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Mario is Screwed

If you've been regularly checking the kaizo subforum for the past 2 years, then you're probably familiar with this hack.

"Mario is Screwed" is my latest kaizo hack project that I started working on in mid-2013. It has 9 stages, all of which are long, brutal, and intricate. I found the first five stages to be (mostly) doable without slowdown, but stage 6 is when things get very difficult. Progress on this hack was very fast at first, though it slowed down immensely as it went on; it took me more than a year to get myself to finish the final stage. This was mostly due to lack of ideas and a feeling of "I don't wanna do this right now." Although I'm proud with how each level turned out, some moreso than others. I don't think I'm going to stop making hacks all together, though I'm certainly not going to make another multi-level hack of this difficulty and intricacy. I can't imagine putting my mind to it.

I also wish the ice flower was available back when I was working on stage 5, since the ice blast powerup kinda sucks. (It works, but eh)

This hack is pretty much done, as I've playtested all the stages and fixed all breaks and bugs that I was aware of, though I plan to change some more things before I actually submit this to the hacks section, since I'm a perfectionist. One thing is some of the music may sound a bit odd since I used AM4 for this, as AMK wasn't actually released when I chose all the songs I wanted to use.

I don't know when I'll actually submit it, but in the mean time, it's in my file bin, so enjoy!

Some screenshots:

(in these screenshots sometimes the time/score doesn't match the level progress kek)

YouTube playlist of all stages

Note: What you see in the videos will be slightly different than what you'll see in this almost-final version of the hack, as I've made a few minor changes.

Also warning: Explicit language is used in this hack. I'm sure none of you care, but gotta be moral.
Been following this hack from its beginning to the end (and even criticized it when there was the need), and holy shit, it's one of the most intricate Kaizo hacks I've ever witnessed someone developing throughout the years (you didn't give up despite the perfectionism, unlike me). I'm not sure whether I do like the palette of the "pass if carrying" block though.
Also, I don't mind the swearing that much, since most of us are mature enough to get over it.

Good job at finally finishing this thing!
Wow, I really like this. I've been following the progress of it for a decent while, nice to see it finished.

It's one of the most intricate I've ever seen, and with super exhilarating everything to go with it.

short story short: wowowowow this is really fun
Oh hey, I've seen the thread for this a couple of times in the forum, but never actually bothered to read it. I'll probably give this hack a shot when I'm ready to face a ton of bs.
tfw can't even pass first obstacle

i tried at least ¯\_(°_O)_/¯

Other than that, it looks real cool by the videos
Glad this was finally released :D I'm gonna play it soon!
Wait, you do kaizo hacks?
*checks mod list -> kaizo mod*
I mean,... eh, of course you do. You're kaizo mod after all :>

Though personally, this looks like it is beyond me. It looks nice and all, just not like something I could beat :P I mean, 9 stages since 2013, they must be HELL.
On other matters, what happened to that mushroom in the 3rd screenshot? Is it secretly and enemy or did you just not like the vanilla graphics of the mushrrom?
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Originally posted by JackTheSpades
On other matters, what happened to that mushroom in the 3rd screenshot? Is it secretly and enemy or did you just not like the vanilla graphics of the mushrrom?

The green mushroom is a poison shroom.
If you're talking about the regular mushroom, I just thought it'd be nice to use different graphics for it. I don't remember where I found that graphic though.
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