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A Plumber For All Seasons (out now!)

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It just seems to me that DMAing by hand, as you call it, is much easier. But no, there's no secret techniqueTM you missed lol (as far as I know at least O.O)

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
That is actually pretty amazing with just ExAnimation magic. Really you can do quite a lot with it if you're very clever with it, and I must say along with COLORS (and it's sequel) this is probably one of the most impressive uses of it in a while to be honest!

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

I'm not BSing when I say the the main thing that breaks my inactivity here is checking on the progress of this hack. Been a huge fan of your work for the past decade, keep it up.

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
That lava level is looking fantastic. I hope that you implement some more features that focus around the lava been the main hazard.
The fire pillar is amazing and it'll be cool to see how you build a level around it.

Lastly what other level themes are you thinking about making?
Your knack for details is impressive I can't wait to see which theme you'll tackle next. #smrpg{:D}
Thanks everyone!

I put this hack aside the past couple of weeks in favor of studying (which I may or may not have done a lot of), and I still can't fully pick up the pace until next month or so. Here's what I did get done in the meantime:

(excuse the wonky gif)

This level will feature line guides, complete with redrawn rope mechanisms. (I pretty much just copied SMW's design without knowing what the things were supposed to be.) Also featured: horizontal ropes, courtesy of Erik and his C3 request thread. #tb{:D}



Reminds me of Lava Reef Zone. And anything that reminds me of Lava Reef Zone is sure to be good.
"Glauben Sie nicht alles, was Sie im Internet lesen." - Karl Marx
I can really see your passion in this project. I can offer my beta testing to you when the time comes. Would really like to play this. Looks great, keep it up!!!
Your attention to detail makes me really impressed. It's visible how much work you put into this and it pays off because for me this is definitely one of the most impressive smwhacks ever and I've been following this thread for some time now.

Your graphics are stunning! The colors, the style, everything blends so perfectly and give every one of these screenshots their own atmosphere. That parallax in the jungle levels is gorgeous, and your work with layer 3 is awesome. I usually say that the best way to do a layer 3 background is to make it not look like it's on layer 3.

I'm really loving that lava cave ambiance. The idea of using layer 2 for the lava pillars is really clever and that wavy hdma slowly fading as it goes up is the cherry on top.

Keep up the good work! I know how time management can be so much complicated, but i can't wait to see more of this project #smw{:TUP:}
Again, thanks everyone! #tb{:)} (@Final Theory: I'll try and keep it in mind, though yeah, I'm afraid it'll be a while until testing can feasibly start.)

Originally posted by Zamo
Your attention to detail makes me really impressed. It's visible how much work you put into this and it pays off because for me this is definitely one of the most impressive smwhacks ever and I've been following this thread for some time now.

Glad you like it! That means a lot coming from you, since I remember your hack, too, as one of the most graphically pleasing I've seen. Nice to see you back!

There hasn't been much progress lately, but here's something that's better than nothing:

I tweaked Erik's horizontal ropes to be a bit more user-friendly - you can now jump off of them instead of falling off, and you can't fall off the left end. That said, I couldn't have done this without Erik having done the groundwork, so thanks again!

Now at least I should have everything ready to design the actual level. I already have it sketched out on paper, and I'm crossing my fingers the setups will work out in-game.


Hi WYE! Returning the favour and visiting your hack thread #tb{:]}

Truth be told, I've been watching this for a while and like what I see! The attention to detail on everything is amazing, whether it's that cool rain effect or the wavy heat from the lava.

It's good to see that this is still going, slowly, but on the way. Definately one I'll be playing when it's ready. Even if you take another four years to get there, it'll be worth the wait. Wouldn't want you to rush.

Your skillset definately helps for these sorts of hacks. Your graphics are great and I know you have a good hand on ASM so combine the two and you're away.

I'll be checking in over time, but good job and look forward to seeing more!
Oh that's cool, I like the idea of a horizontal line-guided rope. Also, that lava animation is dope. #smw{:TUP:}
Glad you like it! I've personally gotten kind of numb to the bright reds and oranges by now, after having stared at them for hours at a time. #ab{^^;;;}

After all that work, though, 2-5 is finally finished. I've pretty much run out of things to say about it, so have a couple of screenshots instead:


This whole hack is beautiful. I cant believe you have been working on it for all these years. I may not be around as much anymore, but I would come back just to play this hack. Amazing job man. I cannot wait to play the final product!
Layout by LDA during C3.
Thanks, that means a lot! #tb{:)}

After all those flashy fiery reds and oranges, it's time for some toned-down colors.

World 2's outdoor ghost house level is called "Graveyard of the Nameless" (no relation to any SMWC users). It's actually inspired by a real-life place I know, a cemetery for unidentified shipwrecked sailors among grassy dunes.

It took quite some time to get this to look good (thanks to people on Discord for providing some feedback). The subtle clouds in the back and the wooden planks are actually both on layer 3, which took even more HDMA trickery to get right (five channels in total!).

Unlike last level I have no ASM-heavy gimmicks planned for this one, so things will hopefully go a long a bit quicker.


2-6 is now more than just a beta setup! I'm pretty happy with how things look in action.

This level is the first to feature Dry Bones, whose graphics I drew just yesterday. (The same goes for Bony Beetles, though those didn't come out quite that nicely.)

It's also going to be on the short side and not as gimmicky, and all the necessary graphics are done, so although I haven't built most of the level yet, it's still practically finished! I'm actually confident I can finish world 2 by summer. #tb{:)}

Once again amazing self drawn graphics. It's a pleasure for one's eyes to see a FG matching a BG so nicely. Keep that up, can't wait to see more. I check this Thread every few days since it has been created !
Originally posted by MaiK
Once again amazing self drawn graphics. It's a pleasure for one's eyes to see a FG matching a BG so nicely. Keep that up, can't wait to see more. I check this Thread every few days since it has been created !

I want to go on like that and do whatever I want. I'm working for the Egg Angel Cocoming Season 2 by now.

By. Egg Angel Coaching : Han Me-So
I love you! I'm a girl.

As it snows, the atmosphere is very unstable and lightning keeps hitting me. ㅠㅠ

I like the cartoon character of the girl the most.

This place will update photos every month.
And 2-6 has come and gone! I could have finished it sooner if I hadn't spent the past two weeks slacking off.

I've now started working on - wait for it - the final level of world two. When that is finished, it'll be the furthest I've ever made it through *any* hack without cancelling it. (The current record holder being Pokey's Adventure, which also stops at world 2's castle.)

I'm mostly done with the visuals for this one, and after some struggling with color math, even the gimmick is all coded up!

This is decidedly a bright, palace-y type of castle, and the gimmick is changing water levels. (Haven't come up with the level design yet, but I'm sure there's something that'll work.) The background is on layer 3, the water is on layer 2, and you can hit those switches to make it rise or drop to a predefined level. The switches are pretty versatile and surprisingly painless to code, so I might even release them next C3 or something.

After recording the gif I changed the switch palette to something more fitting, as seen in the second screenshot.

A comment on your hack as a whole is that I think your visuals are absolutely stunning. It's amazing that something like the SNES has the capacity to display such incredible graphic work. Everything blends together seamlessly, is very consistent across different tilesets, and of course beautiful. I admire your skill and creativity as a graphic artist, and your level designs and unique ideas are going to make this a fun hack to play. I also admire your layer work adding depth to your levels; it very much parallels how talented Eevee is with their graphics and layer work in Sicari.

I am quite curious about your overworld (if you do still plan on having one). Has there been any updates or progress on that? The last time I saw it you only posted these two images:

Overworld design has always appealed to me, and I'd love to see more in classic WYE style if you have anything new you could show :).

Also of note, your new water switches in your last post heavily remind me of the mini-game in 'Mickey's Ultimate Challenge' on the Sega, which was one of my favouite games as a kid! I'm looking forward to the progression of this tileset you've created.
Thanks for the kind words! #tb{:)} Always nice to know my work evokes memories.

Overworld-wise I guess I haven't really been showing a lot, have I? The graphics for worlds 1&2 and the mechanics have been pretty much in place for years, I just never posted more than one screenshot of it it looks like. (For the one you quoted I hid the UI.) For good measure, here's what the overworld currently looks like in full:

In other news, here's some sprites I've been disproportionally quick to code:

The first one is a floating platform which unlike SMW's one is solid from all sides, and the second one's a 32x32 Cheep-Cheep (which is actually also solid and becomes passable when flopping; fairer and more reliable as a gate than vanilla fish and nicer-looking than custom blocks). My hope is that I'll be able to build those two into some interesting setups. We'll see!




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