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Graphical and Numerical health meter generator 4.2.5 by GreenHammerBro
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File Name: Graphical and Numerical health meter generator 4.2.5
Submitted: 21/12/2015 18:04:11 by GreenHammerBro
Obsoletes: Graphical and Numerical health meter generator 4.2.4
Authors: GreenHammerBro
Tool: Romi's Spritetool
Type: Generator
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This Health Meter Generator display the boss's HP on the status bar/HUD either numerical (in a 1-4 digit numbers) or graphical (in a rectangular bar). Whats is advanced about this is that:

Graphical and Percent -> has the highest amount of different values of health without consuming too much 8x8 tiles on status bar, It displays the smallest fill graphic unit as PIXEL, rather than 8x8 tile (so its not "blocky"). This makes it more superior than Carol's Brutal Mario's Seiken Densetsu bosses (like the Emperor Dragon) since that the Health bar doesn't get affected visibly when each damage is smaller than an 8x8 tile. For the graphical HP bar: the amount of HP is based on how much filled in pixels, either 256HP per pixel or 1HP/pixel (each time you lengthen, it adds 256 or 2048). The percentage bar uses a ratio to convert current_HP/max_HP to amount_filled/full (like in Pokémon, the length has no impact with the maximum HP).

Numerical -> Far superior than the Newbie boss, can have up to 9999HP rather than 99HP, best for RPG hacks with a variety amounts of damage when attacked.

These Health meter can also revert the status bar/HUD when the current health and the decrementing animation is zero. So if you have edit the status bar parts where the meter is written, you should go to the code on near the top of the code and change whats under:
Originally posted by readme
This code restore the status bar when 0HP/empty , so if you have edited the status bar, or move this, you should change this also.

Or it will draw original default smw tiles over your edited heads-up display.

See the readme on how to program the bosses to work with the generator.

Have permission to upload the Giant Masked Koopa boss.

Edit: If you are using a boss with the ability to heal, use this code for the boss sprite code:
REP #$20
LDA !freeram_true_HP
CMP !inital_start_hp
BCC okay
LDA !inital_start_hp
STA !freeram_true_HP
SEP #$20
;remove the REP and SEP #$20 if using 1HP per pixel (1-byte HP)

or its possible for the boss to recover more HP than max (like 700/100).

Note: there's a bug with the Giant Masked Koopa boss that if the player stomps it into its shell/mask while in midair, lures it into a wall and turns into a blue flying shell/mask (going up the wall abilty) before it touches the ground, it'll keep climbing up and disappear off the top of the screen, making it unbeatable.
A new version has been submitted.

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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Sprites - Graphical and Numerical health meter generator 4.2.5 by GreenHammerBro