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Adventure of Sando & Wakko by Lunartoad

File Name: Adventure of Sando & Wakko
Submitted: 22-10-2015 07:31:44 PM by Lunartoad
Authors: Lunartoad
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 50 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Sando and Wakoo is two friends who decided to explore the island of Origanon, there or hold the kingdom of clover, upon their arrival they are fast going to discover that they are not welcome and that something is brewing in this country.

This hack is a project which I resumed by basing me on a cancelled project in 2007.

Sorry for the French texts, I would translate the game when that this will be finished.
This hack is very good! I really liked it in terms of aesthetics in particular. The design wasn't as amazing, but the variety and the different gimmicks you used here and there made it fun to play.
Unfortunately, your hack has one fatal error, and I have to reject it:

Breaks on any major emulator: in snes9x, the hack breaks due to music issues. I suggest you switching to AddmusicK, or ask for help and fix the ports that don't like accurate emulators.

If you fix said issue, I'll gladly accept your hack.

While you're at fixing it, I'd recommend the following (optional):
- Work on the health system: I noticed that, sometimes, the player can get more than 1HP (the way you intended, I assume) by collecting midway points. I'd suggest to disable it, since there's no difference in GFX between "small Mario" and "big Mario". Linking you this, in case you're going to consider this:
Originally posted by rom map
$00F2E2 - Change to 0x80 to disable midway powerups (or EA EA to make them always make you big, even if you have a better powerup).

- Overworld exgfx gets very glitchy when the player goes trough maps that have different exgfx files. While I'm ignorant to a technical solution of this matter, you could replace the teleporting walk tiles with warp pipes. In this way, the glitches won't occur.
Speaking of the OW, minor, but when the player walks on a level dot, sometimes the OW glitches for a fraction of second. Not sure what this is due to, but hopefully it's not too noticeable.
- Work on some BG palettes: in some levels, both FG and BG look like they're on the same level, and so, confusing to the player. Generally, darkening the BG will greatly help. Examples that need this treatment may be "BUTTE MENTHOL" and "STATION ASTRALE".
- How are you supposed to beat Dr.Wily in "LABO DU PR. GRIOTTE"? You can't shoot him with projectiles, nor jump on him.

Consider also hiring beta testers, in case you wish to improve the design a little bit, as well as the hack in general.