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yoshi island 3 team hack thread - first world demo ips and first person sign up, :)

okay, anyone who saw this I have a better ideal it would be cool if I could get some help a team to make a 6 world custom yoshi island hack, or rather anyone who wanna join on the fun on making one sorta similar to the collarboration hack smcyi hack. so who wanna do just that with me!

this is what I want to do people can get a level, basically everything I would like to do with this thread is exactly how smwyi hack works accept I prefer worlds and levels being equal to each other mean grassy world map grassy levels


so for castle's someone needs to tell me what level sublevels and bosses they wanna use if they wanna used if anyone wanna team up.
and levels too

this is a list of the rooms I used for the first world level and the right hex numbers for the starting rooms of the other worlds

link to the first world hack: hack
NOTE: for now ignore the overworld for the most part!

I wont go into anymore details on anything else if you wanna help out message me

can someone tell me why the map keeps going on certain icons of the overworld

Looks nice so far!
finally someone commented atleast something I felt like I was being ignored well, wanna make a level or two with me I already got the first world done for the most part


How to say this? This doesn't really look like a good overworld. Why are there so many circles in a row? What is it even supposed to be?
it suppose to be grass.... great more commenting YES more critisize
I'm not saying anything but people haven't been commenting what so ever for atleast a month now

Yeah... Yoshi's Island hacking is RELATIVELY uncommon around here, everyone mostly just focuses on SMW hacking. I'm actually pretty glad to see someone else working on a YI hack as well, I've been hoping this forum would get more attention from people who want to make some since the YI hacks section is nowhere near as large as the ever-growing SMW hacks section. Hopefully the recent disassembly and other awesome stuff being done by Raiden will change that soon though #ab{;)}
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
wanna help me then I agree something atleast something done because the Yi hack section had those games for years

EDIT: you got something to say about some of mine graphic change

If you're talking about the overworld, then to be honest, the green pat doesn't really look like grass, since you said that was what you were going for. It just looks like a bunch of green circles, sorry. It's also kind of confusing with that ledge thing on the right part.

Personally, I'd leave the OW the same, but if you want it to be changed then this one needs some work. #ab{:S}
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
the overworld is not yet done I kinda got rushy with it. I'm hoping to get this started and yea, that why I got rushy. I thought the different graphics would bring in more people

I wish I could contribute time to actual hacks like this, definitely sounds like a fun idea, but I have way too much on my plate as far as creating tools for this game to make YI hacking much more accessible. The disassembly was merely a start.
what you talking about making tools? the tools that I'm using is golden egg, ycompress and a yi overworld editor

Yeah, he's making tools for it and is resultantly too busy to help with the hack. I think that's what he meant.
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Yeah, Golden Egg doesn't really cut it...