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Generic boss HP meter by GreenHammerBro

File Name: Generic boss HP meter
Submitted: 10-02-2016 10:16:18 AM by GreenHammerBro
Authors: GreenHammerBro
Tool: Romi's Spritetool
Type: Generator
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This generator displays a value either as a bar, numbers or both on the HUD. This can be used to display the boss's HP. The advantage of this is:

*Unlike other hacks like Brutal Mario, their's smallest piece of the bar is an 8x8 tile, which is blocky. This new one's smallest piece is a pixel, allowing smaller damage.

*A new bar that displays HP in percent, thanks to the multiplication and division routine.

*The numerical counter can display up to 4 digits (9,999 HP) on the HUD, unlike several boss that came with a numerical health display, they can only have up to 2 digits.

Comes with an example boss: Giant Masked Koopa.

See readme for details.

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