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[DEAD] Auronian Legends: Amalgamation of Chaos
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Nestled deep within the recesses of space lies a mystical world by the name of Rutania (Roo-tah-nya, Roo-tay-nee-a, Roo-tan-yah, all valid pronunciations), home to a large variety of environments, creatures, and plant life scattered throughout its various continents. And, of course, it's home to a ragtag bunch of misfits known colloquially as the 'Legends', due to their power and skill. And the fact that they've saved more than a few settlements from raiding demons.

However, due to distortions from the Amalgamation Engine, two of said Legends have mysteriously disappeared, and the previously-mentioned demons have had their ranks bolstered by an unknown force. The war between the forces of Rutania and the forces of Creavis, its neighboring (and demonic) world, has tilted heavily in favor of the latter, and the world is at risk of falling into darkness.

Past those incidences, Rutania has suffered very few distortions- the only known one is a peculiar portal that had spontaneously appeared in Infernal Forge, the volcano town of Vulcania; as of yet, it is one of the only access points into the world from outside. But distortions are showing up with increasing frequency, and more portals could open at any point.

Entrance is available to anyone with a character not currently in a world, as well as anyone who can find the first warp in, or find another way of teleporting in (like PKStarship's Debugger).

World Map
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Poof. My 2nd character has arrived.

Shinobi Slash
Cross Slash
Blazing Firefly
Locked - Unlocked at level 4


Head: None
Weapon: Kanesada
Arm: Shinobi Gauntlet
Body: None
Feet: None

Accessory Slot 1: None
Accessory Slot 2: None
Accessory Slot 3: None
Accessory Slot 4: None
Accessory Slot 5: None


Stealth Cloak

Let me know if you want anything changed, or if you have any questions.

Fast Move

Head: Empty
Body: Empty
Legs: Empty
Feet: Empty
Accessory: Empty
Pin List

1.#038 Top Gear
2.#269 Force Rounds
3.#271 Thunderbolt
4.#270 Psychokinesis
8.#268 Cure Drink
9. Player Pin (cannot be unequipped)


I don't know how the mechanics on numbers work here yet, so ill ask for any input you want me to change on the equipped pins now. other than that, how does this look?
Basic Comamnds


Weapon: Metal Stick
Head: Cloth Hat
Top: Cloth Robes
Bottom: -
Boots: Cloth Boots
Accessory: -


Spell Siphon


Medicinal Herb x3
Magic Water
Updated Map

3 people spontaneously poof into existence in the wastelands of Vulcania...

In the southwest, a ninja named Oboro appears out of thin air, landing gracefully on a large lump of obsidian. The air is hot and dry, and smells a bit like sulfur and ash. The sky is also obscured by dense clouds of ash, with only small amounts of sunlight leaking through to provide a bit of light on this volcanic hellscape.

The terrain itself is less than welcoming- hard, gray, uneven ground, with various volcanic rocks scattered around, some of which look a bit sharp. Additionally, to the southwest the terrain gets more hilly, and eventually forms into large mountains that look more like spikes. What appears to be a tower made of obsidian can barely be seen over the hills.

In the distance to the north is a glowing river of lava, appearing to flow southwest into the hills. Around that river seems to be a small collection of moving flames- monsters perhaps? It'd likely be wise to stay away from them.

Far, far away to the northeast, what appears to be an especially large volcano can be seen over the hills, and to the east is the ocean. There also seems to be a path to the west, but it looks like it might not be all that safe, what with the cracked and uneven ground and the vicious spikes of volcanic rock around it. And the 'KEEP OUT' sign next to it.

You can head NORTHEAST towards the volcano, or WEST towards the mountains. I probably don't have to say that the latter is extremely ill-advised.

Meanwhile, closer to the center of Vulcania, Zap also appears out of thin air, immediately faceplanting on the ash-covered ground. Fortunately, it seems soft enough to not cause any injury.

A quick look around yields the same basic sights as what Oboro has seen, thought the terrain itself is different- rather than being rough and covered in rocks, the terrain here is more like that of a desert, but with ash instead of sand. The occasional spike of obsidian can be seen, but nothing nearly as unwelcome-looking as the west. Still pretty hot, though.

To the north is a massive volcano- so tall it looks like it might be able to scrape the surface of the clouds above it. A path seems to work its way up the side to what appears to be a cave in the south side.

To the east appear to just be plains of ash and volcanic rock. The occasional spire of obsidian can be seen, but nothing exceedingly noteworthy. To the west, hills and mountains can barely be seen in the distance, along with the faint orange glow of what's probably lava. And to the south is slightly more rocky terrain, which leads up to the ocean- there even appears to be a building over there, though it's dark.

You can head NORTH to investigate the volcano (AKA head into Infernal Forge), EAST to head into the volcanic plains, WEST to head towards the more rocky region of Vulcania (and thus towards Oboro), or SOUTH to investigate the building.

And finally, in the northern part of Vulcania, Atura poofs into existence, finding herself in what appears to be an area made up largely of smooth, dark gray rock. Like everywhere else in Vulcania, the area is pretty damn hot, but something feels.... off. Something she likely won't notice until she's been in other parts of Vulcania.

To the northwest, mountains can be seen in the distance, with what appears to be a massive floating city in front of them. Probably worth investigating. To the east, however, is much more hilly terrain, covered in sharp rock formations, with the occasional stream of lava trickling out of the stone. To the south, what appears to be a bowl-like divot in the terrain can be seen, sloping down into a small lake of lava. Around it appear to be more small flames, along with some larger ones. Fortunately, they're far enough away to probably not be a threat. And finally, to the southwest appears to be a very large volcano in the distance.

You can go NORTH to head for Blazaria, the floating city, or SOUTH to head towards the volcano.
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.
: "What the hell? Where am I? I appear to have been warped out of my own land again, and have been transported to another dimension once more..."

Oboro investigates the place, seeing everything described in the post above.

: "This place looks very dreary...Heading to the west to unwelcoming territory might sound like a challenge fit for me...but I think I should probably head to another direction and find a different way out of this place..Let's just hope that "demon king" isn't behind all of this again..."

Oboro decides to head to the Northeast, a little more concerned about finding out where he is as opposed to just killing everything in his sight like before.
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Zap was probably in the middle of walking and drinking a soda before the warp, and as a result of the faceplant, his drink spills into the parched ground, sinking into the dry soil away from his grasp....

ow.... aw man, I wanted that.... that was supposed to tie me over until I made it to that fast food joint everybody was talking about.... oh well... .... ... ........ where the fuck am I?

being rather confused and a bit frustrated at his loss of drink, he does go in the opposite direction of the lava... which means hell probably end up heading east.

*grumblegrumble* great, now I'm hungry... wonder what this place even IS?.... and why is it so fucking hot here!?
{{My escape from that accursed, amalgamated world is a success. Until I work out what this place is I should tread carefully. Seems like a good place to grow stronger. I won't let anyone else know what I'm here for. This is going to be fun~}}

Head south, no need to enter the city without more money or experience.

Oboro wisely chooses to avoid the path to the second dungeon (which he won't be able to reach anyway), stead heading northeast. The ground underfoot starts to get less uneven, with sand-like ash starting to smooth out the terrain a bit.

After a bit of an uneventful hike, Oboro hops on top of a sizable rock to take a good look around. To the north appears the be a large lake of lava, from which the river he'd noticed earlier appeared to flow. And of course, the volcano is now much closer- he can just barely make out what appears to be an entrance in its side. Civilization perhaps?

You can go SOUTHWEST to backtrack or head EAST to head towards the volcano a bit more.

Zap grumbles a bit, then heads eastward. After a while, he notices a faint path in the ash, and elects to follow it, until he eventually ends up to the east of the volcano.

The terrain hasn't changed much; the area is largely covered in ash, resulting in dunes stretching for quite a ways in all directions (except towards the volcano, obviously). To the north appear to be hills and mountains in the distance, with a path leading up into them. And looking past the volcano to the northwest, more mountains can be seen in the far distance, along with some weird red-orange spec floating in front of them.

And finally, to the far east, Zap might now be able to see the clouds covering the sky darkening, with what appears to be green in the distance- an odd pair, all things considered.

You can head either NORTHWEST, to head towards Blazaria (and by extention Atura), NORTH to follow the path into the hills, EAST to head towards that darker area (not advised), or back SOUTH. If for whatever reason you want to backtrack. Dunno why you would.

Atura heads south-southeast, making her way towards the large volcano.

As she goes, the ground slowly starts getting covered with ash, eventually looking more like a dark gray desert. The terrain also levels out more, with a faint path seeming to form in the ash. Said path leads straight to the volcano (which Atura is now north of), and seems to head up and to what appears to be an entrance in the side of the mountain. There also appears to be a path heading westward.

You can go NORTH to head back towards Blazaria, WEST to head past the lava lakes and to the other side of Blazaria, EAST to head around the volcano, or SOUTH to head straight INTO the volcano, and into Infernal Forge.
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.
well, even if he has no money, heading towards civilization seems like a good idea, if not just to get some information.... heading to northwest is a good idea, he thinks, so he does so.
South, directly into the Volcano. I gotta find something of intrest there.
: "A volcano with an unusual entrance? Hmm...smells like evil spirits lurking around...Maybe I should go out there to investigate..."

Oboro decides to head closer to the volcano, aka EAST.
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Main Map

Zap heads west, heading around to the north of the volcano just in time to see Atura walk through its northern entrance. However, as he does so, a strange aura can be sensed. What exactly it is, it's impossible to tell, as it's too weak, but it seems to be coming from the other side of the hills to the north. Probably something worth investigating at a later point.

You can head NORTH towards Blazaria, WEST (also towards Blazaria), SOUTH to follow Atura, or back EAST.

Infernal Forge Map
Atura heads into the entrance of the volcano, making her way through the tunnel until she eventually reaches what appears to be a large cavern inside the volcano, with a sizable lava lake in the middle.

Matter of fact, it looks like this is it's own little city- along the upper walls, tunnels, paths, and structures can be seen carved into the rock, with people milling between them- mainly dwarves, but also humans and a few other types of humanoids Atura likely can't identify. Immediately to her right appears to be a small cave carved into the rock, which seems to have been made into a home- though it looks like the door's currently shut. To the left is a path around the lava lake, and likely deeper into the city.

You can head NORTH to leave, or EAST to head further in. You're welcome to try going WEST, but it's unlikely that the door'll budge, based on the fact that it's made out of solid metal. (I know it's not on the map, hush. I'm too lazy to fix that.)

Oboro continues heading for the volcano, with the terrain transitioning into full-on ash desert, and leveling out. It's very likely that volcano is the source of all the ash, though one has to question what the terrain here was like before.

There appears to be a path heading up the side of the volcano to the entrance Oboro spotted last turn, and a path leading to a building in the distance to your south, near the ocean.

You can head NORTH to head into the volcano, SOUTH to head for that building, WEST to head back the way you came, or EAST to head around the volcano.
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.
Zap would check for psychic presences or any abnormal minds to read off of for a bit before heading into the volcano behind the stranger. weather he finds something or not, as far as something watching them goes. who knows, if hes lucky, she might be friendly enough to mooch food off of.

wonder who /that/ was.... might wanna tail her...

((apparently, I misread something, so I'm editing this.))
: "A path going into that same entrance I saw earlier...this doesn't seem unwelcoming at all...Hmm, I wonder...Are these people harmless? It seems I'll have to go inside and have a look..."

Oboro heads north to find out what is inside the volcano.
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This place is quiet, and that chest isn't defended. Seems like nobody would mind if its contents went missing~
Main Map

Infernal Forge

Zap checks around for psychic presences, but doesn't find much of anything besides an odd one inside the volcano. So, following that, he heads inside.

As he reaches the inner city, the door to the house Atura had noticed opens, with two people walking out- one short-statured fellow, a dwarf most likely, clad in golden armour, and a normal-size woman with white hair, distinct yellow-and-black coloring.... and cat ears and a tail? In fact, they seem to be talking.

"Sorry, Corona, but I haven't seen the lass since yer last visit here, or the tiny twintail. You say they went missing a while ago?"

"Yeah, Samui disappeared shortly before when you said that portal appeared here, and Naka disappeared not long after her. Essentially, we're down the angriest and brattiest members of the team."

"Aye, that's a bit of a problem, ain't it? It might be worth looking into that portal. Perhaps it has somethin' to do with them vanishing?"

"That was where I was thinking about going next. Can't take too long, though; Kage and Yami are waiting for me over in Eclipse, and you know how they are when they get impatient."

"Not keeping those two waiting too long is probably a good call. Especially Kage; that lass seems ready to tear anyone that annoys her to shreds at a moment's notice. And I'm not even the one that can read emotions."

And so they two part ways, the weird cat lady (whose name is apparently Corona) heading deeper into the city, while the dwarf heads back into the house they'd come out of, this time leaving the door open.

You can go WEST to talk to the dwarf, EAST to head deeper into the city and/or pursue Corona, or NORTH to leave.

Oboro monologues a bit, before heading north into the volcano.

After a minute or two of walking, he reaches what appears to be a small cave that, at the far end, opens into a larger one (complete with an orange glow that implies lava). The surroundings are made of a rough, dark red rock, with a darker path going straight ahead.

Right next to that path is a wooden sign, which reads 'Welcome to Infernal Forge. Be careful of the lava.'

You can head NORTH to head further in, or SOUTH to exit.

Atura makes her way through the city, oblivious to the presence of the nekomata headed in the same direction not too far behind her, and makes her way to another large cavern connected to the main one; this one is smaller, and doesn't have as much in the way of structures around it, but to the far right, alongside its massive lava pool, is a chest.

Atura walks over to the chest, fully intending to loot it, but notices something odd- a sign above said chest, that reads:

Originally posted by Sign
Infernal Forge Community Chest
Have extra useful stuff you don't need? Put it in here!
Everything inside is fair game. Don't worry if it's empty, it'll be restocked before too long.
Last opened by: Corona Brightheart

Looks like it's a sort of grab bag chest that the people of the city restock with surplus stuff. And upon opening it, Atura finds... nothing. Seems like this 'Corona' cleaned it out. Oh well, it'll probably be worth coming back to it at a later point.

You can go NORTH to head back into the main part of the city, SOUTH to cross the bridge and head towards the south exit, and by extension Oboro, or EAST to head along the other edge of the lava pool, thus following Corona.
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.
normally, he would probably go towards the dwarf to see what the hubbub was all about, but considering he just wants to get out of the heat as soon as possible, he just quietly pursues the white haired one for now. just walking for now, since there seems to be no rush for either of them.

(maybe if I'm lucky, I can ask her about this weird place and get some answers.... or maybe I can just learn more by tailing them for now.... better to stay out of trouble for now.... at least until I figure out whats going on, and who took me away from my free soda...)
Atura sighs, kicking the chest for effect and wanders back north to talk to the locals and learn about where exactly she traveled too. This entire world seems too peaceful for her tastes.
: "Damn, it's hot in here...What's this? *Reads the sign* Hmm, looks like some sort of facility. It doesn't look like there's anything hazardous around here, besides the lava..."

Oboro heads north.
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