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~*****The Fate of the Super Mario 64 Section - Help Wanted?*****~
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As most of you know, the SM64 section around here has been neglected for years. We started off with a really good team, but unfortunately as people left, we began to lack knowledgeable people to replace them with and at this point in time, we are now out of people. While people like Alcaro have been nice enough to keep an eye on this section, he and the rest of the staff team just aren't knowledgeable enough to really be of any help here.

So this may be the final hour of the section, but you can help save it. I am opening up a Staff position for the SM64 section. The position will be open for anyone who puts in an application. The ideal candidate should have the following qualities:

- Needs to be knowledgeable in SM64 hacking, including but not limited to, Toads tool, level importing/exporting, music editing, and texture editing, etc.
-Needs to be active on the site
-Needs to actively moderate files and give constructive feedback when needed.
-Needs to be well liked and respected in the community.
-Needs to not have any prior negative history with SMWC in the past 6 months.
-Needs to be willing to run a SM64 related contest every once and a while.

If you do not meet these requirements, you need not apply.

You may post your application here. Please include a small introuduction about yourself as well as your experience and how long you've been hacking for. The application process will close in a week. If we do not find a suitible application by that time, I'm afraid we will have to close down this section. (And probably merge it with Misc. Romhacking)
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I could try to do it. I am around on the site every other day or so and understand level importing/Toad's Tool 64/music editing/texture editing/modeling and can help moderate files and host contests "every once in a while". Hopefully the SM64 thread will stay open. I don't want it to die in the obscurity of the Miscellaneous Hacking section like Super Mario Galaxy/2 hacking did.

Also, I'm making a hack titled Mario: The Gameshark. While it may be postponed, it has been a big proposition for me and I would love to help people make their own hacks.

Well, I'll give it a shot.

My name's PablosCorner (or Megaman511again in this site), and I was a moderator for the SM64 Music section before it got hectic with how many M64s were pending, that is my bad. It's been months since and now that same situation is happening again, and I'm willing to moderate all of that + the forum if needed, which will most likely be the case.

I'm really good with making custom music in SM64, and some DS titles as well (SM64DS, MKDS, etc.) and I'm pretty decent in modelling although I still have a lot to learn before I can become better at it. I've never really had any negative history here as I've never been banned and I'm usually posting progress on my mods or other stuff that's generally opinions and whatnot on other mods.

I know that when I was a SM64 Music moderator, I tried to make some changes that I thought would make moderating easier and it really didn't and I learned from that. I hope that if I can become a moderator for the SM64 section, I can do a much better job and manage the section to how it should be and possibly even make the section with less spam on it.

Hope to hear back soon.
I'll apply because why not? :D

I'm pieordie1, and I have made a couple of major SM64 hacks over the 3 years I have been hacking SM64. I am currently working on Shining Stars 3, making sure to become way more detailed with modeling. I am familiar with Toads Tool, texture positioning and scrolling textures. My main ability, like Megaman511Again, is making .m64 music files, mostly from the Touhou series. Even though I don't post much, I check the site everyday to see what is going on.

My SM64 Hacks

Super Mario 64 Shining Stars (151-star hack) Release

Shining Stars 2: Mirror Madness


Okay to start things off I'm going to get the major point against me out of the way: I haven't hacked sm64 very much. I used toad's tool to play around a bunch back when it first came out, and again when flatworld battlefield came out. I have a little bit of experience modelling in blender and sketchup. What I do have going for me on the technical side of things is some knowledge of the sm64 music format (I've read the specs a few times to figure out its limitations so I could try to compose for it) and a solid amount of experience with MIPS assembly. I guess that since music moderation is part of this the fact I have been making music in some way shape or form since I took piano lessons as a kid about 15 years ago and have been working with electronic music for about 4 years is probably relevant.

I'm basically applying because I think it is really stupid that a large and successful Mario romhacking site is unable to maintain a community dedicated to hacking one of the most popular games in the series. There is a ton of potential in sm64 hacking. Anyone who's played Star Road should be well aware of that potential. But we have a site full of Mario romhackers who now have a brand new playground to explore who are just ignoring it. Basically I feel like this forum is dying largely due to PR issues. People make fun of Mario 64 hackers here. There is a widespread (and not entirely off-base) opinion that our sm64 community is bad, so people who might otherwise be interested in sm64 hacking avoid it. Basically I think the main things needed are better quality control (including constructive feedback of course) and better PR. I'm willing to do both of those things and learn everything I need to in order to do those.


  I'll give it a shot too:

My name is Mariohacker14, I've been in SM64 hacking since 6 years. I'm actually working on a Major hack called SM and the missing memories. Most people here already know me and I have never been toxic or banned before. I always try to give a correct solution to people.

I'm very experienced in modelling, detailing and texturing models.

    See my hack development here!: Super Mario and the missing memories.
hi i am pretty cool i could do it
id like to ban people i dislike

Nice! I like to ban random people too. Watch:)

Anyone else want to joke around on a serious matter? no? Good.
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It's a deal!

My name is SmithJrBlaquaLuigi (AKA Damon V. Smith Jr.),
My birthday: 10/13/1998
Current age: 17
School Education: ECOT (Homeschool)

-I'm good making custom music sm64.
-Sometimes I'm good at hex editor.
-I'm good replace model id on Sm64 importer.
e:-I'm online all day if I have a chance

My schedule business hours (if needed):
(Depends, because I have school or church)
-Monday: 7PM - 12AM
-Tuesday: Out for church (if needed) if not, then 7PM - 12AM
-Wednesday: 7PM - 12AM
-Thursday: 9PM - 12AM
-Friday: 6PM - 1AM
-Saturday: 3PM - 12AM
-Sunday: 3PM - 12AM (All on EST)

My currently project on the bottom of my signature. Been working on it since last year.

By clicking the submit, I agree the requirements and have responsibility for schedule to be there on time. Also, I have responsibility to answer question if need help or want request from other users.

body {
font-family:'Super Mario 256'
You forgot the requirement:
-assist in making hacks console compatible


Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by aterraformer
You forgot the requirement:
-assist in making hacks console compatible


Nobody cares about console compatibility.

Go subscribe ----->

Also need testing for a hack?
Just message me.

Add me on skype :3 ★ちょっとほマリオ!★
I'm a decent SM64 hacker. I know Toad's Tool 64, level importing, music editing(to a very small degree), I am very active on this site. I have absolutly no negative history with SMWC. And I'd love to run some contests. I am willing to give it an honest to goodness go! I'm not too great at 3d modeling, and I don't have much music editing knowledge. But I'd love to give it a shot! What do you think? I apply if you guys will have me! #w{=)}
Applying people for SM64 section management? Good idea!

Mariocrash's the name and I've been enthralled into SM64 for more than 10 years. I excel around 3D level modelling and currently making at least 2 hacks which are at work in progress since I had a lot of time to learn, and I also do make custom title models for most hacks (a thread not much active but PMs are feasible for any request).

As a active member, I roam around the sub-forum when I have time and check if there's a novelty on the help/hack discussion threads. I'll give it my all to help anyone starting their debut at SM64 Hacking as I'm familiar with Toad's Tool 64 and all the common basic stuff with the Level Importer.

Originally posted by aterraformer
You forgot the requirement:
-assist in making hacks console compatible


It is not a requirement to assist in, or even care about, console compatibility. We expect you to not actively oppose that goal, but no more.

Originally posted by Hey Ho Mario
Nobody cares about console compatibility.

No he doesn't.

And there are 39 posts in that thread, so some people clearly do care. Don't assume your viewpoints are universal, they never are.

I would also like to point out that the application criteria were loosened a bit. The checklist now refers to the ideal candidate, you're welcome to apply even if you don't match all of them.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Bottomline,put this forum on the miscellaneous forum, like the SMRPG and forget it. ^^

(Except those who hack SM6 who will browser it, but the rest can forget it indeed!)

Of course, I'm suggesting only a last resort solution.


Originally posted by Niamek
Bottomline,put this forum on the miscellaneous forum, like the SMRPG and forget it. ^^

(Except those who hack SM6 who will browser it, but the rest can forget it indeed!)

Of course, I'm suggesting only a last resort solution.


If it can fix something, I would like to apply myself for part-time moderator, since my main problem would be finding spare time. I am very good at modeling, and know the basics of SM64 hacking (that is everything that isn't Hex/ASM/MIPS R3400i), and have been lurking in the community since at least The Missing Stars (I was 13 back then, I think).

Oh, and I'm sorry for what happened in the Console Compatibility thread Alcaro, I just wanted to make a joke, don't take it too seriously. I won't ever again post a meaningless comment, I promise.

I quit hacking. Don't hack Nintendo ROMs, kids! ROM hacking is illegal an very very rude for the original creators!
i'll apply too, I guess

I've been hacking sm64 since somewhere around 2012-13. I'm fairly experienced in modelling, and can do some basic hex editing. I have experience with most sm64 tools, though I am not very experienced in music making / porting and ASM related things. My strongest ability is modelling levels / objects. I'm pretty active around the site, and can usually be on the site a few times a day.

New layout by RanAS!
You know, it's nice to know that people actually care about this sub-forum. For many, becoming the moderator of an international workspace is consuming on many levels. Whoever it will have to be will probably often have to sacrifice time, sleep, sanity and other things in indirect ways like education, money, and public relations among others. I can't appreciate enough how much you guys, and hopefully others, enjoy and care for this forum and want to contribute to it as much as possible.

Kudos to you all. #tb{;)}


And wth that, applications are closed. Thank you to all who applied. I will be reviewing the applications and will be contacting various people for a second interview. Hopefully with any luck we will have a new mod by the end of the week.
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Your new mods have been announced. Check the latest new post for more info.
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