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Ninji Jump Demo 2 (Unfished & Slightly Lazy)


Thought I'd show something for C3 even if it isn't that big.
I'm releasing a small demo of one of my vanilla-ish hacks.

A lot of people I've seen have asked about this hack and if I'll ever finish it. The answer to that question is I don't really know.

Instead of it going to waste and rotting in a file you can now play the first 3 worlds of Ninji Jump. The last level is unfinished but the rest are all playable to their full extent.

I guess I'll go over some features:

- Play As Ninji (Only Jumping, No Other Abilities)
- Find Secret Rooms with Chests in them
- Play a Vanilla-ish hack

Also I just realised coins are worthless. Yeah. I glitched them up and they don't do anything.

If you couldn't tell the hack is a little sloppy mainly because it's not done but it's playable. Give it a try or don't it's up to you. Maybe one day I'll remake it. (again...)

Hopefully that patch works well enough.
As for emulators I used ZSNES (Don't kill me) so results may vary in different emulators.

Really nice stuff here, though I personally find the demo to be really difficult. Also S.B Steamwork is probably one of my favorite concepts I've seen recently.

Patch works find in bsnes btw in case you were curious #tb{:)}
Cheers dude. Long time no say.. as usual.

The reason for the high difficulty is because the game was only gunna feature 4 worlds so yeah the demo contains about a third of the game.

Didn't it work in BSNES. I'm glad you like it ;D
I haven't got to play much of it yet but it looks very nice and like the ideas so far! Although I agree that its pretty hard and I wish you could run. I probably comment again when I have play more but I like it so far! :D
Very good. Here are the pros and cons:

- Nice graphics and aesthetics.
- Creativity.
- Variation in levels themes.
- Nice gimmicks.
- Well hidden secrets.

- You can't run. This really detracts from the actual gameplay.
- Some spots are too hard.
i think i'm back

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