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Now whats you worst level?
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What's the one level you made that you consider to be the WORST you've ever created, whether it be purposely horrible or just bad?
I haven't made too many levels myself outside of what I've made for my hack, though in the "first level in LM" thread, I thought it would be funny for some reason to crappily throw in an IPS of the level I was using to test out LM and jokingly pass it off as a serious attempt... Yikes #ab{:S} No idea why I thought that was a good idea #ab{>_<}

As for my worst serious level.. I guess it would be my first serious level as well, which was some forest themed level I made for a long-forgotten collab hack run by an older inactive user called MandL27. I know I improved the level for the VLDC8 and I improved it even more for the first stage of my hack, though I don't think I have the original level anywhere #ab{<_<}

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i could easily say any level before 2014, but since that would be an incredibly hard choice i'd probably say my hldc entry from last year.
I don't know... usually I polish my levels if I don't like it myself until I like it. :/
My first levels are all lost now. From what there's left, I consider the fully underwater level from VT that opens world 4 the most terrifying thing. Don't remember the name, but I know I totally failed on capturing the dark and empty feeling I was looking for. Instead it became a tight urchin dodging uninteresting level with lots of slowdown caused by the spotlight sprite. And a side secret room with a tide that's also really uninteresting. Was meaning to redesign it but just looking at it is so demotivating...

EDIT: the name is "Deep Down Ocean"
The first level I've ever made.

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My first levels were terrible and I don't have them anymore, but if I had to list a specific one I hate the most, it would definitely be a really uninteresting level I made for one of those VLDCs. I tried to achieve a rainbow effect with ExAnimation, but it didn't turn out how I wanted it to. It was not just purely backtracking to get a P-switch and enter the door that was at the very beginning, some sprites would either despawn or not fully appear, and the next room focused on layer 2 objects that moved with you confusingly. Right now I don't feel like redesigning it just looking at its current state.
The maze level in Karoshi Mario. Or the one where you just have to push a rock to the left. Really any one where to have to push a rock. Yuck. The last level there is also maybe poorly designed, though I stand behind the idea.
I'd have to say the final level of my very first released SMW hack, SMW+. The level starts out with a giant maze of invisible blocks with no hints or indication to the player on how to beat it, just trial and error. Later on in the level, the player must use their cape to cross a pit of lava chock-full of difficult-to-dodge Podoboos and a low-lying spike ceiling.

Check it out! #smw{:trollface:}
Originally posted by nick 139
The first level I've ever made.


Good thing is that I lost it loooong time ago.

[[Hyperlink Blocked]]
All the blatant SMW level edits I've made so far. Well, that's all.
Please, SomeGuy712x...
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My hack:
Most of my first levels were a bit on the boring side, but they weren't exactly horrible, I guess. However, there's one of my levels that I clearly remember disliking... and it isn't one of my first levels at all. It was a vertical mountain level. It actually wasn't too bad until the midway point, which introduced wind. The worst was probably when you had to get from the left side to the right side (against the wind) using vines while a Volcano Lotus shot spores from above. Urgh, I'm glad I dropped that hack.

Might also be this one. By clicking twice on the "see my previous video" caption, you'll reach older levels.
My first level.

Check out my Hack Thread
Probably one of early levels I made for M2W2V that never made it to the final version.

One of them was a muncher run where you get a star at the beggining and run horizontally jumping over occasional pipes. No challenge involved except for one pipe near the end that required a run jump to get over. Ironically this was one of the first levels I deleted for that hack that's mostly known for having a lot of munchers.

The other one I can think of was called "coin island", it was a really short level, there was a coin bridge and you had to make them solid by pressing a P-switch, then rush to the end avoiding jumping cheep-cheeps and randomly places banzai bills. There was another P-switch at the middle of the level so the blocks wouldn't revert to coins, but that was it.
I've made several mediocre levels, though nearly all of my pre-2012 levels no longer exist. Of course, I tend to take a level that I like and rework it several times until I feel satisfied with it, so bad levels are either dropped or redesigned.


My part of the level from VLDC8.
Probably the level I made to see Lunar Magic's capabilities. It's the worst well because, it's not meant to be a level in an actual hack. :P
The worst level I've made would have to be my 2008 Haunted Level about 7 or so years ago. Not that the level was bad, but the atmosphere was. Blood, decapitated heads, terrible graphics in general both representing my OC and not. Just a general level that makes me cringe when I look at it.
My worst level was my first one. A blatant edit of level 105 that had almost nothing changed.

But I already lost it 1 year ago.
i think i'm back

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