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[WIP] Battleship Interior

I've done the first mini-section of the level, here's what I have right now.

1st sub-level.
The screenshot looks nice (although it might be a bit crowded, but we'll see how that plays out). One thing I'd like to mention is that you may want to move the coin blocks in the upper left corner one tile up, otherwise big mario might be able to zip into the wall.

I'm also willing to give you some extra time to work on the level, since the deadline is pretty soon, although I expect some frequent updates then. A playable version before the deadline would be nice, we can work out the kinks from there (if there are any).
So, has this level not made any progress, or is it being done through PM?
It's been more than a week now, and you still haven't shown any progress. You have until sunday to submit something. Otherwise we won't include your level.

EDIT: The deadline has been reached. This level will probably not be included.