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A Frivolous Journey (demo!)

So here it is. After nearly losing everything again (pretty much what happened with LL), I managed to somehow recover this. Due to a few weird computer issues I wasn't able to get a lot done but here's a one world demo. This hack includes six levels of very long.

Oh yeah, the screens.


Notes + known issues:

-Sorry about the title + intro, coudln't get anything better in time. They work for now but they'll be replaced in the final version ofc.

-The snake blocks screws up the sound effects a bit, no idea on how to fix it though.

-The feather icon on the status bar kinda sucks, I'll try to get something better later, it's a huge wip.

-Yoshi was supposed to be compatible with every single level (kinda like a reverse Counter Break Y) but due to weird interaction with certain sprites (particularly Dry Bones/Bony Beetle/Grinders) he can't enter castles for now. You shouldn't drop him, though - enter the door and he'll be back when you clear the level (or die).
Well, I just ended playing the demo. And you will now know exactly what I thought.

This was amazing. Simply amazing.

I really loved this demo. Very fun levels. The graphics are pretty good. There are so many good things in this hack that I would spend the rest of the Eternity saying them.

While all levels are fun, my favorite is easily the second one (forgot the name). I loved the way which you built the challenges.

Anyways, this demo easily gets a 10/10 from me. Really anxious to see this getting finished.
nothing to say

Layout by RanAS
Oh, this is great; incredible work! Though, I really wished you used those WIP levels. That upside-down tide level is such a clever idea.
Hey Eternity, I played your hack and look, it is an incredible work you got here!

The levels are fun, the graphics are good, etc. Overally, your hack is pretty fun, I loved it! Keep doing your great work~
As always, the palettes and tilework are incredible especially in the overworld. The levels were fun to play too.
Overall, I really liked it. I hope to see this in the hacks section #tb{:D}
I didn't expect I would hear my SD3 port once used as a map theme, but it was surprisingly fitting, I think. #ab{:)}
Overall, very good job on all the levels, I really enjoyed playing them. One little thing, maybe the castle level's difficulty was set for a bit too hard, compared to the previous levels? It felt like a sudden steep rise in the difficulty curve for me.
As I told you before, the soundtrack is the only thing that didn't impress me much. Kind of "generic", if you let me put it that way

I really hope you'll get this finished. Like why do you never finish anything?! You should make backups D:
I love your levels. You take graphics from SMW, draw a bit on the same style and give a great athmosphere to the levels - I especially love the caves with the clouds in the cracks and the castle. And still, you make sure to add in clever design to the formula (though I have to mention there are many enemies in the castle that serve no purpose lol)
nice graphic style (that almost replicates vanilla), along with well-polished levels and aesthetics, and cool gimmicks.
the castle is a bit jump on difficulty tho
Thanks a lot for the replies!

@allowiscous: I'll be finishing that one level and using it on W2 (maybe as the first level), not sure about the rest as I have no idea on where they would fit - already have most worlds planned, kinda.

@Hadron/Erik: yeah, the castle is pretty hard. I see nothing wrong with an occasional small difficulty spike, but I guess this one was a bit too big. I kinda can't difficulty curves, mostly because I usually only design individual levels :v

@Koopasta: Actually making backups this time so I'll actually finish this one??? hopefully???

Also I'll try to update the wip thread more often, only reason it's ded is because I keep forgetting I made one in first place lol.