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Mario World No. 2 Bowser's Revenge (world 1 demo) by gameboyjeremy

File Name: Mario World No. 2 Bowser's Revenge (world 1 demo)
Submitted: 2016-02-21T17:56:47+01:00 by gameboyjeremy
Authors: gameboyjeremy
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: The second hack in the mario world series.
This is a demo, so please alarm me of any bugs you find.
they will be dealt with and updates will be submitted.
For a demo it's not to bad but there are a lot of blaring things that stand out that just make for a bad experience.

Might want to get a spell checker.

Silent bullets are always fun.

Normal dragon coin?

Nope Chuck Testa!

A tad bit of cutoff

These things are very inconsistent first they were pass throughable in on level solid in the next then pass throughable again.

Corner pipe looks awful.

another little bit of cutoff.

Ok this right here I have to rant about a bit, I know you're trying to go for hard but just like your last hack I moderated I feel you are branching very closely if not passing over from hard to Kaizo, look at other hard hacks that are submitted to figure out what a true hard hack is that's not bordering Kaizo.

to be clear if you just walk forward and jump you get spiny to the face with no time to react to it.

For awhile I couldn't find the key and then figured that it didn't have the key but then I found it so I share my journey.

Hmmm not key must not exist.

Oops I hit my head on that green block but fell behind the ground tiles.

Well I reached the end but now what? Maybe I should just jump to see if I can get out.

Oh hey a key!

Also these white !-blocks are 3up moons which for the most part are super easy to get which they shouldn't be but also they were placed with the direct map16 tile which means they come back and be farmed. This one in the castle is one of the easiest ones to farm, please fix this, 3up moons should be a reward for a hard challenge not just left out to be picked up easily.

And the last thing from your own description.
Originally posted by Description
This is a demo, so please alarm me of any bugs you find

This tells me you didn't bother to get anyone to test your hack before you submitted it. The hack moderators are not Beta testers and should not be treated as such, do not submit a hack without getting proper testing on it.