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What are your views on cheating in video games?

Do you like to cheat or not? When is it acceptable? When is it not acceptable? Is it ever acceptable? What do you think of cheaters? And other such stuff...
Lyneria republic's view on cheating.
Definitions of "Cheating"

Hard coded-cheat: A code put into, and left there, by the developers. These are usually found in offline games.
Mod cheats: A "cheat" enabled by the use of an AR or other such device.

Offline games: As long as it doesn't take out the fun, any use of cheats is acceptable for these kinds of games. When best used:When one feels they have completed the game.
Online games: Cheats are only acceptable when one does not use them to gain an unfair advantage. For example, Pokemon 4th gen. if one uses an AR to get , say a Bidoof with average everything, or even a legendary sometimes, people won't care. However, if you use AR to geta haXored party of 999 everything Mudkipz, you're using them incorrectly.
I personally hate people who cheat online, if it's off line, be my guest. I would only cheat in an off line game once I have completed it. If it was an online game, I wouldn't cheat at all. Some people cheat just because they have no skill and can't play the game properly, which means they should try without cheating to get better, or just stop playing. That's my view of cheating in video games.
Offline, cheating is fine, really, though I also prefer to beat the game within normal means before levitating to reach hidden areas or disabling clipping (those are my favorite kinds of cheats). Online, I think that cheating is ok as long as it doesn't give you a specific advantage over the other players. In Super Smash Bros. Netplay for example, playing on the Metal Mario stage is fine, but making it so that you are invincible the entire match is not.
In my honest opinon, buying or downloading a game/hack just to cheat is just wrong at least wait until you have finished it at least once.

Anyway, I only cheat if I'm getting sick and tried of not getting past a certain mission or level in a game.

If I remember correctly, cheaters never win like for example in the recent GTA games in order to get 100% completion you cannot afford to use cheats.

Also, there are certain games/hacks which you cannot cheat on as this may lead to conficts.
I hate online cheating. >_<

But when it comes to offline, then I don't care. Do whatever you want.
I myself only cheat after I've beat the game, to add some "replay value"
I feel the same as the others. Offline is completely fine, because it doesn´t destroy the fun for anyone. It does though when it´s online.
If the cheat was left there by the developers, or an advantageous glitch was left by the developers (see: pokemon duping), it's fine to use.

AR sucks though. Except in melee. Debug mode kicks ass.
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Well, I cheat when I beat the game when using emulators.
Like EarthBound, I used a walk-thru-walls cheat after beating the game, and got all my partners before the battle with Starman Jr. and the Magicant Bat for Ness. You can also access Moonside and Magicant anytime...


Though I think I (that cheat) messed(messes) up bad in Fourside. XD

Although cheating online is bad. :x
It's unfair and you always lose, which makes it annoying and sad. D:<

Exploiting any glitch at any time is fine online, unless it's an MMO where it's against the ToS, but using any third-party program is not. It also makes you look pathetic.
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Autofire in a game that doesn't usually have autofire? I unno.
It depends... like, in the original Super Mario Brothers, gaining infinite lives at the end of World 3-1 should only be used if you've beaten the game (Or just suck at it), but gaining small Fire Mario is fine. I think that, as long as it doesn't effect normal gameplay for the first time you play it, it's fine. Unless you completely give up being stuck somewhere and just HAVE to cheat to get out because you don't understand what to do.
And online cheating fails. 'Tis not fair for those who don't cheat.

My views on cheating:

OFFLINE: Offline cheating is almost always acceptable. However, it shows skill if you don't use it first time through a game or first time on a higher difficulty. Cheating in offline multiplayer is only acceptable if everyone involved condones it. Offline cheating that effects online stats in your favor is unacceptable.

ONLINE: Online cheating is almost always unacceptable. Also, it shows a complete lack of any skill if you still get your ass handed to you while you're cheating. Online cheating is ONLY acceptable in a private session in which everyone involved condones it, and if it does not effect online stats in your favor.
Single-player: Do whatever you want. It's your game. If it's fun, cheat!

Multi-player: UNACCEPTABLE! Do not cheat under ANY circumstances. It isn't fair to the other players, and all you do is wind up making people angry, and maybe make yourself feel good. (but that's sinking pretty low for that)

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Single Player: No problems here.
Multiplayer: EPIC FAIL

'nuff said.

Cheating in order to beat a game is what I find a last resort of sorts.

Cheating to discover unused parts of the game is, in my eyes, the most fun (and hilarious) way to enjoy the game.


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Originally posted by AtomicShroom

Cheating to discover unused parts of the game is, in my eyes, the most fun (and hilarious) way to enjoy the game.

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What about unintended techniques in Smash Bros? I frequently utilize chain-throws, but is that cheating? What about if I use it only when I know they have a chance to escape (Bottom of Onett, breakable bridge in New Pork City)?

And yes, cheating to discover unused stuff is always win.
Online ok pokemon cheats: all pokemon shiny, and sped up battle:)
I only cheat games after I beat them, but once I've beaten the game I have no problem ripping through it with cheat codes.

Online is pretty much disgusting though, unless it's something both are aware about such as the Metal Mario example.
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