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Slakkmichael - Mystic Ruins (Updated!)
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Here is the IPS!

Here is some progress that I've made for my level:

Tell me what you think.

I swear I posted here already. Huh.

It's not bad - I actually kind of like the asthetics, but it's too flat. You should add some terrain variation, put some more slopes/platforms/elevations so that it's more interesting to traverse. I also think you should include more 'interesting' enemies than just Goombas, Koopas and Piranha Plants. I used to do that a lot and my levels turned out badly. Maybe you could find a tileset with some enemies you like and add a bit more of a theme to it..?

The BG could use a bit of work too, in the third screenshot it's a solid colour (I'm assuming it's because you're up high), so you should probably go with a different one or change the scroll settings.

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The grass looks very dark for me, try lighten it a bit.

Also, the sky looks empty in the third picture, try adding some layer 3 clouds.
Needing testers
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In my opinion, I feel that the mountain palette is a bit too bright. Try darkening it a bit; or you can choose to brighten the foreground palette.

As for the level itself, it looks flat although I have seen flat levels actually turn out to be very fun to play. Just add some decoration as K.T.B. said, implementing a gimmick to your level, and it should be fun to play.

Since you are too high in the level, the background remains below the screen and cannot be seen, making the sky seem bland. I recommend either one of these two suggestions:

1. Add clouds to the background to make the yellow sky less empty.2
2. Change the background so that even from a height, you are still able to see the background, such as the high mountain background (C6) or a cloud background (1).

Good luck!

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There are actually more slopes up ahead but I get what you are saying. I've added some more platforms at the beginning. For the enemies, I am still trying to decide which ones to use and it is kind of hard since there is a lot to choose from. As for the background, I've added some clouds to it so it doesn't look dull. (Also to answer your question, Yes I was up high which is why it was a solid color.)


I went ahead and did that. Like I said to K.T.B., I added some clouds but it isn't in layer 3 since I do not know how to do layer 3 backgrounds. #smw{^_^;}

Here are a few more screenshots I after making some improvements:

That is all I am going to do for the night. I might work on it some more tomorrow.

I did make a post about this in the screenshots thread but want post here since I was going to do that here but couldn't due to the 24 hour double post. Here are some of the improvements that I've made:

Also, do note that I plan on adding other enemies but I am still deciding which ones to use. Tell me what you think of these screenshots.

So far it's looking pretty nice, but I think that the sky color and the dirt tiles clash a bit. If you're going to keep that super orange sky color, make the dirt a bit more orange-ish brown. I would also change the dots in the dirt so they are more similar in color. Honestly though, I don't know how to feel about the orange sky, I think a more yellow-ish orange with a fake hdma to give a sunset illusion would look much better. It also kinda looks like you didn't really use a gradient to make the hill palettes, I would change them a bit.

Level design looks nice so far, and those grey statues are a nice touch.

The dirt has now been changed into a more lightish orange. Also, I changed the sky into a more yellowish sky however I can't do HDMA because I do not have any Palette rows available to use without messing other objects that I plan to use. For the hills, I went ahead an did that and it does look nicer. Why I didn't do it earlier? We'll never know.

Here are a few more screenshots before I go to bed:

I decided to do something interesting with the munchers since I have not seen any use of them like this. Tell me what you think.

The munchers have been used that way before. If I remember correctly, Mario's 2 Ways 2 Victory uses munchers in the same manner.

Anyways, I like the new palette, and the level design does look decent albeit flat, which is not anything bad. I wish you luck!

Currently: Starting college!
@mario and luigi

True but you could still climb on them. You just have to avoid the munchers themselves. Here though, the yellow vines on the munchers will actually hurt you if you touch them. There will be a message box that tells you that so don't worry. That's why I said I haven't seen anyone use them like this. I'm glad you like the new palettes.

Also thank you! #smw{^_^}

Edit: I decided to mess with the palette a bit more and this is what I have:

please tell me what you guys think.

Nice, looks soo much better now :D great job!
(Edit) I think SMW Garbage Hacks 101 used munchers like that with vines that could hurt you.

I'm glad you like the new palette. I think they look better too.

Here are some more screenshots of the level:

And here is an Ips of this level here.

If you can, I would recommend you play this level without savestates, rewinds, and slowdown so I know if the level is a little bit too hard.

Originally posted by slakkmichael

If you can, I would recommend you play this level without savestates, rewinds, and slowdown so I know if the level is a little bit too hard.

Unless if there's a part you keep dying on. Since I can almost never do hard levels without rewinds.

100% Orange Juice Playthrough:

VLDC9 Playthrough:

I just finished making the level so here is the link to the full version of this level here.

Tell me what you think of it.

Pretty fun level! I was able to beat it without savestates without dying once, which is not how I normally play.

I like the new palettes, and the level design seemed interesting. I liked the idea of finding a P-Switch to be able to open the path of the pink triangle block and continue the level. The gray statues of the enemies also made the level look a lot better aesthetically.

The ending message with Sonic and Tails was interesting to say the least. Great job!

Currently: Starting college!
What track did you used for your level slakkmichael?

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I did not use any custom music.

I just updated my level once more but before I submit it, I want to see what you guys think of it.
Edit: Just made a few more changes and worked on the palette a bit more

Here you go.

I played through your level and I didn't find anything to complain about. I liked the way you combined the vines and munchers, making different challanges to the player, mainly after the midway point.

Well done.
Even if I died about 8 times your level is nicely playable without savestates/rewinds. Well,i think i just give you a short judgement and some statements.

Design 21/30
Your level was fun and had a fair difficulty (even if i didn´t understand the "hurting yellow stems"-tip until i ran into one. So the first half of your level is a nice Jump n Run part including a short P-Switch puzzle before you can pass the midway point. The second part features platforming and bullet bills. Not even that the two parts of the level feel a bit "unconnected", I have to say, that the second part is a bit repetitive and monotnous. 80 per cent of all platforms are those vertically moving ones. There just rarely use of other platforms. But even if i have no idea what this "Tails-joke" at the ending should say me, at all your level had a nice length and difficulty, so i give you 21 points.

Creativity 10/20
Well. In contrast to other levels which have very outstanding gimmicks this level has no real one. But especially the beginning had a nice usage of sprites and useing the "rock" as a "bouncing spiny" is a nice idea, too. But i think, your level won´t "stick out amongst the crowd". As mentioned before the first haalf is "just" "sure Jump n Run stuff" and the second half may get a bit boring (maybe you could use falling platforms / horizontally moving platforms, too). But i think i can gibe you at least 10 points for a very enjoyable first half and second half which (ab)uses the vertically moving platform in multiple ways.

Aesthetics: 7/10

Well, ignoreing those tons of "unavoidable cutoffs" and "incosistency when useing the "dirt squares" this level was a pleasure to look at. Not too bright, but still not a that calm palette as many other levels have makes this level a nice one. You also spent a lot of time in decorateing the ground, which makes even better, i think. But i have to say, that this "ground decoration" is just a plus for the first half. The second half is (as its level-design) quite repetitive in its decoration. "Green leaves and rocks at the ground". That´s all. Changeing some dirt-tiles IN the ground (or veiling) would be a nice variety. als the tons of dirt-tiles at the end of the second half (when you enter the pipe to the last room) have a lot of space to have some nice decoration included.

21+10+7 = 38

So at least your level should reach the "better half" but it´s still far away from reaching the "best world". Even if you had to build a new level to include an "overwhelming gimmick" your level still has room to be improved "especially the second half) I think redoing some things here and there could lead to a score between 40 and 48 points.
I hope my review was kinda helpful even if it was my first one and i hope it wasn´t too exhausting to understand my bad english.

Well. Good luck with your level.

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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 9th Annual VLDC Level Design Contest - Slakkmichael - Mystic Ruins (Updated!)

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