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how do you use one of kipernal tools?

I resently wanted to start a yoshi island hack, but I want to change the overworld their's a tool for it but how do I use it?

it's this tool....

Umm... the tool you're pointing out, to my knowledge, was never released

however, there's another overworld editor tool that WAS released to the public by a different person, you should try that tool instead
hell, the bg1 and two don't seems to save to the rom you have any ideals why

After saving BG1(or BG2) you need to insert the allgfx.bin to your ROM

Oooohh, another YI hack coming soon? #ab{:)} Looking forward to it, I've been disappointed in this forum's deady-ness for a while and I've been planning for my YI hack for the past few days as well. Good luck with it #ab{;)}
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Originally posted by starlett

Did it worked?