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Windows Mario Bros v.1 by thesmb3fan144

File Name: Windows Mario Bros v.1
Submitted: 15-11-2015 11:36:06 PM by thesmb3fan144
Authors: thesmb3fan144
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: The First Demo of Windows Mario Bros.
There are many reasons this hack had to be rejected:

Stolen content: many users addressed the fact you stole BetaMaster64's graphics and used them in this hack without permission. You can submit as many hacks you like, if they have something you're not supposed to use, no matter what, it will always be rejected.

Very bad design and not enough time of gameplay per single run: The hack is composed by 3 levels (the 4th is a one-screen "end of demo" level). These 3 levels are extremly flat, filled with ground enemies and with just a few jumps to perform and a few places to climb. Faulty, not only because it takes around 5 minutes to complete, but also because there's no quality in here.

What I'd suggest you is the following: scratch this, make your hack. Don't use others' private resources and, instead, use the ones hosted in the SMW Graphics section, if you really want to use ExGFX. You can make a thread of your hack in the WIP hacks subforum, gaining feedback and opinions about it. Hire testers before submitting it, so that you can improve the design and any errors your testers spotted.
Then finally, submit it.