, and I already mentioned that I love the idea of the freezing & unfreezing :)

Accepted, even if some thing will probably be changed later when I go into more serious detail. For now, it's good enough, imo, unless you want to change the music @erik.

I think one other person may have a problem that wants to be changed, though. I can't find anything super outstanding that makes the level unacceptable. (i.e. I don't think my opinion is shared)
EDIT: How will the Morton Coin count be dealt with in this situation? I assume that it will just skip this level, and it won't be counted against you if you're missing the non-existent coins from this level.
It's actually possible to ¨kill¨ the switch with a fireball, making you get stuck on the room.

Aside from this the level was good and I couldn't find anythong else so fix that and it's accepted.


My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
Since I fixed the issue and that would be two accepts, I auto approved the level. Unless merc or anyone else finds any fatal flaw.
Daizo, the level will be credited fully to you (as in, not to me only to yourself).
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