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Wakana's .brr samples requests - Request your own SFX now!

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It's me again lol.
So, since the last year's "Nintendo present SFX replacement" thread went pretty good, I'm taking brr requests once again, for these 3 days of C3.

Rules (still the same ones from the previous year):
1) Link your mp3, wav, youtube video link in this thread, specify the timestamps where your request plays, and it will be taken;
2) Do not pretend too much: the bigger the thing you want to be ripped is, the higher the chances of your rom to BOOM is;
3) Any requests thay may end up being too big will eventually be dropped;
4) You have time until last day of C3 to request, so make your request before it's too late!;
5) All the reasonable requests will be made sooner o later, don't expect me to instant do them (especially with those yummy casino games).
6) Each post you'll do can contain a maximum of 5 requests. If your post has 6 requests, it will probably be ignored. Obviouslty, you can request infinite times, just be sure that each post you'll make doesn't go over 5 requests.
7) Before requesting anything, make sure it hasn't been done already. Check this pack to see the past year's requests.

The format of your .txt must be like this:
#amk 2
#optimized		;If you get echo issues, remove this line.
"YOUR_BRR_NAME.brr" $00 $00 $FF $04 $00	;SAME HERE, YOUR BRR'S NAME
#0 w255 v255 t20 ?0 @30

;If your sample is big and gets cutted, just add a few ^1 after the f1
;w255 and v255 are the volumes values, 255 being the max and 0 being min.
;If you remove #optimized, you won't be able to use your sample where SFX play.

Example requests:

Originally posted by user who likes Sonic games
Hello I want to request the "SEGA" sound you hear here at 0:01.

Result: This

Originally posted by user who likes to smoke weed with Thomas the train
Yo I want you to rip this lol

Result: This (no timestamps were provided so I just aimed it to be as big as SNES allows me to make it)

Originally posted by user who likes Touhou games
Hiya I want you to request Touhou's death sound *sends .wav*

Result: This

Start requestin'!
Can you please make these?

Game Over Yeah! (only from 0:00 to 0:04

Only the first second of this


this from 0:07 to 0:11

Thank you.
Check out my profile to see a list of SMW Hacks I made and where to find the latest and best version of them.
Thanks for playing and have fun!
SMW The Princess Rescue 3 available now!
Clique no meu perfil para encontrar a lista de minhas hacks feitas até o momento, SMW O Resgate da Princesa 3 ja esta disponivel!
victory (not sure if this would fit in)
i request this
Secret Sound from Zelda: ocarina of time
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Alex No's Hack Collection

Game Trailer
Hey everyone!

(Start at 0:02)

You like that!


Miku Hatsune says "SEGA"

And This...
PS3 Logo (Start at 13:44 to 13:46)

Have a great weekend!

I finally got some sfx from "Shadow Man" game. Here they are:

Rifle Shot
Machine Gun
Shotgun Shot

That's all.
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
Hey its me again I requested these two that is all

PlayStation 4 System Music - Home Menu into a SFX.
Sega Dreamcast Boot Up Start Up Full HD 1080p into a SFX.

Edit: Before I forgot make sure has to be separated

If you can loop him saying that over and over again, that would be hilarious.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Does it have to be rips? Can we request custom samples (or even custom SFX made with original SMW samples) that sound similar to something specified?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Assuming nobody's requested this, please make Silver Ruppee Noise from Zelda OOT into a SFX.

Layout by Erik557
Wakana, I got some good ones for you...#smw{:trollface:}

1. Death Battle: Pokemon Battle Royale (3:08-3:29) [Now chances are you can't make the whole thing work so choose the best part that made you laugh the hardest.]

2. Nostalgic Critic: Cat In The Hat (20:56-21:00) ["We got to have money! Cha ching!"]

3. Mad Mad Mario 1-5 (5:01-5:08) [Pissed off Mario trying to find Yoshi whatever way it would work for you.]

4. Prostitute Mickey 6 (3:26-3:31) [Mickey saying he's addicted to heroin]

5. Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle (0:09-0:11) ["WHAT THE F**K?!"]

Thank you in advance. Have fun and hope you get a laugh. #smw{:TUP:}
My 2014 Summer C3 and Winter C3 Thread is open for your viewing pleasures.
Open for music porting with MIDIs.
Click here for all my SMW ports.

alex no: here (WARNING: this uses octave o4, not o3)

ianboy: here

luks: ayy ayy ayy

thejuancarlos: here you go

Other requests coming soon, stay tuned!
Also cute reminder to avoid posting 20 minutes long videos, thank you.

ForthRightMC: you gonna go war?

Eevee: nice same fam

TvGameSmwSmbx: only did the second one, not even sure if it'll even fit in a rom. The first one is way too big :/

MercuryPenny: here but just saying, maybe you should rip this from the actual game...

Daizo Dee Von: wish granted. Worth mention that adding timestamps to your requests increase kindness by 60%.

imamelia: Ye, only rips.

Wind Fish: here.

Scooter, yours are coming!

Scooter: 1) is impossible to make; 2) gave me problems; 3) 4) 5)
Originally posted by Wakana

Scooter: 1) is impossible to make; 2) gave me problems; 3) 4) 5)

Thank you for doing these for me...For #1 can you do the part at 3:23-3:24 (THAT'S F***ING AWESOME!) instead? Also, what exactly was the problem with #2? Maybe this link will work better???
My 2014 Summer C3 and Winter C3 Thread is open for your viewing pleasures.
Open for music porting with MIDIs.
Click here for all my SMW ports.

Originally posted by scooter102089
For #1 can you do the part at 3:23-3:24 (THAT'S F***ING AWESOME!) instead?

I'll see.
Originally posted by scooter102089
Also, what exactly was the problem with #2?

I'm unable to download the video. I'd appreciate if, at this point, you could send me the video in .mp3 format. Okay the other video does the job.
Link Thread Closed