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Tip: When making your overworld, mix the terrain up! Angled land and multiple colors looks much more interesting than square land and plain colors.Not logged in.
Super Mario Dream World (Someone please delete, and close)
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Since this is my 1st hack, a lot of people are assuming that it's gonna be 1 world long, well I've made a whole new overworld. I'm still working on it, but I thought of the names for the worlds.

SubCons' Island
Pretzel Plains
Cake Snowland
Honey Dew Hills
Wart's Cliff

And yes I've finished a couple of levels, and yes there'll be a demo soon.
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Originally posted by Rules
  1. If you make a thread for your hack, give screenshots!
    This is important. It's not enough to just talk about your hack, you've got to show what it looks like, too! This is what truly captivates people- even if they say they like how it "sounds", you're going to get them with your screenshots above all. How you take a screenshot, though, depends both on your emulator of choice and your key configuration in it, if it allows remapping of things like "Take Screenshot", but once you have it, upload it somewhere like your files, or some image-hosting website.

This thread could mean a lot more if you had some screenshots or videos!

Actually, there is something to compliment: The level names are a lot better than some I've seen.
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I liked the names, but...

...where are the screenshots?
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Layout by RanAS
You know, you have to upload the screenshots to something like imgur if you wanna show them. You can't just copy-paste their paths and expect them to show.

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Those maps look really blocky, which is alright if you're going for an SMB3-style Overworld, but since it's largely SMW-style, I suggest making more natural-looking landmasses. There's also cutoff and a perspective error on the left-hand side of the middle map.

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Still a bit blocky. You can add more curves in the top and some extra hills. The map would also benefit of more decoration.
i think i'm back

Layout by RanAS
It looks good! However, in the third screenshot, the wall looks very flat and not varied. The rest looks good though. You also said that you made a couple of levels. Some screenshots wouldn't hurt...
Stuff you might want to do.
Pickle Plains 2, The palette kinda looks ugly ie the green stuff so possibly redo it.
The status bar numbers should have a black outline otherwise it blends in.
Seltzer Delta 1, Redo the palette also I don't think that cloud wall looks very good, you should spread the clouds.

Anyways keep working! I am sure it could be fun.:)

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Keep yoshi the way it is, the title screen looks interesting and the clouds look mad maybe for some sort of special extra world level but for a normal level maybe they should be spread out keep up the hack
I think those letters are a bit hard to see while transparent. Otherwise, good job making them rainbow'd!
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this could come in useful for a hack if you have used flunchers and makes yoshi less weird
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
Well I released the only demo I'm gonna make for this hack, I'm wanting to keep the rest a surprise. Sorry it took a while, I couldn't make up my mind which level to use, and I was also working on the current version. Yes this demo is also a prototype. So I want you to play it and tell me what you think. I's 1 level long.

So, I played your hack, and it's off to an okay start! Anyways, here's what I have to say about it:

All right, it starts out okay enough, although the cave foreground and bushes are kind of jarring.

Mario, can you please make your hat stop changing colours?

What's that glitchy tile to the right of Mario? Other than that, it's fine. The OW is also fine, although you could reduce the number of Ice Bergs on the lake there. Also, the 2 floor castle may cause some problems with it being destroyed.

All right, then, makes sense, although the last sentence is worded weirdly. Also, the pallet is kind of Icky Iggy to me.

I just barely started the level and I got a blue shell kicked right into Mario. At least in the original SMW's first level, it gave you far more time to avoid getting hurt by the sliding blue Koopa. Also, for some reason, his death animation has a blue mouth. I guess that's probably just a side effect of somehow warping to Subcon (Possibly in his dreams again).

I do like that you made a new custom backgrond, although it's kind of odd if you ask me with the stacked clouds. The level kind of feels like Yoshi's Island 1 with the Banzai Bill, actually.

Hill cutoff. Also, you may want to change Mario's ducking sprite.

It's now really, well, empty...

...Almost too empty. Like, as in the level lacks a Goal Post/Gate and its Goal Tape sprite. You need those to be able to complete a level. Without those (Or at least a Goal Sphere or Key and Keyhole), a level is impossible to complete without cheats. I know you want it to be only 1 level long, but still. Also, I know you said you want to keep the rest a surprise, but people can easily check the rest of your hack via Lunar Magic. I did check it on there, and I do like the level layouts and new backgrounds and such, although the levels are mostly unfinished and/or filled with cutoff and/or blue tiles.

Anyways, there's my review of it. It's off to an okay start, although you may want to fix those issues and such.

I have a DeviantArt, if you do want to see my art on there. I don't really visit it much now, though.
No wait until the full version that's what i think wonder what's next
So their will be a demo probably at c3, and the world's have some interesting names in this hack.
Sounds good so instead of the bombs killing mouse they knock him over. Could you make the big boo boss look like tatanga, s ship with graphics that would good
Sorry to bother you over the hack, I was thinking more along the lines of graphics in the graphics section so it can be used in any hack I might make. And having diamonds in the title screen is something I have not seen before.
I think that is very good as both sma1 and 2 where the first time I played both games so mixing the two seems interesting.
I did not have a snes but a sega megadrive so did not get to play them back then, will their be any other combinations of the mario series.
That looks good. Did you draw that yourself?
that sounds quite good having luigi play differently like in smb2 I liked the way you could choose players in smb2.
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