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This thread will explain what version your WiiU can be at to run hacks.

But first, here's the status on what versions have what type of exploit.

VersionReleasedUserspace exploit?Kernel exploit?
1.0.1Wii U LaunchNoNo
1.0.2Wii U LaunchNoNo
2.0.0November 18, 2012YesYes
2.1.0December 4, 2012YesYes
2.1.3March 4, 2012YesYes
3.0.0April 25, 2013YesYes
3.0.1May 20, 2013YesYes
3.1.0July 10, 2013YesYes
4.0.0September 30, 2013YesYes
4.0.2November 18, 2013YesYes
4.0.3February 24, 2014YesYes
4.1.0March 31, 2014YesYes
5.0.0June 2, 2014YesYes
5.1.0July 21, 2014YesYes
5.1.1August 4, 2014No*No*
5.1.2August 18, 2014No*No*
5.2.0September 29, 2014No*No*
5.3.0November 10, 2014No*No*
5.3.1December 1, 2014No*No*
5.3.2December 5, 2014YesYes (unreliable)
5.4.0June 8, 2015YesYes (unreliable)
5.5.0August 17, 2015YesPrivate
5.5.1January 11, 2016YesPrivate

* An exploit is possible, but has not yet been developed.

Now for safe versions to be on.

2.0.0 to 5.1.0 is safe.

There are kernel and userspace exploits released.

5.3.2 is safe to use.

A kernel exploit and MANY forms of homebrew have been developed for this version.

5.4.0 and 5.5.0 are very safe.

Both of these versions have kernel exploits, but they are unreleased. Kernel is not released but webkit is.

5.5.1 is safe if you're on 5.5.0.

If you're on 5.5.0, just update to 5.5.1.