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I have troubles with Sprite Tool again ¬¬

So, i dont know why, the level doesn´t recognize the new sprites inserted by sprite tool.
i mind, i have the graphics and all that stuff, but the sprite is still acting like the real one.
i have a level with some custom sprites (beezo, birdo and shy guy), and they work fine, but i have inserted them long time ago. but now i want to insert them again, with the Insert key (in the keyboard), and they act like the normal SMW sprites. Well, i can copy-paste the sprites and they act like the Birdo, Beezo and Shy Guys, but the point is i can´t insert them by the Insert key, so i can´t insert NEW custom sprites.

help me please.
Mega Mario:
Set the extra info for the sprites when you insert them to 2 or 3.
Ok, i have solved it and it was a stupid stupid question and noobish too jejejejeje. thank you anyway.
Mega Mario: