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TheInsanity Ports - Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag Team Port!
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I'm working more on ports, especially for my hacks that are in progress (Mario vs SONIC.EXE 2/Super Mario World 3-A new adventure).

Ports Supported Here's an essay I did, it's called Fun Factory, the first version of the song has already been accepted, but recreated the music in a different version for my hack.

Fun Factory

In addition to this, I have many other ports that worked:

WIP Ports

My Ports
It's been one week that was out of site, but this time I created several songs for the hack.

Special Mario Bros Soundtrack

My Ports
Fanatical like a Demon
Immediately off the bat what hit me was your kick, why is it hard panned to the left (stereo left?/y10,1,0)? It's not pleasant to the ears, especially since it stands out. I think it'd be better suited centered. I see you're trying to do some layering on channel's 1, 3, and 4. It's not bad or anything, it's just the attack punches too hard ya know? I mean like there's a small click that forms bc of the quick attacks on channels 3 and 4. Maybe try a softer attack? You should try splitting your percussion channel on 5 to allow the samples to play rather than cutting them short just before the next sample hits. I've yet to see how your hacks plays out but this personally doesn't sound like a bonus type song, more like factory-ish challenge game type deal. But like I said, I've yet to see the hack so I can't say all the way and judge (hell I ain't one to judge).

Sounds like you took inspiration from SMW's original cave with a little bit SMB3's bonus game X). Nothing to say other than to try not hard pan to the left and right. Maybe you can add a bit as it does kinda sound empty, if you're dead set on not having anything on your SFX channels at least add something on channel 6 here.

Dark Field:
I swear just add some chords to give it ambiance, like pads or something to give it an ominous touch and wamo.

Sounds like a shortened version of SMW's game over but with this factory like style your ports seem to have in them. Nice, short, and simple. Again, that kick should really be centered, doesn't sound pleasant punching your left eardrum.

Fun Factory:
No constructive criticism here other then to please try avoid hard panning with samples.

Grassy Fields:
Center your kick and snare. Channel's 2 and 4 panning are also hard on the ears. Try maybe 1 more value down towards the center? This does sound like "fun" level type song but not in the factory section to me. Again, I've yet to see the hack so idk.

Greenish Island:
Channel 5 really hurts the ears. That trumpet doesn't sound too well on high octaves. Maybe you could substitute it with a fine tuned percussion instrument such as a mallet?

This sounds nice, just 2 things: Please center that kick. Last thing is that some instruments seemed to be detuned or playing strange notes that don't fit in too well.

This has great panning, you did an excellent job with this one. Doesn't sound too serious for a castle theme though like it says in the SPCs title, but definitely sounds like a warning.

I think the overall thing you should work on is the panning. I get it that you're trying to make a balance between both ears but you're panning too hard on both ears especially with loud samples. Now with all the criticism out of the way, I did enjoy the compositions. They were simple, short, and had themes behind them. Granted some of the themes don't sound like they'd match the theme of the level their titles says to play over but I haven't played the hack. I hope you see this as constructive criticism rather than an attack or bashing. This is all original work and I do respect it, for I can't compose for the life of me so good job.
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
SMAS Soundtrack Status: 100% finished
YI Soundtrack Status: 100%
YI Unsampled Soundtrack Status: 100%
NSMB Soundtrack Status: 7.89%
Killer Instinct Soundtrack Status: 14.63%
SPC Thread
From our family to you, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.
Glad to hear you liked the compositions, will centralize the drums.#tb{:DD}

EDIT: I created one more song, this one is for phases of water. I don't know if maybe I change combines some instruments.

Deep Ocean

My Ports
I made new songs for the hack and updated the old.
Link (Ignore the name is wrong XD)

My Ports
At that time I am less time in smwc , I'm working on Mario vs Sonic.exe 2 hack and I'm creating new ports .
Here are some of them.

Pokemon R-B-Y: Lavender Town (Mario vs Sonic.exe 2 version)

My Ports
After a while , I decided to many ports , so before put them here in central smw , I'll show the SPCs :

New Ports

My Ports
I'm working on a port of the game Dragon Ball Xenoverse ( PS4 / PC) , a time I have done half of MIDI and made the first WIP port.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Great Ape Theme WIP1

OBS .: Remember , it is only the first SPC music .
Not the full song is only half the rest of the port will do soon .

My Ports
I made a version of Pou music for SNES, to see how it would work, and it resulted:

Pou Words / Sudoku Theme

Say what you think !!

My Ports
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