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Justice for Mario Demo #1 by Centipede

File Name: Justice for Mario Demo #1
Submitted: 01-11-2015 11:19:57 PM by Centipede
Authors: Centipede
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 34 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: This is the first demo of my hack Justice for Mario. Aside from a few minor graphical edits, this is pretty much a vanilla hack.

This release contains the first 4 worlds. I hope you enjoy it!
The hack is nice overall, a pretty generic vanilla hack which uses only SMW elements in a good way. Most of the palettes are also very appealing and nice to look. While the hack is good enough to be accepted, there are some errors you have to fix:

1) "Cloudy Heights" has a pipe leading you to a sublevel which has a key and keyhole. This level doesn't have a secret exit, so if you put the key in the keyhole, the wrong event is triggered. This makes the next level not trigger any event when beaten, and thus, you can't proceed, and have to reset.
2) In "Throne of Thorns", each vine of the level has a solid invisible block at the bottom. Something went wrong with the Map16 actlike?
3) "Switch Temple #2" doesn't get pressed on OW. Not a removal reason, but since the first switch did get pressed, I felt like mentioning this.
4) "Fire n' Ice" has a goal tape sprite in the nearly beginning of the level. You can still decide to complete the level by avoiding the goal tape, but it's still silly to have it there.

Fix these errors and I'll accept your hack. You also may want to consider the following:

- Your hack suffers of sprite tile limits errors here and there. It's not very frequent, but if you could insert the "no more sprite tile limits" patch in your hack, it would be lovely.
- The beginning levels have too many 3-up moons. Either make them hidden or replace them with 1-ups.
- Why you used invisible ground here? Also why you put that tile where the Bowser statue is?