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The never ending story
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I do not know if a thread like this exists already. Once I have clarification, changes will be made to this header. (unless a mod closes this thread)

The Neverending Story

This game is simple, A story is started and it continues on until the thread is closed or abandoned. It works with one user posting a part of a story, ending with "And then.." or "but later.." and the likes, with the next user continuing off from the point the last post left off on. Repeat forever.

Please read the rules below

1. You can only post once every four posts why? because if I restrict it to just no double-posting, it can become annoying, because if two users start posting back and forth, the story becomes bland. The point of the neverending story is to hear a story written from many different people, not just two.

2. Put thought into your segment I don't want to see a simple "Then he explosioned." Put thought into your response. Make it at least two or more sentences long

3. Do not take the story back to your older post Say you write about something funny. The story then goes in a completely different direction. Then, you get a really good idea that takes place right after that funny thing, and you take the story right back to where it was yesterday. DON'T DO THAT. If you have a good idea, or a funny joke of sorts, write your own story.

More rules may be here in the future, depending on behavior.

Please abide by these rules, or I will have to ban you from the thread. If you do not leave, I will alert a staff member.

↓The first post below this starts the game ↓
Once apon a time, there was some guy named Dan. Dan decided to go out to buy a Christmas tree since it was the start of December and he thought he may as well before it gets very busy later on. While he was heading to a place that sold trees...
Dan ran into a man who looked in need of a lot of help. Dan left him there, but not with the intention of not giving him something. After he bought his Christmas tree, he spied a grocery store nearby. He went in and bought...
...some gasoline and a lighter, hoping to burn down one of the symbols of Christmas for his yearly Anti-Christ-Mas demon ritual. When approaching the cashier, he said...

YOUR layout has been removed.

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Check my profile for more details.

A Mario and Luigi Story: The Universe's Star Demo 2:
Status: Dead until I regain interest. Link to hack thread.

..."Do you happen to have a rocket ship in this store? I want to go to the moon." The cashier pointed him to a small room in the back of the store and...
the people who watch hentai as an anime, and not just as a porn, are the superior race
... And finds a small rocket. Dan gets in, powers it on, crashes through the grocery store ceiling and tries to go to the moon, but as it turns out he is bad at driving a rocket and crash lands somewhere in Northern Africa. He gets out of the destroyed rocket, pulls out his phone, and sees...
...The words "No Signal" flashing on the screen of his phone.

Dan curses and in a fit of frustration he chucks the phones good thirty feet into a patch of tall grass.

A thump is heard, followed by a roar. A lion appears from the tall grass, sprinting in Dan's direction...
...and it happens to be the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz. His eyes appear a bit red and he is coughing. He seems to be lost. He asks Dan, "...

..."Can lions talk?". Dan finds this question kind of confusing and realizes his name isn't actually Dan. This causes him to slip into a state of deep depression, which then leads to him...
Originally posted by IRC #area51
<VilelaBot> New user: 6 beers in and im drunk as fuk -
<LDA> if 28000th is like anything like that username I will cry
<lion> can i rereg for 28000th
<VilelaBot> New user: D4NNY - realize the lion looked really good to eat, so he stabbed him with a giant fork and proceeded to eat him alive. When he finished, he ran to the nearest drug dealer where he...
the people who watch hentai as an anime, and not just as a porn, are the superior race
...bought some drugs and got really high. While he was high, he accidentally tripped in a large hole in the ground and then...

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
...stumbled upon a colony of human mutants from Old New York. While he was there, he befriended a teenaged mutant ninja turtle who asked if he wanted to help him pull off a heist. The TMNT explained the details to him, "So...
"So here's the deal; Our colony is going through an economic depression, and the prices for food and water are skyrocketing. If you help me rob a nearby bank, I'll give you a nice portion of what we get. Are you in?"

Dan, since he was high as shit, wasn't really thinking clearly. So of course, he agreed.

They headed to the bank. Surprisingly, the ecosystem here doesn't particularly have high security as a bank you would expect would have. Dan and the mutant turtle slip in through a back door that was left unlocked, and then find a safe. Unfortunately, the safe is locked with a keypad password. However, you only need to type in 4 numbers, so it can't be that hard to figure out, right?

Dan takes a deep breath, and types in the numbers...
...6969, it doesn't open, unfortunately, the security alarm goes off and they start to hear sirens coming and then...
...Flying firetrucks come down from the top of the cave shooting lasers. He quickly types in 1337 and the safe opens. There is nothing inside of the safe. He and the TMNT get sucked inside of it and they appear in Kieran's basement and then...
the people who watch hentai as an anime, and not just as a porn, are the superior race
... They find that a website called SMW Central is being hosted from this basement. Dan has no idea why he appeared here, but he took at look at the site. Then he found this thread.

This is when he realized. Did he really exist? Everything that happened to him today was described perfectly in it. So he starts fading away, and...
...Before he completely fades away, he realizes that this user created a paradox by linking this thread at the "end" of it, resulting in an endless loop.

However, there's something fishy in this story. Dan then realized that he wouldn't fade away! What happened? Did reality just have a complete and total aneurism? And then, Dan, the poor lost soul trapped in the purgatory that was reality, then...
A change of scenery is always nice.

I've become a lurker outside of playing forum games. I'm mostly active on Discord and Twitter.
...He woke up. He had tripped on a Lego and was unconscious and dreaming. Dan decided to hack SMWCentral. He preceded to unban MarioBros980 and nambona890. They both logged on and...
oh hey there
...started deleting the database. This was the start of the second wipe of SMWC. Dan felt very ashamed of what he did and pulled a gun towards his head. Before he pulled the trigger...

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
...Kieran jumped down to the basement and knocked the gun out of his hands. He looked at the computer and went "Oh fuck. Look at what have you done!" and started yelling at Dan. "YOU DID THIS! YOU DID THIS!" he repeatedly yelled. Dan then had a plan in his mind to recover SMWCentral (or at least what rested of it) and stop MarioBros980 and nambona890 for good. The plan was...
A change of scenery is always nice.

I've become a lurker outside of playing forum games. I'm mostly active on Discord and Twitter.
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