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Automatic Level Design Contest #2 - Rules/Submissions

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Automatic Level Design Contest #2

Welcome to the second official automatic level design contest!

What is an automatic level?
An automatic level is basically what it sounds like; a level that beats itself - ALL by itself. On top of your entry having its own original design, you should use various blocks, sprites, and other methods to cause Mario to move throughout the stage without the player having to use any controls. This is a pretty basic example of an automatic level which S.N.N. showed for the first official contest (You should, however, make something more grand than this). Your entry doesn't need to follow any specific theme; just go crazy!

1. Your stage must be in the form of an IPS/BPS patch.
2. If you choose to leave the overworld unchanged, your stage must use level 105 (Yoshi's Island 1) or else it will not be judged. (Changes made to the overworld won't be scored, as it's not part of the contest)
3. Your stage must be at least 90 seconds in length. The longer, the better, but try to not have your entry last over 5 minutes.
4. Your stage must end with Mario reaching a goal (a goal tape, a goal ? sphere, this block, etc), or Mario "defeating" a boss.
5. A lot of automatic levels have cut-off graphics. Some cut-off rope graphics here and there or something similar is fine, but having a bunch of it or something that looks blatantly ugly will result in a deduction of points.
6. Most importantly, Mario must not die, get stuck, or require controls anywhere in the level. If this rule is not met, your entry will be automatically disqualified. pun intended :o)
7. Please upload your entry to your file bin. (or dropbox, if you must)
8. You may work with a partner.

Deadline: Your entry must be submitted by December 8th at 6:00 EST. (Exactly one month after launch)

1. Making your level slippery allows for easy movement.
2. These boost blocks are key for giving Mario a big shot of momentum.
3. Use teleport blocks if you want to switch environments.
4. Mario shooting out of a diagonal pipe is a good way to start off a level/section with a lot of momentum.
5. Sticky blocks can be used to stop Mario when he's going really fast.

Creativity/Complexity (25): Did your entry contain a good amount of neat quirks and "automated puzzles" that made it unique and fun to watch, or did it consist of nothing but a bunch of note blocks and moving platforms, and/or was just overall very repetitive?
Appeal (15): Did your entry contain different blocks/sprites/etc to make it look stylish and eclectic? Is there little cut-off throughout the stage?
Overall (10): What was the judge's overall opinion of the entry?
Total: 50 points

Can we sync the sounds in the level with music?
If you can pull this off, it will help you in the appeal category, but it has to be done very well for it to be noticeable, and it won't automatically give your entry a high score. Go ahead if you want to, but remember that level design is most important.

There will be trophies for the 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, 3rd place winner, and all other participants.





Note: Don't submit a level that you clearly put no effort into simply because you want the badge; you'll just be disqualified.

That's all! Good luck and have fun! Remember that questions/comments/concerns/whatnot go in the discussion thread.
EDIT: Fixed a bug that makes the level unbeatable
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level:sky level


I almost forgot , the level has two similar behaviors
Lazy Mario
It was funny but quickly became bored.

Nambona's Automatic Level (very original name I know)
Video for those who are too lazy to patch the ROM.

This was a challenge because it was difficult to come up with unique ideas.

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Here you go.
Formerly known as nick 139
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The Party House. Tried syncing with music, but everything went desync so I gave up and just made a generic level.
This uses MSU-1, so be sure to play it with the right emulator.
Chances are you die 5 seconds in for no apparent reason.

I have no idea why that happens, I've had it happen 10 times in a row and not for another 10 times :/
Also, I used ZMZ :>
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Sorry for the big filesize, I didn't have the time to reduce the the size of the .pcm files.

It uses MSU-1, so make sure to use this emulator.
It also work on every other emulator, but you miss out on some nice music...

If you don't want to download 70 mb and patch the thing for 2 minutes of gameplay, you can watch a video here.
My Youtube channel

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Project C

Finished project:
Here is my submission. I know it's probably kind of short. I know I probably won't have a chance of winning, but I tried my best.

Another thing to note is that sometimes the ghost at the beginning doesn't follow you, but I tested it a lot of times, and it finally worked. I hope the judges aren't really overcritical b/c I had to delete some sprites and I had that problem where Mario got stuck when he hit a wall and died randomly. The graphics and sprites are by TLMB so I gave him credit in the title screen, but it was a level that I made by myself.

My Automatic Level
Athletic and Castle Video will come a bit later.

Edit: forgot to say that I tested it with BizHawk 1.11.3
rip submissions thread
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