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Windows Pikachu World by thesmb3fan144

File Name: Windows Pikachu World
Submitted: 09-05-2015 12:06:30 AM by thesmb3fan144
Authors: thesmb3fan144
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: My first Windows hack and is fun to play!
so this hack is windows hack
Removal Reasons:

1. Stolen graphics from Windows Mario World. It's a bit hard to identify those on this kind of hack but some of the level setups were also similar (I moderated Windows Mario World as well).

2. The design could be a lot better overall. Levels overall didn't have a lot going on and were fairly simple, straightforward and repetitive. Some more enemy variety and less flat/empty sections would help a lot.

3. Raichu hitbox stays the same as Big Mario's original hitbox, possibly causing unfair hits and making it easy to get stuck on this particular section.

4. The player can continue playing after the first castle and access the unedited levels. Make sure that the demo ends at the last modified level next time!

A few minor/less frequent issues that should be fixed as well:

-Vertical scrolling should be set to "Vertical Scroll at Will" on most levels there, as it could lead to a few unfair obstacles.

-Sprite memory issues due to the (rather unnecessary) sprite spam.

-Was a bit hard to figure out I could climb on those, they could definitely be introduced in a better way.

There's a lot to be changed, and a lot that could be better. Work on the issues I mentioned (the red/worst ones, at least) and it will be fine.