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24hr Halloween Level Design Contest (Rules and Submissions)

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Welcome to the haunted 9th 24 hour design challenge! The rules are simple; I will post a theme and challenge below and you will have 24 hours (from now) to create it in Lunar Magic and submit it. The top 3 highest ranking scores will receive a prize. So let's get to it.

Create an underwater haunted theme. Keep in mind, this does not mean you have to turn on the water flag in the level you choose, you may also add on layer 2 or layer 3 water as need be.

Choose ONE of the following levels
VANILLA SECRET 1 - 109[1F0,1F1]
VALLEY OF BOWSER 2 - 115[1E2,1E3]
VALLEY OF BOWSER 1 - 116[1E4,1E5]

Things you CAN do:
-Use custom sprites, levelASM, patches, hex edits, music, SA-1.
-Use ExAnimation.
-Use Custom ExGFX
-Use layer 3.
-Use Layer 2 as long as Mario can not interact with it other than for water purpose
-Change the sprite set used.
-Move around the level entrance.
-Edit the level's header properties or change the level mode.
-Work with a partner.

Things you CANNOT do:
-Move, remove or add ANYTHING on layer 1
-Alter the Map16 properties of ANY Layer 1 objects.
-Use any sprites or asm to move, remove or add ANYTHING on layer 1
-Remove or add ANY screen exits.

Judging will be done in a similar fashion to the 8th 24 hour contest, where levels are evaluated overall and lumped into the following categories:


Out of the excellent entries, the top three best will be chosen. In terms of what I'm looking for, creativity and fun are the two biggest components. Shoot for a fun redesign of one of the levels of above, and try to create an experience that feels really distinct from the original version. Also keep in mind that you do have a little bit more freedom as opposed to the past contests, and while I do encourage people to try and get the most out of this freedom, remember that you do only have 24 hours to complete your level, so don't overdo it and find yourself out of time in the end.

Submit your entry as an IPS in this thread no later than tomorrow at noon CST (24 hours from now). Should you have any questions or concerns, please DO NOT post them here, but rather, post them in the OTHER stickied thread (for discussions).

Good luck! Have fun!
Layout by LDA during C3.
Here is my submission.

It follows all the rules and does not modify Layer 1 to any extent.
<Erik557> the level is decent but the final will be
<Erik557> "lol idiot why did you enter that it's shit"

You can call it Submerged Chococave or whatever you want I don't control your life...
Living life takes forever
I Updated my Level
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
For some unexplainable reason, I feel that I would want to enter this contest.
Edit: Update
Another Edit: Another Update
Have a nice day/night!

Goal works but looks like shit. Oh, and I didn't use a single fucking boo.
This is not the best levels I made, but I tried

So here it is

Made By: Choconilla Rise's Creator Underway/Undy

[email protected]

My very first time entering into one of these #ab{:D}

Here is my level. I was going to call it something like "HOW EVERY GAMER SEES WATER LEVELS" (because ya know.. scary palettes and such) but there wasn't enough room so I just went with "AVERAGE WATER LEVEL" it edits level 1D (Chocolate Island 4).

The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
My Entry. It's a haunted version of Donut Secret 1.
Omg, 24hosmw contests are hard. I rush too much

I updated the thing a bit ;p

9th 24hosmw chineesmw
My YouTube Channel
Best SMW Hacks Compilation
What Lies Beneath The Water


Believe me, this was a pain in the ass to make. Not because of the actual theme, but rather a level mode giving me a bad time.
Finally, and I made it so you have to hit the Boo Boss five times instead of three:
I didn't know what to call it so I just called it:
Haunted Maze

That's all that would fit. I hope you like it.
Well, my 2nd contest.. I hope it goes well

Edited #6 Wendy's Castle

Please, SomeGuy712x...
List of my SMWC ranks
My hack:
space ghost coast to coast

ghostly gravity. floating water. upside-down level names. boos. in space. it's all here. i even threw fishing satan in there just for you!

House of Illusions
I added skeletons to make it spooky.
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