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[C] 2-7 Green Glove Grove
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Just making a thread to let you know I'm still working on this. I will upload a demo when I've finished up till the first mid-point.
Here is a demo for V1 of this level. It is only up to the first middle ring.

There should be 6 red coins and 2 flowers to find.

The blind shots the player has to make here feel super weird. Have the player shoot while standing inside of the cross-section instead, something like this:

This looks really strange. If you didn't know, you can make corners between walls by adjoining a ceiling object with a ledge or ground object, and drag down to create an edge.

This setup is neat but you don't really do much to capitalize on it., also, destroying the sandblocks below the hut causes some cutoff to happen. I'd recommend ditching the bandit house.

Also, your layer 2 background is too low to be seen throughout most of this sublevel. I'd recommend messing with scroll settings or changing the layer 2 image to something else.
1. Yeah, the whole point of that bit was to see where to shoot beforehand by revealing the insides from that tiny alcove. I'll find a better layout so the player can stand inside the alcove without having to repeatedly jump.

2. Will fix those weird looking corners.

3. Well of course I haven't capitalised on it yet, it's the first time that mechanic is introduced. If I had some complex stuff going on the first time the player sees this, they might get confused and not know how to proceed.

With this setup, I focus the player learning on that mechanic only. Later in the level I will create more involved puzzles and such.

Also that bandit hut helps lead the player to thinking that entering the door will have a different effect at that spot. I'm not sure how else to do this without cutoff. But that cutoff is minor issue anyway so oh well.
This is staying as 2-7 as I feel it more fits world 2's theme than xxxzzz1's did. Feel free to post progress here, thanks for continuing on it.

Sorry this has been taking so long.

Since my last status report to you, I'm really close to the next middle ring. Like 95% there. Just gotta think the design for that bit then I can post a new IPS. Or maybe I'll just post a new IPS when the whole level is complete. Hmmm not sure.
Finally here is a demo for V2 which goes up till the 2nd middle ring. A long unfinished path if you go onward.

There are 12 red coins and 4 flowers to collect.

Guess I'll just post this IPS now, then the next update will have the finished level.

EDIT: I forgot to remove a shortcut pipe at the beginning for my testing convenience. Ignore it if you want to properly test the whole level. Thank you.
I'm missing a red coin somewhere. No clue where, though.

Also, when the skinny horizontal platforms have priority over your edge objects, you can connect them to the platform. It'll look a lot better that way, trust me.

The coins poking out from behind the wall look super awkward and I don't think they really have any reason to be there.

I understand and even like the concept here, but this setup is still kind of awkward. If you could find a way to make the flower visible from outside of the wall, that would be nice.

This kind of setup is interesting and I could see you doing a lot more with this in terms of enemy placement.

This is super clever, but...

When the screen scrolls down again, this piranha plant despawns.

This setup could be more interesting if I had to get the egg from below with the flower and avoid hitting the baseball boy.

What I mean when I say you don't do much to capitalize on this setup is that this entire room feels pointless. There's no puzzle to it. You don't even go to another room when you enter the door from the bottom; you just immediately go to the top.

Also, this particular cloud is totally asinine. I'd still recommend getting rid of the floating bandit hut, too.

Since Yoshi spawns in front of the spring ball there's no way to tell that there's a spring ball here.

1. Replace the ceiling object above the bridge guide with some cement blocks, it'll look better.
2. I don't see a point in having egg sprites sitting right next to the egg block.

Replace these edges with cement blocks. The BG3 fading in and out over two blocks is a waste of time.

Minor nitpick, but the fact that my egg cursor overlaps the arrow cloud makes it difficult to tell which position it's in.

The edges of the spring ball stick out from behind the foreground dirt.

I really don't see a need to continue using the fading dirt foreground in this sublevel. It's getting boring at this point in the stage and it makes this bonus room feel kind of awkward.

This egg block cuts off the bandit hut.

I'm assuming this is going to be a screen exit later, but it doesn't really look the part.
Thank you for reviewing this! I'll give it a whirl later.

Thanks for the review ZeNewDragon. I'll ask a few questions later about some stuff that I would like clarified.

But yeah, shall fix the graphical issues and take into account your suggestions.
So I have a new version that modifies/fixes the existing level. So it still ends at the 2nd middle ring.

I did take some considerations into account while I ignored others. Some were just not really an issue in my eyes or I couldn't find a way to add it without really changing the level layout (such as making flower visible in one of the first puzzles, or making piranhas not despawn).

Whether you feel the ignored suggestions should've been heeded doesn't matter now, sorry. I want to move on to the 3rd part of the level to finish it off.

There are 13 red coins and 4 flowers.
Good job! This is a really nice improvement over the last build of the level.

That said, I'm still missing a red coin somewhere and I have no idea where it could be.

My current count:
5 red coins at the end of the first room
7 red coins at the first mid ring
10 red coins at the second falling door
12 red coins when I reach the second middle ring

My only guess would be that one of the coins is despawning. Are you sure that your sublevels are using different item memory settings and there aren't any item memory issues you're not noticing?
Well I learned something new today. I had the same item memory thing for my sub levels. Now I know what that's for.

So yeah one of the coins was disappearing to the left side of the 2nd sub level.

Thanks for all the reviews and bug catching.
Well phew, managed to finish this level without going over the deadline.

Still coming up with a name but if anyone has ideas feel free to post them here.
Good level. I especially liked the part where you had to knock the greenglove by throwing eggs at it to nab some red coins.

A few quick notes regarding polish:

This ledge isn't connected to the wall.

The corners of this spring ball can be seen through the foreground. Should be an easy fix. You can adjust this setup like this:

Couple of quick notes here:
1. I don't see the need for this platform right here, given that it's not something I can see and you've given the player ample time to jump off of the platform to safety.
2. I don't really like how the final flower is just plopped down at the end, no challenge to getting it. A couple of spots I think might be more interesting to place the flower in:

Maybe underneath this cloud platform so the player has to ricochet an egg to get it, or just placed so that player has to use an egg to grab it.

Or maybe up here? I think the hidden cloud is probably enough of a reward here, though.

Another thing, the last two sublevels are kind of bland to look at. I've gone to the liberty of messing around with the header settings myself, and I came up with a few things. For example:

Alternate autumn themed BG2 palette is 27 if you want to use it.

In level 47, I changed the level mode to 00, BG scroll settings to 05, BG3 palette to 1E, and BG3 image to 24.

In level 77 I just set the animation to 02 (BG2 clouds) because the starry night background doesn't work with the level end sequence.

Oh yeah, and as for names, I don't have many terribly good ideas, bu how about:
"The Fade-out"
"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
"Fade to Grey"
"Baseball Boys Strike Back!"
"Green Glove Grove"
It looks good, but I use baseball players in 2-8 and the lava thing in 2-8 as well as some other things so I don't know if it's all right. I have to play this level.
Will fix those polish bits. Also have thought of a new location for the flower; just before the final fast section in the air, so you'll have to shoot it while dodging eggs and on a moving platform.

About those backgrounds, I'll have to test them myself just to see if they interfere with line guides, like making them harder to see. If they don't do much, then I'll defs use them.

As for the name, I think having it about baseball boys will be good. "Green Glove Grove" seems perfectly fine for that.

Thanks again for all ze help testing and stuff.

Will post an update a bit later.
So final update probs on this level.

Fixed the polish stuff and moved the flower. Didn't end up using the background changes; they kinda felt distracting.

And the name will still be "Green Glove Grove" unless someone has better ideas for a name :O

I'm guessing Raiden will test the level before he inserts it?
Oh of course. I haven't actually been "inserting" anything, lol. I'm gonna recook the entire ROM from scratch, using some scripts I'll write up and Jimmy's level extractor.

And thanks for finishing! I'll take a peek later.

Quick heads up, you forgot to remove your testing pipe from this version.
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