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A Plumber For All Seasons (out now!)

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A Plumber For All Seasons is now finished and available for download!

Release thread (+ download link)

Below is the work-in-progress-thread, where I posted updates during the hack's development. I worked on the hack between 2012 and 2021, and made this thread in 2015.

This is a hack I've been working on since 2012, and, until now, have kept mostly secret. Why am I spilling the beans now? Progress on it has always been ridiculously slow (I only got four levels done aaaaaaa), and my theory is that I'll be able to work faster knowing that people are aware it exists.

The premise is this: each world is the same location, but in different seasons. There's one world for Spring, one for Summer, one for Autumn/Fall, and one for Winter. Even the level order is the same in each world - grass, waterside, underwater, forest, etc. The overworld and the levels will probably turn out pretty linear, but I believe I can find other ways to add some replay value.

Another unique selling point is that I'm trying to make as many resources as possible myself - I've done a lot of ASM (most of which dates back to 2012), and I'm certainly drawing all the graphics myself (which proves to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to backgrounds). I've also composed some music, but I'm not a natural at it so I'll definitely need help fleshing out and porting the songs when the time comes.

I'll update this thread whenever I get something else to show off (disclaimer: I have no idea when that may be).

Here's the gist of what I have so far (updated June 2021):

Yoshiatom's Post
Well this is a pleasant surprise, the graphics are nice and (mostly) don't look out of place, the whole thing seems pretty ambitious (since you're trying to make EVERYTHING, which I've never seen anyone attempt to do); I'm looking forward to more info about this!

inb4 C3 demo

Layout by Koopster!

<DeputyBS> I knew it
<DeputyBS> alcarobot is taking over the world through his truck dealership franchise
I like the seasons concept of this hack. Playing back levels in other seasons opens lots of possibilities, I hope you'll use these well.
The fact that you're doing everything yourself highlights the hack too and shows that you're one of those multi-skilled hacker, which are pretty rare these days.

The screenies are very sweet, I vaguely remember seeing some of them in the screens&vids thread.
Also the summer Mario on the title screen is very sexy but what's up with his legs? They are like so thin, lol

Anyways, we're aware this hack exists so work faster on this now!
Oh dude, I was just playing one of these four season levels thinking that someone should make something good with that concept.
This looks lovely so far. There's not much to comment on right now besides the visuals, which look very pretty and atmospheric. I remember you showing off some ASM stuff too; that all looked pretty exciting. Good job!

Originally posted by WYE
have kept mostly secret. [...] Progress on it has always been ridiculously slow (I only got four levels done aaaaaaa)

I know exactly how you feel
Nice to see you working on a hack again. The four season concept should be fun. Reminds me of the day and night system from Wario Land 3, which is one of my favorite platformers. Keep it up.
Whoa, a big surprise here.

Judging by the screenshots, this hack is looking very neat. The level design is well made, and the palettes are very nice. Also, the season concept is very different and unique for a hack.

I'll look forward to this!

Good luck, WYE.
nothing to say

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This is seriously why I love SMW hacks. Good job WYE, you deserve it. I simply love the concept for this hack. Will the secret world you mentioned in one of the screenshots be affected by the seasons?
so can i play as shirtless mario or what
Now this seems pretty fun. The style is fairly different from what you usually see around here and the gimmick is a great idea. Yup, I'll be following this.

also shirtless mario or riot!

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
Thanks for all the nice feedback! #tb{:D} It really means a lot to me.

Originally posted by Nameless
so can i play as shirtless mario or what

Actually, nope, that's just for the title screen. (Mario's graphics are the only ones I don't plan on changing.) Sorry, no swimshorts Mario for you. #tb{^^}

In other news, I got the majority of level 1-4 done today, meaning it's actually beatable now! At this rate I'll have world 1 done by next Christmas~

Wow this hack looks cool :)

Originally posted by WYE
At this rate I'll have world 1 done by next Christmas~

Dontcha mean this christmas not next <_<
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

I know your backgrounds have some beautiful parallax, can we see some of it in action?
Those are some damn awesome screens. I recall this hack in one of the C3 we had in the past; I'm definitely following it.
Ok i dont see screens on last post and do you need tester i want to test your hack
That's because there weren't any?

Either way, world 1-4 is now completely finished, and I figured I should stay true to my word and show a couple of screenshots. (Again, thanks for the encouragement!)

It's probably obvious what the focus of this level is, in terms of sprites. #tb{^^}

edit: oh, before I forget, @allowiscous: That would involve recording videos, and I'd rather not give away all my levels in video form before I release anything, so yeah. I did record world 1-2 earlier though!

Ok nice screens
Can you read above what ive writen more then screenshots
I did asked to help playtest
wow this looks really nice; probably the best-looking interpretation of the "four seasons" concept I've seen so far

those weird piranha plant things are the best too

Thanks again!

Originally posted by Woutersmits
I did asked to help playtest

Sorry, but I'm not currently looking for testers.

In other news, it's cave level time! All I did today is draw a mushroom, but hey.

And it's a good looking mushroom! And I like the background, reminds me of the SMB3 underground background, but better.

I'm curious about your backgrounds though. How many ExGFX files do you use for them? I see so many unique tiles, how do you fit them all?
Does this hack have custom music?

Your graphics are beautiful (especially with effects like that river parallax), and the level design seems decent enough as well. I guess you're one of the very few people who can do both graphics and ASM (the only others I know of are Katrina and Ladida), and it sounds like you'll at least be attempting music as well. And I thought you were quitting SMW hacking. I hope this hack actually comes to fruition, because it does look like something I would play (unless you end up making it stupid hard like most). I look forward to seeing future development on it. I'd also be willing to help out with the music.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.


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